1. VHS

    What plagued the Qing royal family?

    I deliberately use the names of the emperors: Most would note the decline of numbers and survival rate of the princes and princesses: Let's use the age 20 as adulthood if it NOT noted in the encyclopedia. Nurhaci: 16 sons and 8 daughters; all of them at least survive adulthood. Huang Taiji: 11...
  2. Y

    Peak Qing and Mughal Scientific and Engineering Innovation versus Europe

    For a long time the extreme success of the west in the 19th and 20th centuries has been used to push an underlying narrative that the west succeeded to such a degree because western culture was inherently superior even for centuries prior to their world domination. That's how we (in western...
  3. R

    The Qing emperors were actually all pretty decent and diligent

    Despite what happened, do people agree that all of the Wing emprerors were actually pretty hard working and diligent, compared to the bad Han Chinese emperors, and that when you really think about it the Qing really did not have a really terrible or incompetent emperor, and would probably have...
  4. jameen

    Ming or Qing the better?

    Which of the 2 is the better dynasty in terms of quality of governance throughout its history especially for most people in China?
  5. H

    Did the quality of Qing weapons and gunpowder decline over time?

    Specifically I'm curious about how Qing soldiers and military equipment compared between the late 1600s or so and the start of the opium wars. I know the victory usually gets attributed to British technology apparently being vastly superior. But while they did have access to modern rifles and...
  6. K

    Qing espionage during Second Opium War?

    I was just thinking, is there much evidence of the Qing attempting to use spies or sabotage against the British forces in Hong Kong during the Second Opium War? I know HK was used as a gathering/launching point for British forces during the conflict, and given that HK had a sizeable Chinese...
  7. K

    Hakka immigration to USA during Qing era?

    Does anyone have info on what numbers of Chinese living in the mainland USA (not territories like Hawaii) up to the end of the Qing era were of Hakka origin, and what (if any) areas had grouped Hakka communities? I've heard that they were always a minority compared to Punti people, but I did...
  8. HackneyedScribe

    Qing crossbows

    Are there any information on these Qing era crossbows?:
  9. Maki

    Why did the Qing force the queue on the Han?

    So, the Qing regent Dorgon attempted twice to force the Han Chinese to shave their heads and plait it a tribal queue in Manchu fashion. He first tried this in June 1644 after entering Beijing, but the order was suspended after a peasant revolt broke out in Sanhe and Baoding and on June 25, 1644...
  10. R

    Polyandry and Wife Sale in Qing Dynasty China

    the following is the link to a book by matthew sommer, in it he discuss the history of polyandry in historical china. i try to look deeper into this subject, however i fail to find a single source that support and of his claim. the only sites that agrees with him are the only that quoted him...
  11. H

    Did Ming or Qing Chinese have any interest in Micronesia/Melanesia?

    I've read about Chinese adventurers like Lim Hong (aka Limahong) who traveled to the Philippines, but were there any Chinese expeditions or individuals who made visits to Micronesia or Melanesia during the Ming and Qing eras? These could either be official expeditions, or individual traders or...
  12. VHS

    If Qing Dynasty was totally open during its zenith.

    If Qing Dynasty was totally open to the world during its zenith, what might had happened? Many blame the fact that China remains a newly industrialized country today due to Qing's close door policy during its zenith.
  13. VHS

    Security Escort Companies (or Biaoju) during the Ming and Qing Dynasty

    Due to the rampant bandits and other security risks, the need for armed delivery of goods, mails, and personnels existed. The interesting fact is: the well-known Chinese security escort companies (鏢局) or biaoju only came into being during the Ming Dynasty. These companies mostly...
  14. VHS

    Could Qing have done better than it had?

    The Manchurians took over China and Mongolia, and one of their major feats was the elimination of military threats on the borders during its height (which most previous dynasties could not do); it also expanded the border of China. Its major weakness was the closed door policy during its height...
  15. VHS

    How reactionary or repressive were Ming and Qing?

    Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang, the founder of the Ming Dynasty, was definitely a competent and effective tyrant; he ruled his empire reasonably well, but many of his policies were extremely reactionary and repressive. Ming Dynasty was known for its secret services: the Jingyiwei (literally brocade-clad...
  16. VHS

    The much maligned Qing Dynasty

    Qing Dynasty had its fair share of issues: Its censorship, close-door policy and reactionary rule resulted in backwardness of China. The initial invasion brought unprecedented loss of lives and properties. Its failure to full reform led to chaos and decline in China for more than a century...
  17. VHS

    The continuous debate about Qing firearms

    On the Baidu history forum (I prefer not going there anymore; too much junk posts there), the continuous debate was that whether the firearms of the Qing dynasty compared favourably or unfavourably to their contemporaries.
  18. VHS

    The decline of the military of Liao, Jin, Yuan and Qing (Quality speaking)

    These all started as pastoral nomads and they were militarily formidable during their rise; when they began to settle in what is known as "China proper" by Westerners, their military prowess went downhill. First, Liao Empire ruled over today's Mongolia, Heilongjiang, Jilin, and Liaoling...
  19. K

    Depopulation of Sichuan after Zhang Xianzhong and Qing Takeover

    How extensive was the depopulation of Sichuan after Zhang Xianzhong's attempt to arrest control of Sichuan and after the Manchu Qing conquests? Wasn't there a lot of distortion of data and history back then in order to de-emphasize the destruction caused by the Qing? Also, didn't many people...
  20. B

    Naming conventions for Song, Yuan, Ming, Qing dynasties

    Someone posted here a while ago about the meanings behind these dynasty names. Song - Wood Yuan - Gold Ming - Fire Qing - Water That each of these dynasties represented one of the five elements and that each successive dynasty was the element that defeated the previous dynasty's element...