1. G

    Why Did French (Mostly) Disappear in Louisiana, But Not Quebec

    Louisiana and Quebec both started off as French colonies with a substantial number of French-speaking settlers. Both came under the rule of English-speaking powers (Quebec became British in 1763 and Louisiana became American in 1803). They both exist in a North American economy in which the...
  2. Visigoth Panzer

    Fate of Canada if Quebec became Independent

    What would happen to Canada if Quebec became independent? Would Canada continue on despite being broken in half or would it break into smaller pieces? Or would some or all of it unify with America?
  3. Jake10

    Why did the Americans fail so badly invading Quebec?

    Expecting victory, the Americans lost out. Why?
  4. D

    Irish home rule and parallels with Quebec

    Being one-half Irish descent and one-half French-Canadian, the bitterness of the British-Irish relationship in the 19th century holds some fascination to me, historically. In a simplistic sense, one can see that the position of Ireland in the United Kingdom of the 19th century as akin to that...
  5. Tercios Espanoles

    Wolfe Died Here Victorious

    So reads the stone in the Plains battlefield park. As another September 13th rolls around, I still wonder: Did Wolfe really see an opportunity at the Anse au Foulon, or was the escalade and battle that resulted really just a glorious suicide? His last letters are rife with defeatism. His...
  6. Futurist

    Quebec Independence Question in Regards to the Monarchy

    What exactly was the position of the prominent Quebec separatist leaders in regards to the British monarchy (up to 1990, since unfortunately we can't discuss events since 1990 here)? Did most of them advocate keeping the British monarch as Quebec's head of state in the event that Quebec became...
  7. CathareHeretic

    Vive le Quebec Libre President De Gaulle 1967

    1967 Montreal ,Quebec, Canada the President of French Republic Charles de Gaulle appeared on the balcony, he walked slowly round, lifting the arms of a very characteristic gesture, while a clamor arose, calling him a message. "A speech, a speech," resounded. They brought in haste microphone...
  8. Y

    the Quebecois, the Afrikaners, and national survival surrounded by their own kind

    If Quebec/New France was captured and taken over by the British in 1759-63 as in real life but it has been surrounded by other French-speaking polities rather than English-speaking ones down to this day, would the French-Canadians have been as obsessed with national survival as in real...
  9. Aleeacerix the Gaul

    Quebec Charter of Values. For or against it?

    Do you think that the ban on religious garments in public sector jobs is reasonable or discriminatory. I personally think that banning of religious garments will offend a lot of people and that the idea shouldn't be passed on. But banning the wearing of burkas in jobs seems a good idea since...
  10. Earl_of_Rochester

    How did the French Revolution affect Quebec, Canada?

    Did the French Revolution have any affect on Quebec, Canada? I understand that Quebecois French still has old saying from the Ancien Regime which are now defunct in European France. Was there a threat of revolutionaries, Jacobeans and sans cullotes in Quebec? How come the Quebecians didn't...
  11. Emperor Trajan

    For or against for the independence of Quebec

    In 1995 Quebec almost got independece from Canada but a few votes made it stay to Canada. I say yes due to the fact that it can run independently and it is a nice part of Canada. People are so ergant to get independence that some people refuse to speak English.
  12. BrowniesRule

    Québec, a country?

    What are your thoughts? I'm interested to know what foreigners and next door neighbors think about this.
  13. Qymaen

    Quebec Joins the United States

    While reading through one of my old threads a member stated that the US tried to get Quebec to join the US. If America had succeeded in acquiring Quebec what do you all think would have been the immediate and long term effects of an acquisition of Quebec by the US? How would the Quebecois have...
  14. Y

    hi from Quebec province

    Hi there! I'm from Montreal, and I'm a big history and geography buff; I like alternate history a lot as well. Also, I've made a website on what if the British had been more successful in their invasions of Buenos Aires in 1806-07 - Argentina and Uruguay would be as well-off as North America...
  15. BrowniesRule

    Greetings from Québec.

    Hello. My name is Renaud. I live in Montréal, Québec, Canada. I'm at the University of Québec in Montréal, where I completed my Bachelor's degree in history, and where I will begin my Master's in the same discipline next term. I stumbled upon this website quite randomly, and I'm quite glad I...
  16. Commander

    American seige on Quebec

    1775 : Americans begin siege of Quebec Beginning on this day in 1775, Colonel Benedict Arnold and General Richard Montgomery lead an American force in the siege of Quebec. The Americans hoped to capture the British-occupied city and with it win support for the American cause in Canada. In...