1. ISRY, Ancient Egypt Hieroglyphics

    ISRY, Ancient Egypt Hieroglyphics

    ISRY, Ancient Egypt Hieroglyphics Race (foreign) Ancient Egypt History
  2. A

    Assyrian race

    Alot of kurds spaminf forums and youtube claiming they are the forefathers to europeans and the oldest people in middle east. That they are the true mesopotamians. Assyrians can´t be caucasians like the kurds. Martin Luther King used to call the Assyrians for negroid race. I think the Assyrians...
  3. jameen

    US arms race with Soviet Union

    How come that the US did not become bankrupt like the Soviet Union during its arms race with the latter during the Cold War? how come the US maintain the good quality of life unlike the Soviet Union when having an arms race?
  4. Athenian

    Would the USSR survive if it wasn't for the arms and space race

    Hey fellow histuromites. I have a simple yet not simplistic question. Would the USSR survive if it took no part in the arms and space race and did not antagonize with the USA for world hegemony? If yes maybe it could invest further in the development of its people both economically and...
  5. T

    A Reality Check on Race and IQ

    Considering what I've seen here, this will be quite enlightening for y'all. Though facts rarely change political opinion. Why do the country and world look the way they do? "Racism"? "Lazy"? I don't think so. People accuse anyone who acknowledges the obvious as Racist, White Supremacist, etc...
  6. Caollaidhe

    Are the celts really just one race of people?

    We know from archeological findings that the Celts were spread out from Ireland to Turkey; however, should these tribes really be categorized as the same race of people? What evidence do we have that links these people's culture together? Or perhaps, are "Celts" just a catch-all term for the...
  7. E

    20th century naval arms race

    Been doing research on the naval arms race and just wanted to post the balance of naval power at different times throughout history(I took this data from Wikipedia though I complied it into a list on my own). Hope this can spark discussion. I will post the number of (dreadnought and onwards)...
  8. Lawnmowerman

    The worst race

    Gothca!!! Just been reading about the Dole air race and 1904 Olympics St Louis Marathon, and was interested in any other races that went horrifically wrong. I don't think anything can get as farcical as the 1904 Olympics St Louis Marathon or as disastrous as the 1927 Dole Air Race, but I could...
  9. B

    race relations in French Algeria

    What where race relations in French Algeria like?
  10. AncientA

    Romans: A race of giants, How accurate?

    I remember reading a long time ago that the native Britons believed that the ruins and remnants of the Romans to be built by a vanished race of giants. Another interesting bypassing information I wasn't, let's say, curious at that time to conduct further investigation on the matter. However...
  11. T

    Premise of War Without Mercy: Race & Power in the Pacific War

    I was looking to learn more about the Pacific Theater in WWII (particularly the Japanese military and government) and saw War Without Mercy: Race & Power in the Pacific War by John W. Dower mentioned in a recent, unrelated thread. From a synopsis on Amazon the basic premise is that the Allies...
  12. L

    The Romans is lower race, Mediterranean race.

    The highest race are White germanic. The highest race are White germanic.
  13. Maryannu

    Race and skin color in India

    What is the root of South Asian obsession with phenotypical differences amongst themselves? I am currently living in an area of US with lots of Indians, Pakistanis, Arabs, Iranians etc. To an outsider, 99% of all these populations including the pale ones would not be mistaken for anything...
  14. P

    Shanghai 1939 tiger advertising sign Race Track

    Hello, Can you help me to find out what the advertising reads? What is it for and are the colours known? It was used at the Shanghai Race Track in 1939. If you use the photo, please credit family Gesner van der Voort. Best regards, Pieter
  15. A

    What was meant by the term copper-colorer race in the past used by Europeans?

    Like in this book here, some European colonials compared native africans to copper-colorer race: https://books.google.ca/books?id=VCxQBwAAQBAJ&pg=PA267&dq=guinea+copper+colored+race&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwj9h-6ystfRAhWI7IMKHaW4CigQ6AEIMTAE#v=onepage&q=guinea%20copper%20colored%20race&f=false I...
  16. Shanks

    how did the European culture advance so quickly

    Its remarkable what northern europeans accomplished in the last 500 years. We are talkin around 7 thousand years of written histories and great civilization's, where these nordics didnt become civilized until meeting with the romans almost 2 thousand years ago. Even then they were backwards...
  17. Joe Freeman

    The evolutionary future of human race. Are we doomed?

    Thanks to technological prowess, mortality has decreased worldwide, and particularly in third world countries. Now, almost every person that is born healthy is asured to survive to adult age in most countries of the world. Less intelligent and less successful people make much more children than...
  18. J

    Looking for users interested in race relations?

    I was wondering, are there any users here interested in race relations throughout history?
  19. notgivenaway

    race and accomplishment

    I was watching a guy on Youtube who claims to be a white nationalist, and says that all things of value were invented by white people. I'm not here to be PC, but then is this really true? Over the past 500 years, well yes, it is. The major sciences, political theory, technologies, etc. have...
  20. Marcellus

    Favorite historical character by race and hair

    White - Boudicca Yellow - Tokugawa Ieyasu Black - Shaka Zulu Olive/Semitic - Paul, the Apostle Brown - Osho EDIT - Initially I split the white race between red, dark and blond hair, so the "hair" in the title of the topic, I gave up and forgot to change the title Anyway Red hair - Boudicca...