1. V

    Yayoi Japanese genocide the Jomon Emishi

    Today there is not one single Emishi left. They've been long extinct by the Japanese ( Yamato ) invaders who had 30 years war with Ainu. The Japanese are essentially Chinese/Korean ( with slight Jomon influence) while Emishi were pure Jomon and predominant Jomon , both of them are complete two...
  2. RajDeva

    how many Mughal Kings were racially Indian ?

    I know couple of Mughal kings are at last 80/90% Indian Rajput like Shah Jahan, Aurangzeb, dara sikoh and salim was also half rajput.
  3. T

    Are Europeans culturally closer to the Middle-East than to Asia

    Are Europeans closely related to the people of the Near-East from antiquity till the early modern era? Are Europeans more closer to the Islamic world than to East Asia or Africa? Did European civilization and Middle-Eastern civilization have an common asestory?
  4. PreColonialAfricaFTW

    Koumbi Saleh, the racially segregated capital of the Ghana Empire?

    Yikes: Just by reading the description it seems like a cross between racial and religious segregation, One town for the African pagans/sorcerers and their king, the other for Muslims(Arab but African Muslims as well, most likely). It's possible this was done due to religious friction, Ancient...
  5. larkin

    What are the advantages or dangers of a racially pure society..?

    Prompted by Jake10's query, What are the advantages and Disadvantages of Mixed Race People. I have turned his question on it's head.. What are the advantages or dangers of a racially pure society..? I suspect that the advantages are few and the dangers many which may account to aggressive...