1. Imperia

    Mixed Eugenics?

    We know that in the West the idea of superior race spread in the 19th and 20th centuries. With the division of Africa and neo-colonialism to bring "civilization to these territories", with racial segregation in the US, with the encouragement of racial bleaching in Brazil, and the Nazis in ww2...
  2. W

    Hollywood consistently portrayed Italians as fair skinned despite racism at the time

    Considering the common stereotype that Italians are olive skinned and among the darkest of the white people? I can understand modern cinema showing them as fair and even pale since much of the Italian Americans nowadays either have Germanic or Celtic blood or are immigrants from the wealthier...
  3. Draki

    Racism in Eastern cultures

    It is fairly well known that Greeks referred to anyone that didn't speak Greek as a barbarian, however they had a particular distaste for most Middle Eastern cultures, literally considering them "subhuman" and "destined to be slaves". Most Greek thinkers held these views until the Hellenistic...
  4. R

    Did WW2 lead to the collapse of racism?

    Did WW2 and the Holocaust lead to the ideological collapse of white racialism at least. Or the idea that white countries and offshoots had an inalienable rights to their demographics? Did the Holocaust trigger modern day Western altruism and deligitimized racism? What will a world with WW2 and...
  5. B

    Was there segregation and racism before apartheid in South Africa, did it differ betw

    Was there segregation and racism before apartheid in South Africa, did it differ between the different colonies before the union of 1910?
  6. E

    Racism and the guise of "for their own good."

    I'm in a discussion with someone about racism, and they were saying that to be a racist there must be an "intent to harm" but I know there have been instances in the past where people were racist...thought that other races were lesser than them but also had an attitude that those other races...
  7. JoanOfArc007

    Did Racism develop and become strongest in the USA?

    England has Francis Drake whom worked with the African Cimarron. After WW1 a majority of white countries agreed with the Empire of Japan on racial equality, while the USA and UK disagreed with the Empire of Japans proposal of racial equality. Going back to the ancient ages one can find Africans...
  8. F

    How did public opinion on racism change so drastically between 1945-1970?

    I have made posts similar to this, but I thought I would rephrase it to get see if I could find the answers that I'm seeking. Prior to World War II, Europe and the United States were obviously very racist places. The worst of which being Nazi Germany. By 1965, both the USA and UK had passed...
  9. Todd Feinman

    IS Racism Innate or Learned?

    Obama recently quoted Mandela: "No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin or his background or his religion." Is it true? Or does racism come from xenophobia arising from unfamiliarity and misunderstanding? Are very visibly different people born in other cultures...
  10. tomar

    Has anti racism become extremist ?

    https://www.nytimes.com/2017/06/01/opinion/when-the-left-turns-on-its-own.html We now see a multiplication of events which are "reserved" to people of color, or women of color or some kind of "minority"... In plain language "whites not welcome" or "white men not welcome" In this latest...
  11. M

    What was Racism Like During the Middle Ages?

    I watched the remade version of Beauty and The Beast and there were a lot of black characters in both the village and castle. At first, I thought that was absurd, but I thought about it and it could have been possible considering Europeans hadn't colonized the Americas, and Asia yet. Giving them...
  12. tomar

    What is the difference between "blasphemy" and "racism"

    In the western world, we've mostly gotten rid of blasphemy laws and we look down on those countries who still have criminal punishment for blasphemy Yet in parallel, expressing racist views (but not only, homophobic and other views are fast gaining the same status) has sort of become the "new...
  13. HistoryFreak1912

    Does the Deep South have any other history besides slavery, Jim Crow, and racism?

    So the Deep South is seen by most of the world (and the rest of the United States) as a land of inbred, illiterate hicks who think non-white people suck, gay people suck, love God, love guns, hate Democrats and liberals, etc. Our stereotype seems to be just that. Our actual history, from what...
  14. Porter Rockwell

    Racism at the end of WW2 ?

    I have just read a score of pages from de Gaulle's massive three volume memoir of WW2 that, to me, seem to explain much of what he did as a result of deeply embedded racism. Much has been written about the conflict between de Gaulle on the one side and Roosevelt, with the complicity of...
  15. Magnate

    When was racism mentioned for the first time?

    Would the egyptians count as racist towards the jews in moses time? Or can we find even older racism?
  16. J

    Would it be accurate to say Islam is the first religion to preach against racism?

    Based on this: The Prophet sallallaahu `alayhi wa sallam ( may Allaah exalt his mention ) , said: "O, people, indeed your Lord is One and your father is one. Know that there is no superiority of an Arab over a non-Arab, or a non-Arab over an Arab, or a red person over a black person, or a...
  17. J

    If Christianity is supposed to be anti racism, then why were so many societies racist

    Like with the treatment of the native people and slaves of other races, if that is supposed to be against the bible, then why did it occur? Are there any instances of people condemning discrimination in early christianity?
  18. Ruleoflaw

    Wich is the origin of the racism against slavs in western europe?

    The latin word for slave is "servus" but in all great western european languages the term that indicates slavery is connected with the word the that indicates slavs (slave,esclave,esclavo,schiavo,sklave) or at least so it seems... During the course of the history Germans appear to despice them...
  19. J

    Is the east asian preference for white skin due to racism?

    I was wondering, is their preference for pure white skin as jade due to racism or something else?
  20. Waterloofinalsolution

    Did European race-based slavery really exist before the 1800s?

    *If you find what I am saying to be false, please correct me. I love to be educated and am not ignorant to feedback* You just can't get it through many people's head, that Europeans didn't enslave Africans due to race, they enslaved them because they could get them for cheap. North Africa...