1. Jake10

    How do you feel about raising the child of another man/woman?

    Let's say you become single and meet someone you want as a spouse, but the person has a small child. How does that effect the way you feel? Would you want to be a parent to the child? The poll is anonymous, by the way.
  2. J

    TITANIC: Raising the wreck

    There have been talks about raising the wreck of the Titanic in the past. This has been controversial. Understandably, as it is a grave yard site for the perished victims. However, it has recently be estimated that the Titanic is rotting so fast, that it will disappear by 2030. If it's going...
  3. Kirialax

    Raising Byzantine emperors on shields

    Just out of curiosity, which emperor was the last to be raised on a shield as part of his proclamation by the army? I've seen it claimed for Michael Palaiologos, but I really don't work on things past 1200 so I'm not familiar with what's going on.
  4. MagnaCarta

    'It's kind of like raising a dog': Teenage girl describes sharing her bed with

    with a tiger called Will Teenage girl shares bed with a tiger called Will: 'It's like raising a dog' | Mail Online Good luck, Felicia Frisco.
  5. diddyriddick

    Anniversary of flag raising at Iwo Jima

    On February 23 in 1945, the famous photo of US Marines raising the american flag on Mount Suribachi was taken by Joe Rosenthal. While the photo was actually a staged event(the first flag was raised earlier in the same day) it in no way detracts from the human story that was Iwo Jima. This...