1. Earl_of_Rochester

    Fall of Roman Empire caused by rampant homosexuality

    According to this fellow: Fall of Roman Empire caused by 'contagion of homosexuality' - Telegraph I think that last sentence sums things up pretty well that the guy is a crank and not worth listening to, altho strangely he's the deputy head of the National Research Council for some reason...
  2. Henrique Aguiar

    François Hollande: A Rampant Dissatisfaction And Its Consequences

    At Bastille Day parade, François Hollande was - again - booed by the French people. Hollande is already widely regarded as the worst President in modern history of France. With a deadpan and pathetic government, Hollande has displeased the vast majority of the French people and now is reaping...
  3. Gaius Octavius

    Statistical odds of such rampant sexual deviancy of the immortals of antiquity?

    First let me qualify the following by stating that I am not anti-homosexual and the use of the word deviant is used simply to express “diverging sharply from a customary, traditional, or generally accepted standard, or displaying such divergent behavior”. All the following men had...