1. wigglywaffles

    Literacy rates in the past

    Does anyone know any statistics about literacy rates worldwide before ww2? Just how large percentage of a population in a developed country in the early 20th century like France or America could read and what about their colonies?
  2. A

    Mortality Rates in Ancient Battles?

    What was the rough death-to-participant ratio on the losing side in ancient battles and wars? Did most losing combatants in general perish during battle?
  3. Hessian Historian

    Academic Guidance History Grad Program Acceptance Rates

    As some of you may know, I am in the process of applying to Master's Degree programs in History. I have narrowed my selection down to 17 programs that I am in the process of applying to. (If anyone's curious, I'm applying to: Binghamton, Brandeis, N. Illinois, Princeton, Syracuse, Texas Tech...
  4. Menshevik

    Jewish literacy rates throughout the ages

    Did Jewish communities have a higher degree of literacy than their neighbors? I'm not referring to any specific time period. For example, if the majority of people in the ancient world were illiterate, is there any reason to think the Jews of the time were less so(more literate)?
  5. A

    Natural growth rates in pre-modern times

    How fast could a population grow in Europe in pre-modern times (Prehistory, Ancient Eras, Middle Ages)? Is it possible to calculate natural growth rates just from data on life expectancy and total fertility rates?
  6. S

    Tax Rates in Medieval Europe

    I'm trying to gain a reasonable understanding of the maths behind history; what proportion of people lived in cities, what portion of income for the average peasant could sort of be considered "disposable", etc. One thing I've been utterly incapable of finding out is what sort of taxes would be...
  7. robto

    Violence map: homicide rates by sub-national level

    I recently found a map that was produced by some reddit user and it was based on a UN statistic concerning the homicide rate by sub-national level of the entire world in 2012. I found this information very interesting in the way that you can actually indicate which parts of the world are more...
  8. Futurist

    Israeli Jewish, Arab birth rates now even

    Here you go: Israeli Jewish, Arab birth rates now even - Inside Israel - News - Arutz Sheva Any thoughts on this?
  9. G

    Casualty rates in Medieval battles in the east

    I was just curious as to what a heavy casualty ratio would be for a force under Saladin, as I was looking at the Battle of Montgisard and it didn't have numbers for his side but he lost so would it be about 30%? or more or less? Thanks
  10. Jax

    What Do We Know About Literacy Rates in the Ancient World?

    Wealth in the early principate from Augustus to Hadrian seems to have been at a all time high that would not be seen again for another fifteen hundred years. This would seem to indicate a rather high rate of educated people as a consequence, and is indeed known as the Golden and Silver age of...
  11. Jake10

    Why are overdose rates increasing so much in the US?

    According to this article, the rates have gone up 300 percent in the past few decades. They've especially gone up in rural areas. Why? http://www.popsci.com/article/science/rise-overdose-deaths-rural-america?dom=PSC&loc=recent&lnk=2&con=the-rise-of-overdose-deaths-in-rural-america
  12. R

    Legal Changes to Reduce U.S. Rates of Violence

    I would like to know if U.S. citizens would approve of the changes to the Constitution that I list below, taken as a group, in a theoretical attempt to reduce the level of violence in the country. I can't stop non-US citizens from voting, of course, but request their forebearance (and welcome...
  13. Currahee

    Casualty rates

    Why do you think the casualty rates were so much higher, and the fighting was so much more heavy and intense in WWI, WWII, and Vietnam War than it is in modern war? Different circumstances, different tactics? What are your opinions?
  14. okamido

    Roman Army mortality rates

    What percentage of Legionaries actually made it to retirement, and if they were wounded before retirement and could no longer function as part of the army, did they still receive some form of pension?
  15. Qymaen

    Divorce Rates in the World

    In the United States divorce rates are at their highest and are a major problem in American society. Not only do they tear apart families, some of which probably shouldn't have begun anyways, and psychologically damage both sides of the divorce, especially the children involved. In fact the last...
  16. B

    Inforgraphic: Travel rates in 1857 & 1830

    How far could you travel from New York City to points in the United States in 1857? Rates of Travel, 1857 | Visual.ly
  17. CIowa

    Republican Presidents cause increase in suicide rates?

    Beware of dangerous politicians - Political Bookworm - The Washington Post I've got to read this book. I find it hard to believe that Ike caused a notabke increase in suicides or that LBJ decreased them.
  18. Thessalonian

    Crime rates and multiculturalism....

    ‪Oslo: ALL Assaults involving Rape commited by Non-Western Men‬‏ - YouTube
  19. Thessalonian

    ECB expected to raise eurozone interest rates

    "The European Central Bank (ECB) is expected to raise interest rates later in an attempt to cool inflation. Despite debt problems facing some smaller eurozone nations, the ECB is worried about overheating in economies such as Germany. Last month, the ECB said it would keep...