1. Haakbus

    When did corned gunpowder reach East Asia?

    Corned gunpowder is made into small granules instead of being a fine powder. This has several advantages, most prominently it being more powerful. It's generally understood to have been developed in the early 15th century in Europe, presumably only coming to East Asia later...
  2. notgivenaway

    Romans reach Iceland.

    Say a Roman ship, part of Agricola's campaigns, is blown off course and in a hurry to find land, the crew eventually reach Iceland. They set up a small colony, and hunt animals like seals to eat, and make basic shelters. A few after time look to retrace their original steps, and later find the...
  3. D

    How did ancient Sino-Tibeto-Burman speakers reach the Yellow River/Central Plains?

    We know the Sino-Tibetan/Tibeto-Burman languages have their highest diversity, density, and greatest number of languages near the Himalayas in western Yunnan. How did ancient speakers of ancient ST/TB languages settle the Yellow River region and Central Plains to become the Huaxia Chinese and...
  4. VHS

    Imaginative history cannot reach the complexity of real history?

    No matter how hard writers try, imaginative history (history of future societies of humans or other sapient species or history of fictional settings) tends to be much simplified. Then again, the complexity of real history is a major part of its charm.
  5. VHS

    If Timur did reach Ming Empire, did he have any chances?

    This is a popular topic in the history forum of Baidu (mind you, the content on Historum is far better than Baidu history forum). Some people talked about the personal military talent of Zhu Di himself and his league that defeated and deposed Zhu Yunwen, his nephew. Some talked about the...
  6. Futurist

    Alternate History Challenge: Have Russia's southern border reach the Indian Ocean

    Any thoughts on this? Also, the point of departure (from real life) for this scenario is 1850 or later. :)
  7. Notgnirracen

    Was there anyone before Columus who tried to reach America?

    It's fairly widely known that Vikings discovered America before Columbus, and there are loads of theories about the Chinese and Celts and so on beating Christopher to it. What I would like to know is were there any contemporaries to him who tried and failed?
  8. G

    How could India have avoided Chicken's neck to reach North East

    Do you think there was any way to avoid chicken's neck in North East at the Siliguri corridor? There were only two possible solutions. One Taking Mechi zone on the southern side the two districts or taking the north western strip of Bangladesh at a convenient spot. Now I want to know...
  9. S

    1st city to reach 1 million

    It seems quite contentious, to be honest. A common answer is that it was Rome, however, whether Rome actually ever reached a million seems to be debatable in itself. Others say Baghdad in the 800s, which is so late that it causes me to raise a eyebrow. Was there no city in China or the Indian...
  10. JM1906

    Who do you think were J. Caesar worst enemies before he had reach consulate?

    Who do you think were J. Caesar worst enemies before he had reach consulate? I would put it between 80-59 BC. Btw give consideration to political enemies, if mentions are made to war enemies or other I would like it to, but I'm focused on political enemies. Also, I would like if you could make...
  11. oshron

    When Did Sun Tzu's "Art of War" Reach Japan?

    i was wondering if any of my fellow Historumites could help me out here so this thought just occurred to me, admittedly for a work of fiction, but it has a historical setting, so i think it counts for this site :P anyway, i just wanted to know if anyone knows exactly when The Art of War by Sun...
  12. Emperor Trajan

    Did Mansa Abu Bakr of Mali really reach America?

    A rather new theory that I only found out from Lost Islamic History's facebook page. It claimed that Mansa Abu Bakr of Mali sailed across the Atlantic ocean 181 years before Christopher Columbus did. One account Columbus made was that he had saw a mosque in Cuba. The theory is that Mansa Abu...
  13. davu

    Invasive Species Underwater: Deep Sea Animals Stowaway On Submarines and Reach New Te

    Invasive species underwater: Deep sea animals stowaway on submarines and reach new territory
  14. Thessalonian

    Global Carbon Emissions Reach Record 10 Billion Tons, Threatening 2 Degree Target

    "Global carbon dioxide emissions from burning fossil fuels have increased by 49 per cent in the last two decades, according to the latest figures by an international team, including researchers at the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, University of East Anglia." "Global CO2...
  15. AlpinLuke

    What if Romans didn't reach Britain? No King Arthur? And the British Middle Age?

    This is something I've been wondering for a while. Without the Roman conquest of those territories and without the so called "Roman British" civilization, which would have been the history of that land? It's clear that the "dark ages" saw internal changes and external influences - migrations...
  16. Kahlan

    U.S., Russia reach deal on cutting nuke arsenals comments, concerns? good idea or bad?