1. jameen

    Books that Mao have read

    Chairman Mao Zedong, the founder of People's Republic of China is also well known avid book reader. What kinds of books did he read before going to the mountains and became a guerilla?
  2. C

    What are some writings/books that I should read if I want to learn about the Enlighte

    I would like to learn about the enlightenment, and more specifically the Scientific Revolution. Any literature suggestions would be appreciated. My background on the topic goes as far as reading this, Kant. What is Enlightenment. What kind of historical debates by historians have there been on...
  3. T

    Has anyone read The Wake by Paul Kingsnorth?

    Would anyone recommend this novel set in post-Norman Conquest England? It deals with a man called Buccmaster of Holland who loses his family and home to the Normans and subsequently leads a guerilla campaign against the invaders. It is apparently inspired by the Anglo-Danish/Saxon post-Conquest...
  4. L

    Can Anyone Read Paleo-Hebrew?

    Found this amongst other relics, but can't decipher the meaning other than the top inscription is written in Paleo-Hebrew. Any insight?
  5. P

    re read

    What are some of the books you have enjoyed reading multiple times?
  6. O

    When could people learn to read if someone could teach them?

    Say you go back 100 years, get a healthy baby, bring it back, and adapt it out to a great family, it can learn to read. Go back 200 years, same result, 300 years, same result, ad infinitum. Eventually the babies will not be able to learn. About how far back would you have to go to get that result?
  7. Lawnmowerman

    The oldest thing I can read???

    What is the oldest text I can read and understand using only my current knowledge of English. I have been reading the Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit books to my children, which were written in the early 1900's. I have been really struggling with some of the words as they are not in common usage...
  8. No Bias FTW

    Have you guys read the Da Vinci Code/Angels and Demons?

    I'm sure that -for those who remember the books really well - you would have a tremendous urge to criticize the performances of the police/elite security forces in these novels (or at least I hope you do; I don't think real life security forces -from first world nations - would have performed so...
  9. O

    The ability to read and write

    How long has it been since people have evolved to the level they could have learned to read and write if there were anyone to teach them? 40,000 years, 200,000 years, what? I'm sure it was thousands of years before reading and writing were invented.
  10. cachibatches

    Le Morte D'Artur--a very surprising read

    Good Day All, Just finished sir Thomas Malory's Le Morte D'Artur. Now, I am from the Excalibar generation, so I was already aware that that King Arthur story was not the tale of lost innocence that has come down to us from T.H. White, Broadway, and Hollywood, but I was not ready for this. The...
  11. T

    Has anyone read the Anders Breivik Manifesto? Killed 77 people, 8 with a bomb, 69 with his rifle. Reportedly many of the teenagers he slaughtered thought he was a security officer given his style of dress, very professional, during the killings. He did it to draw attention to his...
  12. P

    pre 1950 Hong Kong plate: what does the Chinese read?

    On this pre 1950 reverse of a Hong Kong registration plate, there is Chinese text. Who can help me translate this?
  13. P

    car Beijing December 1921 what does the text read?

    Who can help me translate the Chinese on the registration plate of this early automobile? copyright University of Bristol, Ruxton family ru-s012 21 December 1921 Bejing car at wedding of Enid Ruxton and William Cassels
  14. DaveK

    So then, how SHOULD one read Gibbon?

    There is no shortage of opinions on the relevance of Gibbons "Decline and Fall..." But no-one has dared suggest the book should be skipped altogether. I'm sure not skipping it! It's just too good a read. Even if it is not to be considered proper history, we might consider it important for...
  15. Moros

    Can anyone read the scroll, please?

    Here is an image from an Athenian red figure cup from c.440 BC. It is one of the earliest representations of reading from a Greek papyrus. The standing boy is identified by the name above him as Musaeus, and the seated man as Linus. These are personages from Greek mythology (the son of Orpheus...
  16. A

    Anyone hear read a lot of pre-islamic poetry?

    I was wondering, is there anyone hear who has access to pre islamic poetry? I find it to be really interesting and would like to read some
  17. Space Shark

    Most accurate historical thrillers you've read?

    There's innumerable thriller novels out there with claims to shocking revelations concerning chapters of history previously unknown. Which authors/books have you found to be the most accurate and/or give most attention to detail? I ask because writing one of these kind of novels has been a...
  18. D

    A Washington book you have to read!

    Here's a fantastic book that centers on Washington and his first cabinet: Here's a book you HAVE to read:
  19. C

    The best of the best history you've read?

    I saw that there is a 'What are you reading?' thread that I plan to go through and take out recommendations, but I thought it'd be a good idea to start a thread that cuts through the chaff and gets to the gold: What are the very best works of history you've read?
  20. DeadCorn

    Who did the Roman Generals read Back in the Day?

    I'm hoping to find some references to, or existing materials on, military tactics that a Roman general would be intimately familiar with. Who did Julius Caesar read? Marius. Atticus? Varus? Augustus? Scipio... ? Anyone prior to the second invasion of Britain in 43 AD..