1. L

    Reading List for the Fall of the Roman Republic

    For coursework I'm doing a 3,500 word essay on the Fall of the Republic and they recommend a cited list of 10 works for the essay. I've done a fair bit of preliminary reading so far: Books I've read: From the Gracchi to Nero The Roman Revolution Cicero and the Roman Republic Julius Caesar...
  2. Jalapeno

    Greetings To All.

    I have taken on a large list of reading and thought it would be great to participate in a forum like this as I am learning. My work brings me into a world that has shown me the greatest gift is freedom. I want to start appreciating life more and I think this place will help. (Geeky huh) I...
  3. TheNapoleon

    Medieval Reading

    Hello everyone! I'm searching for a big and thourough book concerning the Medieval world, most specifically Europe and Asia in the High and Late Middle Ages. It should focus mostly on political and military history, but also be some parts of social history and such, giving details on everyday...
  4. f0ma

    Reading Early Medieval China

    So two years ago(!) leak started his thread Brief Book Reviews: Japanese History. Still going strong today, a common sentiment is 'we should do this for other subjects'. I always thought it would be cool to do a China version, but I want to shake things up a little. Although I enjoy learning...
  5. H

    Hello all! Looking for feedback...

    Hi everyone. Nice to meet you :) I'm a web developer in Chicago with a passion for reading about history in my spare time. For the last several years I've been keeping a list of books I've enjoyed as well as books I want to get to or have heard are good. I realized recently that I had enough...
  6. J

    Reading English

    Having looked at older writing I think I could clearly read written English from say 17th century (ish) but ŵould definitely struggle with written English from Chaucers time - my question is what time would I, as a simple modern person, be able to read and understand reasonably easily any...
  7. W

    reccomended reading? 1300-1500s. Norse

    Hello, Im hoping to do some reading about the norse that settled in greenland. The time Im looking at is around the 1400-1500 hundreds when the main colonies disappeared. I was wondering if anyone could recommend any reading (folklaw, religion, farming methods, clothing - even information...
  8. astafjevs

    Thomas Asbridge reading order

    The First Crusade: A New The Crusades: The War for the Holy I've got both...
  9. Preacher

    Academic Guidance Reading suggestions for masters degree

    I'm starting to prepare myself to pursue a master's degree in Comparative History, and I'd like to focus on representations of the ancient greek hero in modern film. Sadly, I do not know much about this topic, and since I believe this is already a wildly researched subject, I would like if you...
  10. Corto Maltese

    Is Jared Diamond worth reading ?

    That is what i wonder.
  11. M.E.T.H.O.D.

    Reading Suggestion: Marquess of Montrose

    Hello Historumites! As the title says, I would like to know if you can recommend me a good bio on James Graham, 1st Marquess of Montrose or, as an alternative, a book dealing with the English Civil War(quite detalied, if possible) which also focuses on Graham's military exploits. Thanks in...
  12. N

    What's the Annual Extent of Your History Book Reading?

    How many volumes of history do you read a year? If you feel like it, add what percentage of your total reading that is and what makes up the rest. Also, whether you have an amateur or, in some way, professional interest in history. I can't really answer my own question because the average for...
  13. G

    Reading for 16th century Spanish and French culture?

    Namely, I'm looking for reading regarding day-to-day military/navy and civilian life, both at home and in colonial areas. Also, any resources you can suggest that visually depict the people of the aforementioned time and place would be much appreciated.
  14. D

    Recomended Reading for the Northern Wars/ "The Deluge"

    Hello Can anyone recommend me to me any good/readable accounts of the Deluge (or the Northern war of 1655-1660) between Poland and Sweden that are in English. Recently read a couple of general English language books on Polish history and I'm trying to find a more detailed account of what...
  15. Clodius

    Recommended reading

    Hi all, I have recently had a big life-change, and I will be relocating from the UK to the East Coast of America next September. To my enormous shame, I am really quite ignorant about American history beyond a basic outline, and I'd like to get a more informed outlook on American history, as I...
  16. H

    Theodore Roosevelt's reading habits - nature or nurture?

    I was just about to finish my efforts at speed reading after reading many articles dismissing it as a hoax, when i came across an article that mentioned that Teddy R finished a book before breakfest, and read two to three books in the evening. WHAT?!!!! Ive seen somewhere that the claim that...
  17. Apachewarlord

    Frederick the Great, ranking and reading

    Well, this thread is designed for two purposes, one, there is the poll so that people can rank him as a commander, and two, I'm looking for a book on him and it would be highly appreciated if anyone could recommend some. Also, internet sources would be appreciated for some shorter term reading.
  18. T

    Reading list

    Are there any recommendations for books concerning the following topics and historical figures? Cromwell in the civil war and ireland Stalins land reforms Scipio Africanus' campaigns Alexander the Great Roman invasion of Britain during Claudius' rule (have already read the Great Invasion) I...
  19. M

    Recommended reading

    Hi all Does anyone have recommendations for texts that provide a strong foundation for learning about the US Civil War? I'm primarily interested in somehting that fairly objectively analyses the motivations for the war, and then proceeds to give a decent insight into how the prevailing...
  20. T

    Boer War reading

    Hello, I'm looking for recommendations on books on the Boer War. What would you all recommend? Preferably available on Kindle as I'm soon to go traveling for 3 months, although I appreciate that may be tricky.. :cool: C