1. Old Spartan Veteran

    Recent discovery of oldest neolithic settlement in Egyptian Delta

    This extraordinary news came out yesterday, and I am wondering to what degree it will change theories about the settlement of Egyptian before the dynasties, since the settlement dates to 5000 BCE in the *Eastern* delta, which is older than the Merimde culture in the *Western* delta. Does this...
  2. JM1906

    Vladimir Putin Speech and Russia's most recent nuclear powered missile So, some days ago, Rússia anounced a new tecnological inovative weapon, a nuclear powered missile. Various articles were made about the projects of having nuclear power planes...
  3. F

    Recent Da Vinci Painting Tells Of WW III

    I just posted this topic about this painting that recently sold for a record amount, and how this painting by Da Vinci is a warning of the coming Allah and WW III. I posted it under Current Events. But, folks, we ARE about 30 days or less from this war. We're already in it.....but it's about...
  4. Edric Streona

    Recent Hollywood Sexual Assualts

    Since this Hollywood scandal is ongoing. I’m seeing lots of stories from some men and many women describing the things that have been done to them. About half of these are disturbing. Rape, blackmail, serious sexual assaults, pressure-force to do/watch things you don’t want to. But the other...
  5. JM1906

    Recent escalation of tensions in Israel-Palestine

    So after several casualities from both sides in the last days, and manifestations all over Cisjordania, this: Israeli embassy in Amman: Shooting leaves one dead - BBC News There's also reports of rockets fired to Israel. Do you think we will se a escalation of conflit a new situation like...
  6. F

    North American geography and its role in recent history

    By "recent" is here meant, perhaps some of century onwards. The question here is how geography has worked, and if we can see it as a major reason here(especially: Was - is - USA power and influence to a large extent the result of its geography?) A largely continuous land mass...
  7. VHS

    How prevalent is bullying in comparison with the recent past?

    Fortunately, I have relatively little experience about bullying. The case of Amanda Todd was unfortunate, and currently, we prefer the "one tragedy is too many" philosophy. How prevalent is bullying today in comparison with the recent past? Canadian Red Cross has a known prevention program...
  8. aldo12

    The Geography of Recent Genetic Ancestry across Europe

    The Geography of Recent Genetic Ancestry across Europe... We ( Europeans) are all cousins... The recent genealogical history of human populations is a complex mosaic formed by individual migration, large-scale population movements, and other demographic events. Population genomics...
  9. VHS

    Why the recent revivals of ancient or medieval religions?

    Existing relatively mainstream Christianity, Islam, Mahayana Buddhism, Theravada Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism, Hinduism, and Judaism, while have ancient and medieval roots, are mostly continuous and thriving religions. Some religions have become largely forgotten and witness some degrees of...
  10. Kapyong

    Recent studies show Josephus' T.F. on Jesus is not authentic

    Gday all :) The Testamonium Flavianum (T.F.) about Jesus found in Josephus has long been argued back and forth. Dr Richard Carrier has an article here about the significance of recent studies :"No one can ever cite any expert opinion on whether Josephus mentioned Jesus, if that opinion was...
  11. VHS

    Development of countries after recent civil wars

    A few countries have emerged from devastating civil wars, and I would like to review these cases: Africa first: Angola: Oil boom led to a superficial middle income country status, but the agriculture and other sectors have not really recovered. Mozambique: Situation has improved quite...
  12. Excalibur

    Recent Events in Hungary

    1. 98% voting people in Hungarian referendum on quotas refused the idea to distribute migrants to EU countries. 2. Hungarians changed constitution where they prohibited accepting migrants by based on an outside decision. Orban commented it by these words: "Nobody from outside will decide who...
  13. bedb

    the bravest act in recent times?

    I found this and was humbled by it. What is the bravest recorded act of valour in most recent military times by a soldier of any country? Dmitry Fedorov, was an LNR militia volunteer for 7 monthsWritten Mon · Upvoted by Brad Scardino, Sergeant in the Marine Corps and Jeff Wilson, Former USMC...
  14. RomanEmperor

    Recent History - Generational Decline

    Why has there been such a decline the past few generations? I really love the values of say the WWII/Korea generation. Back then people still had values, honor, mostly lived by a certain code that most people nowadays have forgotten about. Also, the 50's seemed like a pretty good time except for...
  15. G

    Your thoughts on two recent articles on Harappan Civilization

    Indus era 8,000 years old, not 5,500; ended because of weaker monsoon - Times of India Harappa-like site surfaces in Tamil Nadu - Times of India Your thoughts on these?
  16. F

    Why so few influential ball games before very recent centuries?

    The potentials of ball sports weren't fully realized until very recent centuries. The realizations were scientific discoveries. Football(soccer), basketball, volleyball, tennis... there was an explosion of games. For billions of fans, the ball is the essence of the globe.
  17. B

    Like 7 recent books on black Confederates. Can their claims be proven true or false?

    One of them is by Erwin Jordan, who is black and teaches at University of Virginia. Those facts might lend credence to his work, but he also might have an interest in that this might benefit his career at a southern school. I read that book, and it seemed like it was presenting one side of...
  18. J

    Recent academic approaches to the origins of the Civil War

    I've been working on a project for a history course on recent methodologies employed by academic Civil War historians I'm giving in a few months. I have my own ideas about this but I was wondering if you've read at least one of the three books I'm discussing (all written in the past 10 years)...
  19. nicholas milne

    A recent article in defence of Ancient Greece

    I wondered if members might be interested in this article I was recently asked to write Article for Ancient History Encyclopaedia
  20. Haakbus

    Recent Imjin War book, "The East Asian War, 1592-1598"

    Actually the full title of the book is "The East Asian War, 1952-1598: International Relations, Violence, and Memory". It was published in December of last year. I've been reading those parts which are available on Google Books, and it looks good. So far it seems to focus on the international...