1. BowStreetSociety

    Recently joined

    Hello everyone! I've recently joined Historum and wanted to say 'hi'. I'm someone who's really interested in History, specifically Victorian London, so when I came across this site I was absolutely over-the-moon! So, a little about me: I'm T.G. Campbell and I've (very) recently published my...
  2. avon

    What history books have you bought recently? v.2

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  3. F

    My Photoshop statue restoration possibily revealing recently unseen details

    Hi, I am looking to get more information on the following statue, I am a graphic designer and was recently browsing the image archives of mourgefile and came across a statue that grabbed my attention, I felt that there was more to this weathered statue and was inspired to attempt to bring it...
  4. C

    The word ‘meaning’ has only recently become meaningful for me.

    The word ‘meaning’ has only recently become meaningful for me. In school I would ask Sister (I was raised as a Catholic and was taught by nuns) “what does this word mean” and she would give me the dictionary definition of the word. Until a few years ago the word ‘meaning’ had only one...