1. R

    Future recognition of as yet undiscovered mental illness'

    Hi, just to cast a wider net over your collective intellectual views and opinions, i was just wondering about the increased understanding and acceptance of more recently discovered mental illness'. I think certain conditions, i.e Aspergers, ADHD, BPD, OCD etc, have more recognition and are more...
  2. S

    Earliest recognition of the difficulties of nation-building?

    I'm reading a book about the Taiping Rebellion in which Earl Grey is quoted as speaking in Parliament about the difficulties of nation-building in India (in the context of British neutrality in China). I'm curious about earlier (the earliest?) recorded acknowledgements of this difficulty (by...
  3. LatinoEuropa

    Recognition of Independence EUA

    On February 15, 1783, the Government of D. Maria I recognized the independence of the United States, with Portugal, together with France and the Netherlands, among the only three countries that recognized US independence before the final Treaty of Paris. According to say Portugal was the first...
  4. F

    Sorites paradox: illegal territorial acquisition & recognition

    Suppose there's a country called Xyz (where the population self-identify as Xyzans); a country called Big (where the population self-identify as Bigese) conquers and annexes Xyz - after how many years of Bigese annexation of Xyz and what percentage of the population in Xyz (if still called...
  5. J

    Which forgotten battles of WWII deserve the most recognition in your opinion?

    Just to name a few: Tunisia Campaign - overshadowed by the earlier Battle of Stalingrad. A similar number of enemy troops were bagged by British/Commonwealth/US forces, including 275,000 versus 300,000 for Russia. Battle of Hürtgen Forest - was the longest battle on German ground during...
  6. EmperorTigerstar

    Genocides and Recognition Status

    Let's make an official list of major genocides throughout history and their recognition. The goal is to have a list for future reference to notify the members. I learn of new holocausts it seems every year. In terms of recognition, I mean by governments and political bodies, not individuals. If...
  7. P

    German-Herero war (recognition of German government)

    I have to write a research paper about the German-Herero war. I thought the point that the German government is still denying that it has been genocide is very interesting. Most historians say that it has - with no doubt - been genocide. I just cannot find literature discussing this point. Why...
  8. W

    iran recognition by other countries in1979

    hi. I want to know when (mounth and day) below countries recognized iran new government (bazargan) after 1979 revolution? u.s-russia-england-france-china-germany-canada-italy-japan and israel please say your source. answer me immediatelly please if you don't know this, tell me where can I...
  9. Phil25

    Armenian Genocide Recognition

    Why do Turks refuse to recognize the Armenian Genocide as a Genocide. The Germans have recognized the Holocaust as a Genocide. NO OFFENSIVE LANGUAGE THE ANSWERS. FOR MOR INFO Armenian Genocide - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  10. Thessalonian

    Recognition of Amerindian genocide

    When did that happen, officially? What were the events that led to this? What are the relevant monuments? Pardon my ignorance.
  11. Qymaen

    US Recognition

    Is there a nation that doesn't recognize the United States as a sovereign and independent nation?
  12. diddyriddick


    HONOLULU, Hawaii (Sept. 7, 2010) – The Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command will commemorate National POW/MIA Recognition Day with a ceremony at 10 a.m., Sept. 17, National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific [Punchbowl], to honor prisoners of war and fallen U.S. personnel whose identities remain...
  13. K

    Person recognition

    Hello, This will probably be the strangest post in this forum :) Im not a historian or very history-minded. I have a problem which you, historians, would be able to solve. I need to decipher some sort of a text, but at first I need to understand this picture. I need to find out the name or...
  14. K

    Person recognition

    Delete this thread and the thread in medieval forum please. Thank you