1. V

    Book recommendations : Illuminated manuscripts ?

    I was wondering could you please recommend to me books or encyclopedias with collections of illuminated manuscripts and hand written documents, quran, old and new testament, maps, business documents etc.
  2. David Vagamundo

    Need book recommendations

    I've gotten a lot of good recommendations on books here, so perhaps you can give me some leads on these areas: The Reconquest of Spain. Northern Italy in the 11th through 15th centuries, particularly the rise of the communes. History of Flanders same period. I can read English, Spanish...
  3. Viperlord

    Viperlord's Civil War Book Recommendations

    Hello, all. I thought I'd offer up a list of some of my favorite/essential American Civil War books for anyone looking to do some reading on the subject. I'm relatively well-read on the ACW, but the field of scholarship on it is immense and goes well beyond my recommendations here, so consider...
  4. V

    History and accuracy? - Book recommendations

    Hello everybody ! In my spare time I love to study history. However the more I learn and study the more I find cases of forgeries which had the chance to change the way we view events. In other cases there was lack of data or documents which were later found who changed precious misconceptions...
  5. H

    Reconquista Book Recommendations

    Hi All, Can anyone recommend a good English language non-academic narrative history of the Reconquista? I haven't stumbled across anything that fits the bill so far. Thanks!
  6. J

    Voltaire Biography Recommendations?

    I'm interested in reading a recent biography on Voltaire and from what I see on Amazon there are two choices, David Pearson's 2005 Voltaire Almighty and Ian Davidson's 2012 Voltaire: A Life. They both seemed to get about equally positive review's from Amazon readers, so I before I just flip a...
  7. B

    Napoleonic wars book recommendations

    Any recommendations for books like John Keegans 'Face of Battle' about the Napoleonic wars, exploring what it was like for soldiers on campaign?
  8. Earl_of_Rochester

    Recommendations for a recording camera for Oral History interviews

    Evening all, I'd like to do some more Oral History interviews (stop giggling you perverts at the back) but for that I need some half decent recording equipment. In the past I had to make do with old fashioned cassette tapes and later an electronic recorder, but the results were disappointing...
  9. S

    Caribbean history recommendations

    Hi all, I'm looking for some recommendations on Caribbean history. Podcasts or lectures would be great (for the commute) but books or articles are fine too. My main interest lies in the history of the Spanish, French, British and Dutch in the Caribbean as well as anything prior to these powers...
  10. T

    Ancient History Fiction recommendations

    I am looking for ancient history fiction books that really bring that time back to life. So far my favorites are First Man in Rome series by Colleen McCullogh and Mika Waltari Egyptian. I read some of the newer authors writing about Rome but although they use Rome setting their books are...
  11. S

    Any book recommendations - Revolutionary War in the South

    What are some worthwhile books on the topic of the southern theater in the Revolutionary War? Thanks in advance!
  12. QuiynDay

    British History Book Recommendations

    I have to admit that I was never much into history. But then Dad and I took a trip to London this summer, and then I became fascinated with British history. And now I'd like to start reading more. I am interested in anything from the Roman period through the Victorian age, royalty, common life...
  13. L

    Informative book recommendations

    Hi, if you have any recommendations for books on past wars, rulers and mythology could you please post here. My biggest interest at this moment is Vlad. Really into Greek mythology ever since I was a child. Thank you for your time.
  14. T

    Reading recommendations - post-Civil War Georgia

    Hi! I am looking for some help on a reading list for a non-academic research. I hope this is the right part of the forum to post in ( I've seen the Help section, but it seems to be for students only?). Could you please point me in the direction of the autobiographies, diaries or memoirs of...
  15. S

    Seeking recommendations for 'HOF' discussions

    I have been enjoying reading the thread Was America founded as a Christian nation? . Several posters offer excellent arguments supporting various perspectives, providing impressive citings. I'm looking for other 'Hall of Fame' discussions on historum, even if from several years ago, and...
  16. M

    Hello - Book Recommendations Anyone?

    Hi everyone, I'm not really a history buff, I just suddenly found myself fascinated with how humand have evolved together over the years. I, with no background other than a sociology degree, am looking for a book that details the societal structures of early civilizations. Preferably starting...
  17. G

    Codes and Ciphers: Discussion and Information Source Recommendations

    I recently read the following book by Fred B. Wrixon: Codes, Ciphers and Other Cryptic and Clandestine Communication: 400 Ways to Send Secret Messages from Hieroglyphs to the Internet: Fred B. Wrixon: 0768821204075:
  18. V

    Ancient Rome - book recommendations ?

    Hello everybody ! I want to learn more about the history Ancient Rome, could you please give me any recommendations regarding learning sources ? Thanks !
  19. S

    Books about great leaders, strategists, generals...any recommendations?

    Hi all, I am interested in reading about great military leaders and strategists, especially in European history from the 15th to the 20th century, but I have some trouble finding books in that area. Do you maybe have some advice for me? Either a general overview over the military history of a...
  20. The Feynman

    Your favourite book recommendations!

    Hey new guy here. I've been thinking about what my first post here should be, and I decided to start a lame recommendations post... only hopefully this one will not be so lame. I'm interested In finding books that cover the ancient peoples (preferably Romans but all are welcome), from any time...