1. DeadCorn

    Raccoons... Wolverines... When were they first recorded in Alemania?

    I know raccoons are now proliferating in Germany. But were they existing there in the First Century? What about wolverines? Or anything similar to these tough, compact, fiercely courageous critters.
  2. Azad67

    Bakhshali manuscript from Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa has the earliest recorded origin of the

    The Bakhshali manuscript is an early mathematical manuscript written on birch bark found in 1881 by a farmer in his field in Bakhshali village of Mardan district, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. It dates back to as early as third century. It is notable for being the oldest extant manuscript of...
  3. M

    How were speeches recorded before the microphone?

    Hello everyone, brand new to this forum and history in general so sorry if this is out of place. I've remember reading a while back that speeches, sermons etc were all, or at least many, recorded by memorization as all they had were quill pens and leather so that seems to be the most logical...
  4. F

    Racist German businessman recorded offending his employees

    His name is Hans Gielen, here is the original tape (he speaks mostly in English): Among his slurs were e.g. "Subspecies" and "right-wing facists" in the same sentence. He was recorded by one of his female employees, whom he also molested sexually...
  5. P

    Well recorded byzantine battles past the 7th century?

    Are there any major byzantine battles where the formations and maneuvers used were laid out that we have?I was expecting to find a lot more precise information and tactics used in battles as I got closer to the 15th century but I'm not having much luck.
  6. Karl XII

    Did the 18th century give us the greatest military generalship of any century?

    The 1700's bore witness to the brilliance of the Duke of Marlborough, the daring of Eugene of Savoy, the Ruthlessness of Nader Shah, the boldness of Charles XII, the cunning of Alexander Suvorov, the geometric warfare of Frederick the Great, the intelligence of Maurice De Saxe and arguably...
  7. jrbartlett

    Last practitioners of traditional Greco-Roman gods/goddesses

    As title says, I'm curious how far into late antiquity individuals or groups of people still practiced the traditional gods/goddesses. Particularly interested in the Western regions of Europe of the former Western Roman Empire. I know that after about 400Ad, for all intents and purposes...
  8. C

    First recorded crossbows in Medieval Europe

    What is the first record of crossbows being used in Europe (or by european soldiers) in the Middle Ages?
  9. The Fan of History

    What is the first recorded event in History?

    What is the oldest known event in history that was recorded? Could be a king rising to the power (Narmur perhaps), a battle, anything. And what is the oldest event in human history we can determine by archaeology to a specific year or decade (and not millenia/century) ?
  10. A

    Largest Army Sizes Recorded in Ancient History

    What are the largest army sizes recorded by ancient historians and sources, in any region and epoch up to, say, AD 1800? It does not matter how plausible, verifiable or metaphorical these figures are, just state the size and the primary sources where they are given. With or without baggage train...
  11. V

    What is the first legendary weapon ever recorded in history?

    My title says it. What's the first ever legendary weapon in all recorded history.
  12. PreColonialAfricaFTW

    Did Kanem-Bornu have the first recorded cease-fire in history?

    Now I don't mean peace treaty, as in a permanent stoppage of war(the first recorded being at the Battle of Kadesh) but a cease-fire, as in a temporary absence of violence between two opposing parties who are still at war. An actual, written cease-fire, which apparently happened in Kanem-Bornu...
  13. MarshallBudyonny

    First recorded war

    Just out of personal interest, what was the first recorded war ever fought in the history of mankind?
  14. D

    The first recorded wars in History

    The first recorded war was between Sumer and Elam in 2700 BC. Sumer and Elam probably had been fighting for a long time before that. The first detailed account of a war was recorded on a stone monument erected by Eannatum ruler of Lagash commemorating His victory over the ruler of Umma in 2525...
  15. Agnimitra

    Worlds first recorded battle

    The Rig Veda is mankinds oldest literature (composed much before 3000 BC).In Book 7 of the RV we find reference to the Dasarajna war (Battle of the ten kings) between various Indo European tribes including the Bharatas(Indians) Parsu(Persians), Druhyu (Druids) etc.It was fought on the banks...
  16. Nyneve

    First recorded word in the English language?

    This is said to be "keel", which was recorded by Gildas in the 6th century. Although he was writing in Latin, he chose to tell his readers what Hengist and his men called their ships in their own language. He spelt the word as cyulae (plural). It has changed its meaning slightly since then, in...
  17. Thessalonian

    Which is the earliest recorded myth?

    Any idea? It can be any mythical story as long as it is written down.
  18. Thessalonian

    The earliest recorded European battle was...

    Tricky question, huh? The Trojan War doesn't count. It was not in Europe (Troy was in modern Turkey) and it is not a historical account, just an epic poem. So which one is it? The First Messinian War (8th century BC)?
  19. Helios

    First recorded battle ever

    I just asked myself which was the first recorded battle ever and lets just say i still do not know. :D Anyone?
  20. Thessalonian

    Oldest recorded battle in Chinese history?

    Which one is it? Details would be appreciated. :)