1. H

    US report on UN voting records could lead to funding cuts

    want fund? buy it with "Yep" ;)
  2. M

    Records of graduated naval officers?

    I have been unable to find any official records of captains or other naval officers during the 18th century. I assume there must have been a formal education, wouldn't there then also be records of graduation? I am interested in British, French and other seafaring nations.
  3. M

    Any records of significant radiation event?

    Good evening, peoples! (evening for me anyway) :) I have been working on something not really related to history but it brought me to this. I have been working on a Cosmology model for the universe built on the concept of an absolute quantum space/time geometry. model brought me...
  4. mnsr

    Painted Grey Ware - connecting archaeology with textual records and legends.

    Painted Grey Ware was an Iron Age culture that existed from 1200 BC - 600 BC. It was mainly spread over what we now call Harayana and Uttar Pradesh in India. B.B. Lal identified this with Later Vedic Period and Mahabharata. Here in this thread we will try to connect the dots between...
  5. HistoryFreak1912

    Are there any historical records of people undoing coups/revolutions they caused?

    To make a long story short: a discussion in an unrelated forum had piqued my historical curiosity when one of the posters mentioned that in our history, there are records of people undoing revolutions/coups they themselves started/partook in and were granted amnesty as a consequence. My...
  6. StatelessInSapporo

    Philippine electoral records breached in 'largest ever' government hack

    Almost 55 million Filipinos are at risk of cybercrime after a database was stolen from Comelec, the country’s electoral commission My indonesia husband to be sayed that philippine have more problem then indonesia. I think he is correct. Sad...
  7. G

    Are there no mentions of pre Mauryan Indian kings in other civilization's records

    Are there no mentions of pre Mauryan Indian kings in other civilization's written records such as Greeks, Israeli, Yemeni, Persian, Chinese, Mesepotamians, Egyptians etc. I mean they all had trading relations with India and many of them have good historical recording, surviving written records...
  8. O

    Dueling in China

    Was there any particular dynasty where dueling was common, or well recorded? I've seen examples of sporting wrestling in the Song dynasty. I've found examples of melee battles in various wars, but I'm looking for information about formal dueling.
  9. S

    help getting rid of mental health records

    ok so i really need help so for many years i was an atheist and lately i have come to believe that jesus really is real but it has been kind of difficult for people to accept my new change and one thing in my past really messes everything up!!! ok so i recently went to a convent its a cloistered...
  10. B

    Basis for idea that Japanese destroyed all Korean history records

    I've often seen this claim in various internet forums and among friends. Of course everyone knows that Japanese tried to force a sense of unity in their Korean colony by making people take Japanese names and spreading propaganda to emphasize any similarities between Koreans and Japanese...
  11. G

    Why did Hindus not keep written records in the earlier period

    Buddhists had impeccable amount of written records. Sinhalese with whom Indians were in constant touch had the same. Greeks invaded India and they too had a lot of documents. There was touch with Chinese as well. Yet Hindu peoples did not adopt writting methods at earlier stage despite being in...
  12. F

    Why Byzantines had such unimpressive military records?

    Compared to Western Romans? I believe Byzantines were the shadow of the former Roman empire when it comes to military and battle prowess. They were easily defeated by Huns, Arabs, Turks and some Balkanites that arrived from North. How come they were so weak?
  13. N

    [HELP] reliable records of fortress siege events.

    in my current project i need to write and create events simulates the fortress siege events , the environment is based on arabian lands before the gunpowder era , so any records of how the siege even been reordered will help me reimagine some historically accurate event , i had collected some...
  14. A

    Should the roman army be placed in the Guinness book of world records?

    No army nor military has lasted so long as none other than the roman army,which served the roman kingdom, roman republic, roman empire/eastern(byzantine) roman empire. Do you believe they should be part of it?
  15. Domhnall Balloch

    Varangian Guard records?

    Are there any records of named individuals of the Varangian Guard from the late 11th and early 12th centuries, preferably with parentage included? Who was eligible to join? I ask because I have a (shot-in-the-dark) theory that Somerled was a member, and am hoping it'll be fairly...
  16. R

    American Naval Records Society I've just glanced through this, but it looks like a fantastic site.:smile1:
  17. H

    historical records about Diaoyu/Senkaku

    okay, so basicly I just want to know based on what evidences people form their opinions about the islands I'm asking you kind members provide your knowledge about the historical records about the islands so since this is a very debatable issue, I suggest several things for other members, thus we...
  18. P

    Google Earth records unrecorded historical event

    In recording a Google KMZ movie of one of my Google Maps, I discovered a historical event in Google Earth dated December 31, 1969 that so far has not shown up in online search engines. There is no tsunami reported on that date, no earthquake reported, no ice shelf break up. Yet, there it is in...
  19. Midas

    Mycenaean diplomatic/war records?

    Ok, this idea really stroke me yesterday. I have been reading tons of Mycenaean Linear B tablets in my life. Goods, rituals and weapons are listed in detail, but still there's no single record of a diplomatic document or war declaration. Meanwhile, in Anatolia, Assyria, Cyprus (Alasiya)...
  20. M

    Forgeries of Chinese historical records

    I'm reading some Chinese historical records like Shiji by Simaqian. Opposed to the often heard cliche or self boasting by the Chinese themselves, my friend and I have so far found some of the records are very unreliable. Some are so apparently forgeries. So are Chinese historical records...