1. C

    Earliest recorded date

    Hello everyone Does anybody know what is the earliest dated event in history? I don't mean the earliest historical event which we know of (presumably thousands of years ago), but the earliest event which we can date to the nearest year. I have an idea that it may have been in Assyria in the...
  2. 1991sudarshan

    Historical Records in Korean Language during 5-9th Century

    Why is that we do not much have records written in Korean language during the 5th-9th? The Historical records of Korea are from the Goryu and the Jeoson dynasties Where as the Japanese adopted the chinese characters but used their own language in the historical records like Kojiki Manyoshu...
  3. D

    WWI military records help

    Hi- I am working on my family's genealogy and came upon my great grandfather's military record. Can anyone translate the following into layman's terms?NA Bryan, O. Sept 18/17. Br Sherwood, O. 25 3/12 yrs. Co E 329 Inf to Nov 21/17; 6 Trk Co M Sup Tn 308 to Jan 2/18; Trk Co 5 M...
  4. Frank81

    Bismarck & Molke voice records

    Yes guys, it exists :) But they are of very bad quality, specially the Bismarck one. Helmunt von Molke, born in 1800, is the oldest person whose voice is recorded. There are older records, but not of a person born 212 years ago *Otto von Bismarck Otto von Bismarck, recitando la 'Marsellesa'...
  5. Earl_of_Rochester

    Records from a Royal Navy Destroyer WWII

    Hi all, I'm going to dump all my records from HMS Vesper (my grandfather's ship) in this thread. Feel free to peruse and ask questions or request higher res photos. The last time I went to the reunion I took my camera and photographed all the details I could about the ship. Hopefully this will...
  6. 1991sudarshan

    Tennoki and Hongi- The lost historical Records of Japan

    The soga clan maintained three historical records namely Tennoki, Kokki and Hongi. During the Isshin incident ,soga no Ikuraka was killed and later his father and clan head Soga No Emishi died setting fire to his residence. In that incident the two of three historical records i.e Tennoki and...
  7. C

    Want to find out about british outpost

    I recently became aware of a Napoleonic era British tower on the west coast of Ireland and was wondering would anyone know of where i could go to find information about it? would the British army of navy have records relating to it and how could these be accessed?
  8. Mosin

    Official Records on CD-Rom

    Has anyone purchase the Official Records of the War of the Rebellion on CD-ROM? Seeking to get it and am looking for advice on the best place to get it, looking for one with search features by single words, names, battles, if such exist. Mosin (aka: ancient Russian rifle)
  9. davu

    This Stuff Is Way Past Me -- Mayan Numerical Records

    from an email regarding this guys web sites and mathematics my underlining Astronomy Pages
  10. V

    Found records the foundation of Moscow in the era of the dinosaurs

    Found records the foundation of Moscow in the era of the dinosaurs carried out a revolution in the field of archeology, paleontology, anthropology and history. Found records the foundation of Moscow in the era of the dinosaurs 1458-2358 (900 years of Moscow). The cost of the jubilee spoon: 5...
  11. Caracalla

    Medieval Battle Records Go Online

    BBC NEWS | UK | Medieval battle records go online The Soldier in Later Medieval England
  12. Mohammed the Persian

    Did Romans keep track of Criminal Records and Executions?

    Aha, a rather intriguing question which I just thought about :laugh: Did the Romans ever keep Criminal Records or anything ? Did they record how many executions happen in , say a year, with regards to the charges against them, the name... etc.. And also, how did the Romans solve crimes such...
  13. Sargon of Akkad

    Contemporary secular Jewish records

    In Mesopotamia, there are vast libraries found in Nineveh and Babylon of cuniform tablets that record mundane events, as well as political events. Many of these seem quite secular in nature. I'm wondering why we can't fnd a more reliable contemporary source for Jewish history other than the...

    Air combat records. Most times shot down &

    Most bomber missions. I think it was Rudel that was downed more times than any other 27-28? Can anyone confirm? Bomber missions. 1600 plus as I recall, a German. Again has anyone got specifics?