1. jameen

    Red China, signatory and also violator of UNCLOS

    Anyone here can narrate to me why Red China allowed to be one of the signatories of UNCLOS but in the end it also became the violator by building military island bases near the Filipino EEZ and shooing non Chinese ships or planes passing the South China Sea? Why can't the West sanction China...
  2. Futurist

    If Austria-Hungary makes peace in 1917, does this prevent Russia from going Red?

    If Kaiser Karl would have been willing to make peace at any price in 1917 in order to get Austria-Hungary out of World War I, would the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia have been prevented? Basically, if Austria-Hungary is willing to make peace on terms that are acceptable to the Allies (which...
  3. Pessimist Crow


    It is often said that Brigandine was a natural development of Mongol armory during the 13th century but we have claims from Chinese people saying the it was worn as a parade uniform during the 9th century and in actual military use to the Koreans as chest pieces to Generals retainers during the...
  4. Dentatus

    Red Eyebrows

    How did the Red Eyebrows defeat the Imperial Armies? Weren't Wang Mang's troops and commanders the equal of those who defeated the Hsiung Nu and conquered central Asia? Why and how were they repeatedly defeated by masses of peasant rebels?
  5. Raunchel

    Ancient Red Sea Shipping

    For something that I'm writing, I am looking for information about shipping and ships in the Red Sea around 50 BC. Does anyone happen to have any information about it all? Like, what kinds of ship were used?
  6. T

    Red Head in Turkey

    So this is my cousin. We are trying to find out if he has more Turkish facial features, or if he has more Bosnian or eastern European facial features. I do know that Red hair is not common in Turkey, but people do have it. What are you guys thoughts. Does he look more Turkish or European. We are...
  7. Seabas

    WWII, April-May, 1945. Red Army. Photos with no propaganda

    Seelow heights. Going to hospital. April 1945 Berlin. Blood transfusion in the hospital. May 1945 Seelow heights. Evacuation of wounded soldiers by dog team. April 1945 Through the fire. April, 1945. Bunzlau city, Silesia (now polish city Bolesławiec) Germany, April-May 1945...
  8. RomanEmperor

    "Blue" and "Red" states

    What caused some of these shifts historically? For instance in New Jersey.... even in 1988 Bush won it by 14%..... and now it's virtually impossible for a Republican to win that state. What's happened with some of these re-alignments? I mean in an election or two things seem to shift so much...
  9. S

    What year is this? Any other info? (Red Dead Redemption 2) I'm sure you guys usually deal with weightier issues than this - but I was wondering if anyone had any clues about this short video? Can you guess what year this video is set in? Can you spot any other information you could point out? The video is from the...
  10. T

    Alger Hiss, Communist Spy or Innocent Victim of Red Scare?

    Alger was convicted at the very height of the red scare scare in a trial that was conducted in the media largely of having lied about being a communist many years before. Many, many people think he was guilty. The trial propelled Richard Nixon into the VP slot and later to the presidency, it...
  11. F

    How devastating were the poster boys of Red Army?

    Alexander Vladimirovich Vorobiev (Александр Владимирович Воробьев), ethnic Russian, born in Krasnopoliansky, Moscow...
  12. S

    The red line between religions . christians or jews or muslims

    Please remember the chamber were you are in before answering . I am Romanian and proud about Eliade
  13. O

    Western Allies actually did help out the Soviet Union in some ways

    in response to the previous thread, the Western Allies bombing campaign actually forced Hitler to divert about half of his fighter squadrons from the East, the supply of logistical support like trucks that allowed the Red Army to switch from defense and offense and effectively utilize their Deep...
  14. DShim

    Would the plot of game Red Alert really happen without Hitler?

    Anyone here remember Red Alert? Great game. I was especially fond of the second one. So if Hitler never gained a motivation to rule Germany and such, and Germany remained Germany, do you guys think Russia would really become the next world enemy against the Allies? Seems most likely it would...
  15. Futurist

    The Soviet Union does *not* invade Georgia in 1921

    What if Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin decides not to invade Georgia in 1921 (or later, for that matter)? After all, it appears that the Soviet invasion of Georgia was not universally agreed on in Moscow during this time: Thus, Georgia...
  16. C

    To what extent did the Red Army disregard heavy losses?

    It's been said often that during WW2 Stalin didn't care when Red Army forces took heavy losses when fighting against the Heer. Did this mentality apply also to the officer corps and NCOs as well? How common was the idea that losses don't matter as long as victory is achieved among Red Army...
  17. C

    Suicides of Red Army soldiers in 1941

    Considering that after the German invasion of the USSR they managed to capture or kill millions of Red Army soldiers, and many men deserted either to surrender to the Germans or to head home, how common was suicide among the Red Army during the initial months of Barbarossa?
  18. S

    Can you identify this victorian red coat (19th century, Firmin of london buttons)

    Hello, I'm not sure if you can help me identify this red coat uniform, but I have very little knowledge on what it could be and would if possible love to have an expert tell me what it is. Would love a second opinion! Here is a previous answer:
  19. Druzhina

    5thC BC Red Figure Kylix with Greeks & Persians, National Museums of Scotland

    An Attic Red Figure Kylix with a hoplite, carrying a round shield with Pegasus motif, and a Persian. National Museums of Scotland. Does any one have any more pictures of this, in particular the combat on the outside of the Kylix? MIRROR SITE An Attic Red Figure Kylix with a hoplite, carrying a...