1. grey fox

    Why did the Kerensky Regime fail?

    I recently overheard two acquaintances of mine discussing the Russian Revolution and other parts of Russian history in the early 20th century. One of them said something to the effect of that the Kerensky Regime was an attempt to turn Russia into a Democracy, and it failed. Was the Kerensky...
  2. Lycurgus

    Can Franco’s regime be described as “fascist”?

    Many say it was fascist, due to its obvious similarities with Nazi Germany and Italy, but others describe it as just an ultra-conservative, authoritarian regime, since it lacked a major “plan” or “vision” for radical social reform that the other two regimes both had. What are your thoughts?
  3. dreuxeng

    Mugabe Court or Regime?

    '...royal politics were court politics in the Middle Ages...[and] we should no more expect Aethelred to have made decisions in a vacuum than did any other ruler, [and] nor should we mistake his reliance on counsel for a lack of personal initiative.' Is it not the case that many European kings...
  4. Fantomas

    You know what about the Vichy regime?

    Many people have very clear ideas about the "French state" regime and rather superficial ideas, but I would like to know your opinion on the regime of Marshal Petain and, according to you, his strengths and weaknesses. thank you. For me the so called "French State " begin in July 1940 and...
  5. M

    Which German political regime influenced Hitler and shaped Nazi ideology most

    Nazis and National Socialism were not unique in their outlook were they ? There were other Prussian/German political regimes that inspired Hitler and National Socialism Was it Frederick the Great , the Prussian King of 18th Century which fought numereous wars during Austrian Succession and...
  6. Underground

    Similarities between Russian Communism and German Nazi regime

    What do you think about the ongoing myth that to be anti-fascist, one ought to appreciate the Soviet Union and communism. Media continues to push a narrative that the communist Soviet Union was a major, if not sole, factor in defeating fascist Nazi Germany in World War II. But the actual...
  7. C

    Who were the rulers (landamann) or "patriciate" during the swiss ancien regime?

    Who were the rulers (landamann) or "patriciate" during the swiss ancien regime? Hello everyone I started to read some of swiss history, but I cant understand properly the main diferences between the old swiss nobility and the patriciate. The Nobility, according to the book that I am reading...
  8. F

    Criticism of certain kind of regime inextricably tied to country & people?

    Is it safe to say that- -if you criticize the Russian government, many will accuse you of "Russophobia"? -if you criticize the Chinese government, many will accuse you of "Sinophobia"? If so, why? Is it safe to say that- -if you criticize the British government, not many will accuse you of...
  9. F

    Why didn't regime change & occupation further radicalize Germans & Japanese?

    Supposedly, American led regime change and occupation fuel extremism and help radicalize local population; then why didn't postwar Germany see more and more Germans radicalized into Nazism, Positive Christianity, etc., why didn't postwar Japan see more and more Japanese radicalized into...
  10. Underground

    110 million citizens of the Russian Empire killed by Kremlin regime in 1917-1959?

    I would like to discuss the statement that approximately 110 million citizens of the Russian Empire (known at the time as the Soviet Union or USSR) were killed by their Kremlin regime in 1917-1959. The number 110 million has been discussed and debated, especially actively in the recent...
  11. F

    Human rights violations & cognitive dissonance

    How could someone decry the human rights violations by ISIL & DPRK, meanwhile, romanticize Medieval/Ancient Regimes/Dynasties(MARD)? As if generic MARD didn't torture and execute people in public, or didn't do so as often as ISIL & DPRK do As if the methods ISIL & DPRK use to torture and...
  12. A

    Overthrow of Iranian regime our ultimate aim: Turki bin-Faisal Al Saud

    ???? ?????? ?? ????? ???????? ?????????: ???? ????? ??????.. ????? ????: ????? ????? ?????? - Ya, Saudis are stupid as that. If they want to (and more importantly could) change regime, keeping their mouth shut is an important part of the process. Iranian response: Why Iran...
  13. F

    Secular regime & organized religion

    Which aspects do you find most similar? Which do you find dissimilar? I find the most similar: consequences of challenging authorities and orthodoxy indoctrination of youth intrusion into social life kinda similar: hagiography and martyrology of heroes (as saints)
  14. antiquarian

    Regime Change

    Have any regime changes supported by America gone relatively smooth and made these nations better off?
  15. Decembrist

    Was The Pinochet Regime Behind Pablo Neruda's Death?

    Was The Pinochet Regime Behind Pablo Neruda's Death?
  16. A

    What's the difference between 'Ancien Regime' and Rococo?

    what's the difference between the two and are the connected in any way, i don't need a whole lot of detail just some background knowledge since from my web searches i am presuming they are either the same thing more or less, or are connected somehow
  17. holoow

    What makes a political regime illegal?

    For example, Rhodesia's unilateral declaration of independence (1965) was condemned by the international community and regime in Rhodesia was considered as 'illegal'. For the first time in history, United Nations imposed total economic sanctions against Rhodesia. On the other hand, such brutal...
  18. Futurist

    When and Where Exactly Did the U.S. Conduct Regime Change?

    My question here is pretty straightforward--when and where exactly did the U.S. conduct or help conduct regime change? As of right now, I can think of: -Hawaii (in 1893) -Nicaragua (in 1909) -Germany (in 1945) -Japan (in 1945) -Iran (in 1953) -Guatemala (in 1954) -Chile (in 1973) -Grenada (in...
  19. K

    To what extent was did the soviet government benefit from their soviet regime?

    I think I read that soviet party members on average had over three times the income as non-party members. Was such a method really to "protect communism," or was it just for their own benefit?
  20. Offspring

    Pinochet's regime

    The context of the 1973 coup Sallvador Alande was the president of Chile from 1970 to 1973 and the head of the Popular Unity Coalition. He was a Marxist who obtained power thru democratic means. He followed a policy called "the Chilean Path to Socialism" (“La vía chilena al...