1. E

    What regions are the most important to history at different times?

    I'm a big believer in centrism, the focus and emphasis on different historical areas at different periods in time over other areas. Whether this mean emphasis on Europe "euro-centrism", or the Middle East(never heard a term for this one) or Africa, "Afrocentrism" or more than one region, what...
  2. R

    Dinosaurs of the northern regions

    Recent excavations and research indicate that several species of dinosaurs roamed further north than previously suspected: some even came close to the Arctic regions. Now, unless they were warm-blooded or covered with some kind of protective coat (feathers? possibly even real fur?), how could...
  3. Azad67

    The reason why Pashtuns had no kings in native regions before 18th century

    References :Afsana-i-Shahan (written by Shaikh Kabir Bhittani whose grandfather served in the army of Sher Shah Sur) Thats why Sher Shah Sur did not extend the boundary of his empire westward beyond Indus river, instead he received Afghan chieftains of Roh (Pakhtunkhwa) at Khushab and...
  4. G

    What if all German speaking regions united under one banner

    What if this was done at some point of time in history (assume the most opportune time). What if linguistic chauvinism of Germans superseded race, religion etc. identities and being a German speaker (please note not Germanic race but German language speaker nationalism), happened. Would such a...
  5. F

    Higher latitude regions vs lower latitude regions, which win in the long run?

    Cities, states, and nations situated between 45th and 30th parallel north dominated classical antiquity Cities, states, and nations situated between 45th and 60th parallel north dominated modern era Why? Which will dominate a millennium from now?
  6. Space Shark

    Which regions of the world would you say have consistently been prosperous?

    I don't think there's any one region of the world that's been always on the bright side, but we can come close. For me, I'd say Northern Italy. Milan was around during Roman times. The region was prominent in the Middle Ages and was the center of the Renaissance. It fell off a bit in the...
  7. B

    Sasanian Empire high density population regions

    For the Sasanian empire what were the regions of high population densities.
  8. M

    Lion in heraldry,what kind of people used to have it?From which regions of Europe?

    Lion is a symbol that we are used to see it everywhere in middle ages,but who were the first to have it?Were lions all over Europe as a symbol?Or a few regions?
  9. purpleguy89

    The regions of Spain, France, Portugal, the UK, Italy, Germany and the Netherlands

    Salutations: I find regional history very intriguing since it gives a different picture of countries we are familiar with today. Looking at history from a regional perspective, as opposed to a nation-state perspective might not be common, but all the same I find a kind of beauty in such an...
  10. G

    Help with world history project? Comparing 2 regions of the world.

    I have a history project but I need some help. The project is to compare two regions of the world below in one of these categories during the early modern age *1450-1750: Regions: Middle East Sub-Saharan Africa East Africa Western Europe Russia China Japan Latin America...
  11. Thaladan

    The Modern Italian Regions

    Quick question: When was Italy divided into its twenty modern regions? During the Risorgimento or later? I have looked around but can't find any information online concerning this subject.
  12. F

    Changing technologies and change of leading regions and states

    The question here is about how changes in technology may have affected what parts of the world gained or lost relative leading position in different fields. In particular examples of innovations in some region or country that has greatest impact outside their country of origin. If a certain...
  13. F

    History of neighbouring regions through the ages

    The very broad topic I have in mind,and posses some fascination is that of neighbouring regions - in this case roughly the Western Asian/Northern African on the one side, and Europe on the other. More a historical overview through all ages of humanity rather than focused only onm one period or...
  14. T

    Should Eurasia be divided into 3 historical regions.

    Say what you will about the correctness of the asia europe divide, it seems the eurasia functions as three distinct regions for most of our history. Whatever continental model you support we can all agree that geography has a rather large role in a peoples history. More importantly geographic...
  15. B

    Ancestry in different parts of the USA

    Hey guys! This is my first post on Historum. I am a 20-year-old male from England. I find the topic of the ancestry of people in various parts of the USA to be very interesting. In this post, I will attempt to summarise the differences between different parts of the USA regarding the ancestry...
  16. F

    Reversal of roles of western Europes regions?

    The question here is wether there has been a reversal of "leading" parts (economy, technology) of western Europe since beginning of its written history about 2700 years ago. The first over 1000 years and probably somewhat longer the southeast and south-central parts (Greece and neighbopuring...
  17. A

    Mercenaries and specialists from different regions in ancient times?

    Which regions in Europe, Asia, and Middle East / Africa were known for their specialist weapon skills during antiquity (early and late)? Please present the region and the skill in question for all you know. Many thanks! Examples: Cretan archers, Balearean slingers, Nubian... Etc.
  18. F

    Which regions in the world hold the most potential for archaeological discoveries?

    What are the chances of places like India, China and other similarly overpopulated countries hiding tons of ancient artefacts under their cities? It seems to me that unlike ancient Egypt or the middle east Asia became very overpopulated before people got a chance to have a look under the ground...
  19. L

    Native Americans in Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona regions 1870s

    I am currently researching for a historical novel I am writing but find it extremely difficult to find information on the following subject: Native American tribes living in the Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona areas in the late 1800s, preferably some that utilize forests for hunting...
  20. E

    Regions with Disproportionate Military Recruitment?

    As a student of the Byzantine Empire, I obviously remember the momentous results of their defeat at the Battle of Manzikert. The Anatolia, which was the key heartland for recruiting soldiers, was taken away from Constantinople, precipitating the decline and fall of Byzantine regional power...