1. J

    How were the Freemasonry and Communism related during and after the WW1?

    The Hungarian Soviet Republic often used Freemasonry symbols by the communist leaders in important events, they even placed it as a state symbol in the Hungarian parliament building. In 1919, during the [[Hungarian Soviet Republic]] a Freemasonry Square and Compass was placed as state symbol...
  2. Princess Of Manchester

    i'm gonna sound stupid but …, was Catherine de' Medici related to cosimo de medici?

    this is a stupid question. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Q

    king james : related to william the conquerer ?

    it seems like there would be no blood relation between james and william, since william was norman blood and james was probably celtic, yet the line of succession has been unbroken from william until present day ? thanks
  4. L

    Are Capitalism and Calvinism related?

    I admit I'm not into theological debates but I'm grewing an interest on historical interpretations, so do you believe Calvinism (and maybe even Protestantism) and capitalism are necessarily related? If yes, which one is the starting point and which one is the consequence? If not, are Catholicism...
  5. cachibatches

    Is it possible that the Bakoni ruins in South Africa are related to Great Zimbabwe?

    Good Day All. I am sure everyone is familiar with Great Zimbawe, the great fortress structure built and used by the Shona people in the 11th though 15th centuries. There are, of course, smaller Zimbabwes. From my understanding, the Shona people became rich supplying the gold that the Swahili...
  6. B

    mysterious White Chinese Might Be Related To Roman Soldiers

    Mysterious White Chinese May Be Related To Ancient Roman Soldiers ? Did Marcus Crassus' Army Settle Down In The Gobi Desert? | Ancient Pages Ran across a very intriguing article, devoted to white people still living in China. The author, with a pretty uneducated brush relays the possibility ...
  7. AncientA

    Is Happiness and Sadness related to intelligence?

    Numerous intellectual figures had linked both state of mind as closely related to the person's mental capacity and self consciousness. They asserted that the more you're aware of your surroundings the more infelicities leave a print on yourself. Ibn Khaldoun for instance, in the effect of air...
  8. F

    Questions related to european overseas expansion.

    Here is meant the "global" expansion and parts of it, especially the early stages, what "triggered" it. It is hard to deny its negative sides. On the other hand I see it as nearly impossible to believe that anything like the modern world could have emerged without a process like this, but one...
  9. B

    Book suggestions regarding Dutch East India Company and related topics

    Hello! Lately I've been researching Dutch maritime expansion and trade in the Indian ocean of late 16th and 17th centuries. I'm also interested in metropolitan Dutch history insofar as it is related to this context, i.e., Dutch activities in Asia. So far I have managed to obtain some secondary...
  10. JM1906

    Career Guidance Tourism related job (tourist guide)

    Hello guys! I maybe on the route to get a part time job as a tourist guide. I kind of hate this type of tourism, but If one can teach local history, plus winning some crowns, maybe worth it. Any people with this kind of experience?
  11. S

    Which Language Family Is Korean Related To

    There is much discussion about the classification of Koreanic, but with no general agreement. I would like to hear your personal thoughts about which language family you think Korean is related to. Your opinions may be based on either academic sources or your personal theory, both are fine. 1...
  12. History Craft

    Did the greco-romans realize they were related to the other indo-europeans?

    Did the greco-romans realize they were related to the other indo-europeans when it comes to their culture, language and ancestrality? Did it matter to them in any way?
  13. dreuxeng

    The Weimar Inflation: related question.

    'The re-establishment of monetary sanity, which bankrupted thousands, robbed millions of their livelihoods, and killed the hopes of millions more, indirectly exacted a more terrible price which the whole world had to pay.' '[the weimar hyper-inflation was]...the culmination of a chain of...
  14. jgrooms

    I'm Related to Charlemagne

    And so is everybody else! Genetics & History ? Adam Rutherford ? Dan Snow's HISTORY HIT Dan Snow's podcasts are great. Adam Rutherford @AdamRutherfordis a British geneticist, author, and broadcaster. He was an editor for the journal Nature for a decade, is a frequent contributor to the...
  15. K

    that a good percentage of the US Presidents were Freemasons or related to Freemasons

    A good percentage of the US Presidents were Freemasons or related to Freemasons (this would include Obama, whose maternal grandfather was a Freemason). What does that say about American government that old men in strange ceremonies still rule?
  16. TaiwanDesu

    taiwanese langauge not related to chinese proved

    taiwanese language is not related with chinese language at all. taiwanese language is related with japanese language. many people say korean and japanese is similar but its not true because korean relate with south east asia language. too many words and vocabulayr are the same with japanese and...
  17. Inc

    Wilfred Owen Related Question

    I'm currently reading 'Wilfred Owen' by Dominic Hibberd. It's one of the most well-researched and insightful biographies I've come across, and I've read a fair few. My query relates to Owen's time staying with the Léger family, who had a young daughter, Nénette, who become fascinated with...
  18. A

    Were the early Christians related to Essenes?

    The Essenes were a sect of Judaism described by such ancient writers as Philo of Alexandria, Pliny the Elder, Josephus and Eusebius. Josephus identified them as one of the three major divisions of Judaism in his day (not counting the so-called "Fourth Philosophy" of the Zealots). Yet the Gospels...
  19. B

    Were the witchcraft prosecutions related to protestant attacks on pagan practices?

    Witchcraft prosecutions rose after the Reformation. There were protestant criticisms of pagan elements incorporated in Christianity. Was the persecution of "witches" a related attack on remaining pagan practices?
  20. F

    Related geo-ethno-linguistic terms: synonymity and nuance

    Let's discuss the nuance between and the synonymity or interchangeability of any related geo-ethno-linguistic terms, e.g., same stem: Asian (from Greek Ἀσιανός, through Latin Asianus) Asiatic (from Greek...