1. M

    Relation between abusive sub-cultures and "Main" America

    Hello. So if your from America, you know that any number of things are unrelated to guns and so on, it's because various groups are allowed to propagate extreme forms of hatred and subtle, semi-invisible forms of violence against various groups. So, for instance, in the south, hatred of...
  2. S

    Surviving Byzantium's relation with modern Europe.

    Let's suppose the Byzantine empire survives to the present day. Not exactly as large as it was at its height under Justinian the Great, but let's say it survives eoncompassing the size and geography of modern-day Turkey. It assumes the role of Turkey throughout European history. ie., its had a...
  3. F

    Relation: fall Saddam, Arbic spring and Middle East nowadays

    What is more important for the current problems: the fall of Saddam or the Arabic spring?
  4. F

    Relation: Pasha regimes and Middle East nowadays

    Do you think that the current situation in the Middle East can be traced back to the Pasha regimes?
  5. F

    Relation: Sykes-Picot agreement and Middle East nowadays

    Do you think that the current situation in the Middle East can be traced back to the Sykes-Picot agreement?
  6. civfanatic

    Social Class and its Relation to Using Germanic or Latinate Words in English

    In Anglophone countries such as Britain, UK, Australia, and New Zealand, are lower-classes more likely to use words of Germanic or Anglo-Saxon derivation, while upper-class individuals are more likely to use words of Latin derivation? I ask because over 90% of English vocabulary with more than...
  7. SSDD

    The relation between Indian National Congress and Hindu Far Right

    During British days exactly to what extent Indian National Congress was influenced by Hindu far right party's like Hindu Mahasabha? It is often stated that Muslims could not trust Congress because "apparently" Congress was controlled by Hindu Mahasabha, so Muslims became suspicious and feared...
  8. S

    Is there any racial relation between the Habesha and Indians??

    It is an interesting questions I have and it is based purely on looks & culture, not history. I am often asked by random people I come accross if I am 'Indian or south asian'. When I tell them Ethiopian they are always suprised like they've never heard of Ethiopia?? How can you not know Ethiopia...
  9. B

    Relation between La Tène and Jastorf cultures and the Barbarians

    What's the relation between La Tène and Jastorf cultures and the German? I'm reading a book by Peter Heather where he metions it trying to show how different can the german cultures be, and it's not clear for me. Are this cultures the base of germanic cultures?
  10. Devdas

    Prakrit's evolution/relation with Vedic Sanskrit and Classical Sanskrit

    I have heard of number of theories where linguistics claims Prakrit and Classical Sanskrit evolved from Vedic Sanskrit directly. There are some who outrightly denies Prakrit's evolution from Sanskrit and claim Prakrit is older than Sanskrit but that theory doesn't fit in the evolution of...
  11. civfanatic

    Misuse of the word "Tribal" in relation to Africa and African History

    I have noticed an interesting and rather appalling trend, where many problems and conflicts in Africa are subsumed under the label of "tribal warfare". The reason I find it appalling is because of how inaccurate this label often is, and because it often obfuscates the real issues behind many...
  12. SSDD

    Relation between Hinduism and evolution and origin of universe

    Well what is the relation between them? Afaik Hinduism does not reject evolution or say world was created by God or belief earth is young. Many times I see today who ever believes in evolution is immediately tagged atheist. It is perhaps because of Christian theory that evolution did not happen...
  13. I

    Relation between Turks and China

    hi as a person with Turkic background i am very interested in Turkic history. i know that Turks were living in Mongolia with Mongol tribes before they moved westward. now i would like to know if they have influenced the Chinese culture and/or language in anyway?
  14. H

    Relation between Lost ten tribes , Hata clan and Japan

    The most important peoples for Japanese ancient history was Hata clan at first, please watch these videos as some synopsis push cc for english subbed The Roots of Japan Were Ancient Israel!? - Part 1of7 - YouTube The Roots of Japan Were Ancient Israel!? - Part 2of7 - YouTube The Roots of...
  15. fangqingming

    the relation about sushen,jurchen, manchu

    I find it is easy to lead the debate even quarrel in historum, so I listed what I know about the relation of these ethinic groups, of course, maybe what I know is not enough still, welcome anybody to add information and knowledge to discuss in the thread, I will add information too if I find...
  16. WeisSaul

    Any relation between the words Ostrogoth and Austria?

    Is there any relation between the Ostrogoths and Austria (Osterreich in German). I know that modern Austria was part of the Ostrogothic Kingdom, but I do not too much on the place, aside from the fact that they were Germans too. Does the name Austria derive from Ostrogoth?
  17. J

    What is Martin Luther King relation to the New Left?

    There is a book called The Imagination of the New Left, it mentions about MLK somewhere. Martin Luther King assassinated at 1968 by James Earl Ray. The SNCC also organized sit-ins in the south and were one of the key organizers of the March on Washington in 1963, where Martin Luther King, Jr...
  18. J

    What is Martin Luther King relation to the New Left?

    There is a book called The Imagination of the New Left, it mentions about MLK somewhere.
  19. 1991sudarshan

    Relation Between the Tamils and Greek

    I have come across about the trade relationship between the ancient Tamils and the Romans and one can find lot of Roman coins of the ancient day in Tamil Nadu. My question is ,did the tamils trade with the Greeks? are there any Historical records revealing more about their trade relations ?
  20. Zeno

    Ptolemy I Soter's relation to Alexander the Great

    Were they halfbrothers? How was their relation during Alexander's campaigns?