1. G

    European foreign relations 1939-1945

    Does anyone know of any books that deal with the non-military and diplomatic history of Europe in WW2?
  2. F

    Is it time to think international relations and security beyond NATO?

    I just read that Secretary General of NATO,Jens Stoltenberg has epressed that we need NATO more than ever. But as the saying goes there is time for everything. Could it be we should look if NATO is still "the one and only" for ts members, and could there in near future be anything like an even...
  3. O

    English-French relations during Saxon times

    Is there much known about French-English relations during the Saxon era in England? Any good books on the subject a public library would be expected to have?:D
  4. P

    "Stormy" relations

    Feminism: & Stormy Daniels (the adult movie actress in conflict with Pres Trump) a feminist
  5. F

    Dominant powers relations to allies through history.

    I think I remember ancient Athens had some troubles with their allies, that (not without some reason) more and more began to think about athenians as arrogant bullies rather than true allies. And then Rome, that even had a war about their relations to their "partners". Could it be part of a...
  6. D

    German-French relations, 1872-June 1914

    The Franco-Prussian War of course made the French resent Germany. Yet, during these 42 years: 1. How much trade was there between them? 2. How much tourism was there from one country to the other? 3. Was crossing the border especially difficult? 4. Were there serious attempts at reconciliation?
  7. R

    When Japan invades China in 1937, Hitler breaks off relations

    OTL Germany had helped China for years to build a Mauser factory, a RR network, train elite troops, etc, The massive Chinese army could be invaluable against the USSR with a small LW force (slightly larger than the Condor Legion). Chiang was undertaking a major campaign against the weak...
  8. R

    Russian-Finnish relations. Incl. the Winter War

    I have seen two interesting topics. Unfortunately, they are both closed, so I decided to open a new one. I really don't know what Stalin wanted to do with Finland prior to the Winter War, but there is a Soviet song Greet Us, Beautiful Finland Wfs35AEypFw...
  9. C

    What American Indian Tribes did the US government have good relations with?

    In American history, we usually hear about the sad times in its history how the Native Americans suffered from some of the policies the US had carried out, such as the Trail of Tears or side effects of Manifest Destiny. We know that some tribes had relations so bad that armed conflict occured...
  10. B

    race relations in French Algeria

    What where race relations in French Algeria like?
  11. H

    Relations between French and British Canadians 18th-19th c.?

    Can anyone give me an idea of what relations were like between the British and French (as well as Metis) Canadians between the period of roughly 1780-1840? In my reading on northwest Canadian/American history I know plenty of French-Canadians came west as employees of British run companies like...
  12. oszkar777

    Polish and Hungarian Relations

    Has anyone heard about this historical long standing goodwill relation's between Poland and Hungary that had been in existance for several hundred years. It seems there were even Proverbs and Poems written about it in both Polish and Hungarian. This is what I found online. The Polish text...
  13. K

    Which of the had the greater long-term impact on Europe and its relations with the...

    Which of the had the greater long-term impact on Europe and its relations with the outside world, the Mongol Conquests and also the Crusades?
  14. Swagganaut

    Relations between Medieval India / Sri Lanka and Sudan (Ca. 500-1500 AD)

    Hey guys, I need help from the fellow members from India and Sri Lanka. The subcontinent has a rich literate culture since millenia, and although much had been lost due to the climate I still think there might be stuff left for the topic I am researching, ie. Medieval Central Sudan (Alwa /...
  15. N

    Commercial and diplomatic relations between Ming China and 17th century Japan

    Why was Japan at the beginning of the 17th century so keen in re-opening commercial and diplomatic relations with Ming China? Between the end of the Imjin War and the 1620s, the shogunate tried several times to re-establish formal relations with China, including the tally trade, but at the same...
  16. civfanatic

    18th century America through Native Eyes: Analysis of Hendrick Aupaumut's Narrative

    When discussing the history of Native Americans in 18th America, we are reliant to a very heavy degree on sources written by white Americans. Unfortunately, this reliance on external sources means that much of our understanding of native history and culture is marred by the biases of...
  17. ThePharaoh

    Russia-Turkey rebuild relations

    Apparently USA and E.U. are going to have some problems with this new beginning of ties between two former allies-turned-rivals. What are your opinions?
  18. J

    Looking for users interested in race relations?

    I was wondering, are there any users here interested in race relations throughout history?
  19. arkteia

    A good book on Finnish History/Russian-Finnish relations?

    Either will do. The intitial interest came from a discussion on social media, during which someone stated that "non-Russians" (specifically Poles and Finns) were not taken into Imperial Russian army. Cursory browsing of the Wikipedia showed that the situation was far more complicated than what...
  20. F

    1904 France breaks off diplomatic relations with the Vatican

    And recalls ambassador. (Originally the French law of separation of church and state has scalded the Vatican. Then Emile Combes, President of the Council of Ministers, claims to want to name the French bishops, without seeking the Vatican. Later, Pope Pius X refuses to accept President of the...