1. Single to Mingle Club

    Single to Mingle Club

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  2. chansey

    What is the motivation of Zenobia?

    Zenobia is my favorite historical female ruler, because she got power by using her mind and power instead of using the body and men to sleep like Cleopatra. But I still don't understand what's the motivation of Zenobia's rebellion? Her husband and son have been awarded the title by Gallienus...
  3. J

    Scientific fact: The strong relationship between artistic Creativity &mental illness

    Scientific fact: The strong relationship between artistic Creativity &mental illness Being (artistically) creative increases your risks of schizophrenia and other mental illnesses. The article is not about creativity in math and real (natural) sciences. The various serious mental problems are...
  4. JaddHaidar

    Mary and Elizabeth Tudor's relationship

    Of course it's beyond dispute that Mary Tudor, the future Mary I of England, despised Anne Boleyn, whom she thought of as as a homewrecker who broke up her parent's marriage, as the culprit of her and her mother's ill treatment, and her deteriorating relationship with her father. To Mary, Anne...
  5. J

    The South's relationship with the federal government

    Prompt: Explore and explain the South’s relationship with the Federal government from the Progressive Era to the present day, addressing social, political, and economic aspects of this relationship.
  6. R

    Is Russia's relationship with Europe worse now than in the time of the Romanovs?

    Is Russia's relationship with Europe now overall worse than it was in the time of the czars from Peter the Great to 1914?
  7. Polynikes

    Gascons, Basques, Spaniards: relationship between Southern France and Northern Spain

    What were the cultural, linguistic, governmental, political and ethnic ties between the south of France and northern Spain during the medieval period? I discussed this before in another thread of mine but I'm much more interested in learning more about this dynamic. Were both areas essentially...
  8. C

    About tribute relationship between Korea's Joseon dynasty and China

    The tribute relationship with China is a unique way of establishing diplomatic relations in East Asia Without tribute, China did not allow diplomacy and trade. This international relationship in East Asia is a way for all nations to coexist peace the Products returned by China were many times...
  9. F

    What inadequacy hurts self-esteem & relationship even more: financial or physical?

    What inadequacy hurts self-esteem & relationship even more: financial or physical? Does physical inadequacy (such as impotence, invirility, unattractiveness) frustrate oneself and one's partner even more than financial inadequacy does? Speaking of how much damage perceived financial...
  10. WhatAnArtist

    I'm incredibly confused about Justinian and his relationship with Belisarius.

    These two historical figures first came to my attention when I watched the YouTube series Justinian and Theodora by Extra Credits. It was a 12 part series detailing the lives of Justinian, Theodora and Belisarius, mostly focusing on Belisarius' campaigns in Africa and Italy. The writers were...
  11. P

    Britain's 'Special Relationship' with the US

    For many years the US and the UK had close ties with each other, and I think it was Churchill in 1946 who coined the phrase 'special relationship'. But how special is/was it? It seems that it used to be far more significant, but over time become more of a hackneyed phrase than anything...
  12. Polynikes

    The Praetorian guard's relationship with Trajan and role during the Dacian Wars?

    How would you define Trajan's relationship with the guard during this period, and how did he perceive their combat effectiveness in comparison to other legions during his invasion? Were they held in high esteem as the virtual elite of the Roman army, or were they just another bodyguard unit?
  13. A

    Relationship between tight clothing and affection for children?

    What do you think of this hypothesis? The emergence of snug clothing - button-fastened garment and knitted clothes in the main - in the High Middle Ages slowly changed the attitude of parents to young infants from one of indifference to parental love. Before, parents were careful not to...
  14. Luke of Suffolk

    How did the UK-Europe relationship change from 1945-1997?

    Here is my proposal, set out in chronological order (but may be subject to mistakes): '45 - 52' After WW2, Churchill sees a united Europe, however believes that the UK should focus on it's relationship with the US + the Commonwealth Atlee and the Labour Government are against joining the...
  15. O

    Relationship between King muryeong of Baekje and Keitai Denno

    This is the inscription from Suda Hachiman Shrine Mirror, which show the relationship between Baekje and Yamato Japan...
  16. schmitt trigger

    relationship between science and prosperity

    It is well known that -at least in modern history- wealthy and prosperous nations are also technically and scientifically advanced. But what came first? Did prosperity provide a nation's science a fertile ground to develop? Or did the growth of science and its technological offspring bring the...
  17. TJW12

    What was the relationship between Balhae and Tang?

    Without nationalism, did Tang have political power over Balhae or were they completely independent?

    Strategic mistakes by india in indo--srilan relationship?

    STRATEGIC MISTAKES OF INDIA IN SRILANKA Nearly 40 to 70 Thousands of innocent Non-combatants depending on the sources some even claims more than 100,000 were killed in cold blood during the final phase of the Sri Lankan war in may 2009 as government forces overran the Tamil Tigers ...
  19. Salah

    The relationship between ancient India and ancient Rome

    We know the ancient Indians and the ancient Romans traded with each other - inevitably, at least merchants from each region visited the other. A succession of Greco-Roman writers offer us a general idea of what kind of a land the Romans would have perceived India to be. Just how familiar were...
  20. G

    What was Sikhism's relationship with Jainism and Buddhism

    Often these faiths are seen in the context of Hindu dharmic universe. But I wondered what Sikh texts and Gurus talk about Jain-Buddhist doctrines. Did they hail them and what do they talk of Buddha and Mahavira? What did medieval Jain-Buddhist monks in India say about Nanak, Gobind and the Sikh...