1. Futurist

    Did Britain and France tell Poland that they are not going to provide relief to it?

    Before the start of World War II, did Britain and France tell Poland that they are not going to provide relief to it in the event of a Nazi German invasion and that it will be a year or more before they actually launch any meaningful offensives against Nazi Germany? Basically, Britain and...
  2. W

    Choctaw relief for the Irish famine

    Does anyone know of any contemporary writings about the famine relief that the Choctaw sent to Ireland ca. 1847? I'm kind of curious to know what people at the time thought of it, particularly as this wasn't long after the Choctaw went through their own terrible ordeal with the Trail of Tears...
  3. tigertank06

    What purpose did the Civilian Conservation Corps serves besides economic relief?

    What purpose did the Civilian Conservation Corps serve beside providing jobs for people? The CCC overhauled the State and National Parks Systems so I'm wondering what brought that about during the 30's and not before? If there was not a pressing need to upgrade the parks in our country then...
  4. Asherman

    Primary Source Fragment from Boxer Relief Expedition in 1900

    Historians prize primary sources, but as noted elsewhere primary sources are only as good as the informant. Often the data is poorly presented and sketchy. Dates and places are often wrong, and we become frustrated that the report leaves out the stuff we are most interested in. Here is an...
  5. Naomasa298

    Medieval poverty relief

    I'm interested in knowing more about how medieval society cared for its poor. In England, I understand that the Church and monasteries took on this role but how was this carried out? Was it simply the giving of food and shelter to the destitute? Or was it more institutionalised, with rules and...
  6. arkteia

    American Relief Administration

    I must admit, I never heard about ARA till I started reading about famine in Russia in 1922 and found out that ARA was the major provider of help to the USSR. (In Russian history, the Red Cross is traditionally mentioned as one of the sources of help). Perhaps someone, more knowledgeable...
  7. Underlankers

    Operation Iskra and the Relief of Leningrad:

    Operation Iskra: The Red Army Effort to Break the Siege of Leningrad | Defense Media Network Operation Iskra/Spark was the moment in the long litany of dismal battles in the Siege of Leningrad where the campaign began an inexorable and steady shift in the favor of the Soviet Union in this vital...
  8. C

    Unknown uniform in copper relief

    Firstly I apologize if this is posted in the wrong forum. I found this copper plate relief of a man in a military or naval uniform, and out of curiosity I was wondering if anybody knew who it was or what he was wearing?
  9. corrocamino

    Relief for Pakistan flood victims

    This not a solicitation, so let's just call it a reminder that millions of simple people -- children, women, old-timers, men -- are at great risk from pestilence and famine, and not just short-term. My wife and I have worked on our karma: double donations to the UN relief effort and to...
  10. tjadams

    R.Limbaugh Speaks About Haitian Relief

    WARNING LABEL: R. Limbaugh sound bite included within: I"ll leave it up to you to listen or not. Free choice
  11. C

    Nobel Peace Prize: A world sigh of relief?

    Nobel Peace Prize: A world sigh of relief? Awarding the Nobel Peace Prize might represent a world wide sigh of relief. The United States, the most powerful nation on this planet, follows up eight years of President George Bush with an election in which the Republican Party chooses an aging...