1. W

    How would one quantify a medieval ruler's religious credentials?

    I will start by saying exactly what this is about, because it's quite specific - a friend and I are devising a pack of top trumps on medieval rulers. Naturally we want the scores on the cards to reflect what was considered important and virtuous for the rulers of the time, so we are looking at...
  2. H

    Any Early Renaissance Art Buffs? Ancient Painting

    I own this painting and have not been successful in determining where / when it was painted or by whom. I know it related to Stabat Mater / Seven Sorrows and also that it has iconography (such as one of the angels’ wings being shaped like a bird head - the one Jesus is pointing at). I am curious...
  3. JapaneseSamurai

    Historical evidence of Jesus

    The life of Jesus is interesting, and has a few unanswered questions which have been debated for centuries. A poll has revealed that 40% of people in Britain do not believe that Jesus of Nazareth existed. People who think Jesus didn’t exist are seriously confused | Catholic Herald What do...
  4. Slegtvalk

    Widukind's defeat

    Lately I've been thinking a lot about the impact of Widukind's defeat (785 A.D.) at the hands of Charlemagne, especially in regards to Scandinavia. As far as I know, the Germanic and Norse pantheon are practically the same. Since these people probably shared the same believes and mythology, it...
  5. Tammuz

    Religion from A Psychoanalytical View

    From a psychoanalytical point of view, all consciousness phenomena are influenced by unconscious factors. The amount of these factors in the development of the phenomena is estimated differently by the various psychoanalytic schools. The Lacan School, which I follow in this and other points...
  6. I

    Religion of the Mongols

    What was the official religion of the Mongol Empire - Shamanism or Tengrism?
  7. RidiculousName

    Why did Nahuatl Tribes Pick up Mayan Religion?

    A very large part of the reason the Aztecs were conquered so easily by the Spanish was their religion, which seems to have been largely self-defeating in mannerism. The Aztecs and other Nahuatl tribes had recently displaced the original occupants of Northern Mexico when Columbus first arrived...
  8. D

    Roma and the wars of Religion (1560-1572).

    Hello everybody.What do we know about the intervention of Roma (political influence,money,troops) in the wars of Religion in France during the three first wars (1562-1563/1567-1568/1569-1570) ? Thank you.
  9. Tammuz

    The Prehistoric Origin of Religion

    That´s true, of course, however the state of evidence for the prehistoric periods is quite disputed among historical scholars, so that prehistoric religion is a matter that ought to be dealt with separately - what is done with this thread. First a quote from a still not completed study of mine...
  10. Voltaires Hat

    Did any historical factors influence the monist tendency of East Asian religion?

    Just wondering why the distinction between dualism in 'Western' religions, as opposed to the monism in East Asian religions like Buddhism and Taoism. Was this completely random, or is there a reason for it?
  11. N

    questions about the history of religion

    Hi, I am not sure weather I am in the right part of the forum to ask this question so please move this thread to the proper area if its in the wrong section. 1. after the last ancient era did societies become religiously run societies in the middle ages until the beginning of the industrial age...
  12. G

    Which is the oldest religion in the world?

    I think Hinduism is often considered the oldest existing religion still practiced today. While this may be true, it’s important to note that Hinduism does not have any particular founder or a single text, but instead combines several ancient traditions and beliefs. The oldest scripture of...
  13. D

    British intervention in the wars of Religion in France

    During the wars of Religion in France (1560-1598) the queen Elizabeth I has decided three interventions: -Normandy:1562-1563. -La Rochelle:1573. -Normandy:1587- ? What do we know about these interventions (boats,men,weapons).Thank you very much.
  14. W

    Early Latin Religion

    What was the religion of the Latin tribes like before contact with the Etruscans and hellenization?
  15. holoow

    Religion and cruelty

    In 1901 Russian psychiatrist Pyotr Gannushkin published a monograph La volupte, la cruante et la religion (Voluptuousness, cruelty and religion) in the French journal Annales medico-psychologiques ( btw, I have read this work ). According to Gannushkin, in many cases religious fanatics...
  16. TheMusicMan

    Religion For The Most Deaths?

    I was gonna post this in General History, but I believe this is where it would go. Although I'm going much deeper than the title. I ask if you are of a particular religion to try to be as unbiased as possible. I am often blind sided by the notion that christians have been the cause for most...
  17. Imperia

    The West and the ''one true God''

    the West united under the one true God I just watched the series knightfall, in this series the Pope in 1300 wants to unify Europe in a way that "there are no more kings, nobles and nations in Europe. Only the Pope leading Europe united under the one true God. '' I would like to know if there...
  18. Quill And Ink History

    Hypatia of Alexandria(Important aspects popular historians apparently like to ignore)

    The late antique philosopher Hypatia of Alexandria has according to Professor Edward J Watts become the Greeco-Roman worlds fifth most well known philosopher which have a loot to do with her being lifted up by history popularizes like Carl Sagan and Bettany Hughes(plus that movie from 2009)...
  19. Jake10

    Almost all wars are fought for money, power and/or religion

    While the motive of religion is not as significant in modern times, it can still be found in some wars. However the motives of money and power are alive and well, and motivate almost every war that is/has been fought. The entire concept behind communism was that a few people a lot of wealth and...
  20. A

    What would the world be like if the ancient religions were still the major religions

    Let's imagine a world where Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and the other big religions of our modern world never existed and instead we still practiced the ancient religions such as Greek mythology, Egyptian mythology, Norse mythology, ect. What would our modern day 21st century be like?