1. J

    Influence of oriental religions in Greek/Roman/Christian religions

    Franz Cumont's Oriental Religions in Roman Paganism is now over 100 years old. Are there more recent/thorough studies on this subject. I'm particularly interested in the role of Alexander in the introduction of eastern religious practices into Europe.
  2. D

    The 4th july 1776 and religions

    Hello everybody.What were the importances (statistics) of the religions at the moment of the independance of the USA in 1776 ?
  3. L

    ‘Render onto Caesar..’ did it already exist in pre Christian Roman religions

    Render onto Caesar and render on to man... That famous quote was it new or a re - working of existing roman religious teachings which the ‘Christianised Romans simply continued and copied? Another point was it to teach obedience to the law, government and church and not rebel no matter...
  4. H

    Western (middle east) and eastern (indian) religions

    thing which fascinates me is that how two lands of india and middle east gave birth to all the major religious philosophies in the world and how they being so different yet they spread to vast areas of different cultures, societies and geography. islam and christianity spread to europe, africa...
  5. J

    Why were the ancient Romans so brutal intolerant towards many religions?
  6. A

    What would the world be like if the ancient religions were still the major religions

    Let's imagine a world where Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and the other big religions of our modern world never existed and instead we still practiced the ancient religions such as Greek mythology, Egyptian mythology, Norse mythology, ect. What would our modern day 21st century be like?
  7. L

    Teaching Christianity to the enslaved in the US

    Did the plantation owners originally ban the enslaved from being taught Christianity or practicing their traditional religions? The r asin being Christianity and no other religion allows it? Did they teach that the enslaved were cursed by god, inferiors with no souls to be saved, so not...
  8. Romaneagle

    Pacific Islander Religions?

    What sort of religion/mythology would be found in the Pacific Islands- preferably, pre-Columbian age?
  9. C

    Are/Were tribal religions primitive?

    i once read somewhere an article, where the author talked about "tribal" languages, and he stated that according to sciencists they are no less developed (in terms of grammar, vocabulary etc.) than the languages of more civilized societies. Moreover, they use many words to describe things that...
  10. C

    Thank you all

    I am Dr.Chith K.Aravind, an orthodontist and a writer. I published a book in India called as 'The Book of Life' and in Europe ' Sex Cigarettes and Mysticism'. I am interested in history and philosophy.
  11. VHS

    The recognized religions in China

    China currently lists the following religions as legitimate: Christianity Buddhism Islam Hinduism Judaism Daoism (Since pinyin has been popularized, this is quite acceptable today). Let's skip Christianity and Islam here; many posters have extreme sentiments towards both; they are accepted...
  12. VHS

    Is the revival of ancient religions possible?

    These are NOT truly lost religions; their numbers of followers are ghosts of their former glory: Just use two examples: Greek polytheism Zoroastrianism Greek polytheism suffers from extreme diversity of belief and value system; Zoroastrianism does not have a complete scripture. Baha'ism, in...
  13. LatinoEuropa

    Religions and business

    Religions and business.What can you learn from this? Second, I hear that throughout the world there are more than 1600 religions. I would like to know what is the most profitable religion in monetarily. proverb. .......... ( Do not say evil of your neighbor, that yours is coming ) (Não...
  14. JoanOfArc007

    1893 World’s Parliament of Religions

    The year 1893 saw a remarkable meeting of various religious leaders from around the world...the religious leaders convened in Chicago for the 1893 World’s Parliament of Religions. At the parliament included Alexander Russell Webb...said to be one of the first anglo American converts to...
  15. VHS

    Why the recent revivals of ancient or medieval religions?

    Existing relatively mainstream Christianity, Islam, Mahayana Buddhism, Theravada Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism, Hinduism, and Judaism, while have ancient and medieval roots, are mostly continuous and thriving religions. Some religions have become largely forgotten and witness some degrees of...
  16. A

    Anyone know a lot about traditional african religions?

    I've been doing some research on traditional african religions and I was wondering, does anyone know a lot about them or has studied them?
  17. P

    attractiveness of 2 American religions

    What was the attraction of the 2 religions founded in America. Millerism and Mormonism?
  18. gustavolapizza

    religions and morality

    what's your view on the subject? Many tend to think at religions as a source for morality, but my question is, are they? Do you consider them as still needed and relevant as a moral guidance or are they an obstacle to our ability to produce a true moral system that would be working for our times?
  19. VHS

    Option of voluntary exit tells between cults and normal religions?

    I posted a previous thread on leaving religions. Christianity has the largest number of former members, but former members often talk of harassments and pressures from their previous fellow believers. Islam has the toughest exit policy, which often means "once you are in, you cannot regret"...
  20. JoanOfArc007

    Other then the Abrahamic religions, which Religions revere the same people ?

    Judaism, Islam, as well as Christianity speak positively of Abraham, David, and Solomon just to name a few. Do any other religions do this? Perhaps Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism look up to the same people?