1. B

    Was Elizabeth I's religious policy the most politically workable one?

    She could have kept England Roman Catholic, but presumably taken a less repressive approach then her sister. However, she was brought up protestant and Roman Catholics considered here illegitimate. If she took a high Church approach like Charles I, she would have offended both strong...
  2. R

    RigVedic Religious Festivals ?

    Hindus have diwali, Sikhs have lohni, Christians have Christmas and Muslims have Eid. Can Somebody tell me what kind of festivals RigVedic people used to have based on their religious mythology ? I guess Parsis have Nuwruz so i guess their cousins rigvedic had some kind of religious-cultural...
  3. R

    Religious cults for "women only"

    Were there any ancient religious sects or cults in which males were forbidden to participate?
  4. R

    The origin of theistic religious belief

    As a theist, personally I believe that as soon as human beings appeared upon the Earth (God's latest act of creation, perhaps through the evolutionary process), the Deity revealed to them His will and His plan for happiness. For a period of time (we do not know how long, sacred texts do not tell...
  5. JoanOfArc007

    Cannabis/Hashish usage in Islamic societies of the middle ages

    The usage of Cannabis dates back to 6000 bc, when Cannabis seeds were used for food in China. But also in religious societies such as a # of Muslim majority societies of the middle ages we can see that there was usage of Cannabis as well as Hashish. AD900 - 1000 Islamic Scholars debate...
  6. P

    Religious practices of kings in Mesompotamia

    I was wondering if anyone knows, what religious rituals the kings participated in. Or were they just the overseers of what the deities were doing. Thanks Kindly P:deadhorse:
  7. tomar

    Are women generally more "religious" than men

    It is often said that women are actually a key factor in converting men to their religion (rather than the other way around) and thus in the spread of their religion... This partly because in the traditional role model, the man has to win the woman over and at that time he is willing to do most...
  8. Y

    Religious Awakenings shelf life

    Do Religious Awakenings have a shelf life? This question came to me as I was answering a question in another section about the Iranian revolution. From what I see it's seems that among every day Iranians attitudes are modifying. I've seen the a lot of moderation with the US Pentecostal...
  9. Menshevik

    Favorite Catholic Religious Order

    I'm only listing the Dominican, Jesuit and Franciscan orders because these are the only ones I'm familiar with. Feel free to talk about any other Catholic religious orders that you think are germane to the discussion. When I ask for your "favorite" order, I'm wanting to know which group you...
  10. civfanatic

    Mapping Religion and Religious Change in Early Historic Andhra, c.200 BCE - 600 CE

    The topic of this thread is the religious history of ancient Andhra and Telangana, from roughly the 2nd century BCE through the 6th century CE. From examining archaeological surveys and various secondary sources (see bibliography below), I have compiled a list of some 150 religious sites and...
  11. Space Shark

    Earliest depictions of modern religious figures

    One of my friends was part of an archaeological expedition that uncovered a pre-Christian synagogue with some interesting mosaics. It got me thinking: what are the earliest depictions we have of God, Jesus, Buddha, the Hindu gods, and such? They probably look a lot different that what we're used...
  12. R

    Was Charlemagne religious? Was he ever motivated by his religiosity.

    He attacked Christian Basques (contrary to the song of Rolland and other primary sources about his Iberian campaign).
  13. G

    Religious demographic history and evolution from Arab conquest to Antioch capture

    I want to know the history of the evolution of religious demography in Syria from Arab conquest to the final conquest of Antioch by Turks and further till the time Muslims became a majority (if they became a majority after final Antioch capture). It is also said that only after Timur invasions...
  14. G

    Religious Rivalries in Old Kingdom Egypt

    I'm tinkering with some historic fiction, and I want some thoughts on the intersection on politics and religion in Old Kingdom Egypt. Any time between the Third Dynasty ascent of the Cult of Re and the end of the Sixth Dynasty (and the Old Kingdom). I understand that the Cult of Re (centered...
  15. S

    Do European politicians pander to the religious community?

    It seems that in the US no Republican candidate stands a chance without gaining the support of the Christian evangelicals in the "bible belt" region of the country. The Separation of Church and State in the US is really just a facade because either directly or indirectly the evangelical...
  16. VHS

    Discuss why people give up their religious faiths

    Previously, I opened a thread about the treatments by different religions on their previous followers. This time, it sounds interesting to discuss why people give up their religious faiths; this is quite unthinkable for many followers of religions. While currently a follower of original...
  17. ashfaqkinqz

    First Religious Places in India

    Which is the first Temple , Mosque ,Church in India ? First Mosque - Cheraman Juma Masjid. The Cheraman Juma Masjid is a mosque in Methala, Kodungallur Taluk, Thrissur district in the Indian state of Kerala. Built in 629 AD, it is the first mosque in India.
  18. D

    Religious Studies Dictionary (Esp Abrahamic) Discussion

    Unexpected love for Religious Studies Dictionaries. Back up! beep beep My dive into Religious Studies has narrowed down to History of Christianity (1st) and History of Other Abrahamic Religions (2nd). I have found a lot of fun comes of looking up words and names in a specialized Religious...
  19. holoow

    Akhenaten's religious reforms

    What are the causes of Akhenaten's religious reforms?
  20. D

    Religious Studies: Survey? Introductory Overview?

    Religious Studies Please rec'd Survey or other introductory Overview work. Less scholarly is OK, but anything is welcome. Oxford University and the like among my favorite publishers.