1. H

    US report on UN voting records could lead to funding cuts

    want fund? buy it with "Yep" ;)
  2. Hanslune

    German navy tradition: The beer report

    I read in the book U-Boat 977 by Heinz Schaeffer about a tradition in the German navy that concerns a social/comedic action called the, 'Beer report'. Does anyone know what that is about and in particular when it started? Thanks
  3. shootseven

    Coroner's Report on the death of Pat Garrett discovered

    Pat Garrett is best known for killing Billy the Kid. Like Billy the Kid, Garrett had his life ended by a bullet. He was shot in the back of the head while urinating. Wayne Brazel confessed to the killing and claimed self-defense. The self-defense claim worked. Brazel was tried and found not...
  4. grey fox

    My report card on Joseph Johnston

    I noticed in the 3 years old "Top Ten Union and CSA Generals" thread, Viperlord said that Joseph Johnston was a capable Confederate general. Johnston might have been a capable Confederate general, but I think it's debatable. The way I see it, Joseph Johnston was involved in three significant...
  5. T

    Dr. Charles A. Leale’s Report on the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

    Dr. Charles A. Leale?s Report on the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln In May 2012, Helena Iles Papaioannou, a research assistant with the Papers of Abraham Lincoln, was systematically searching the Letters Received series of the Records of the Office of the Surgeon General at the National...
  6. Futurist

    Report: In A Decade (Or Sooner), Pakistan Could Be No. 3 Nuclear Power

    Here you go: Report: In A Decade (Or Sooner), Pakistan Could Be No. 3 Nuclear Power : The Two-Way : NPR Any thoughts on this?
  7. N

    report of a JOHN DOE Found 1945 In Hawaii

    Found Deceased report of a JOHN DOE Found 1945 In Hawaii
  8. London Legal

    Nemtsov's report "Putin. War", Crimea, Ukraine

    I would like to discuss a report presented by various sources including Wikipedia. I believe this is an important well-written document presenting solid evidences (perhaps for an international court) and finalizing author's view on the events in Ukraine (2013-2014). The main chapters of the...
  9. Sun in Splendour

    Forensic report on Richard III's remains I came across this report the other day. Has anybody else read it? I don't think it tells us much that we didn't know already but it's always good to have it confirmed.
  10. S

    Could anyone tell me what the Report of the Country Life Commission is?

    Things like the significance of it, who reported it and when who or what did it target.
  11. jeffcdo

    Porfiriato Era Military Report

    My knowledge of the history of Mexico during the Porfiriato is very limited, as well as my spanish language skills. Might anyone be able to help me characterize this document? Are the lists of individuals actual soldiers or is this a sort of census of men available for military service, akin...
  12. Prinz Von Preussen

    Understanding Islam (A classroom report)

    I have chosen to report on Islam so that I may teach others what muslims and their culture is really like. I am just here because I am stuck on where to begin. Islamic culture is so rich and deep that I am overwhelmed with the amount of information. I was thinking on starting simply with its...
  13. diddyriddick

    New report from WHO calls drug resistant organisms a "global health security threat."

    New report from WHO calls drug resistant organisms a "global health security threat." We've discussed this a few times in the past. Thought some might be interested. Antibiotic Resistance Now A Global Threat According To Latest WHO Report | I Fucking Love Science
  14. R

    World Happiness Report 2013

    The Earth Institute has published its World Happiness Report: ISSUU - World Happiness Report 2013 by Earth Institute, Columbia University Rankings start on Page 23. Many of the usual suspects -- Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Sweden -- top the list. The US sits at No. 17...
  15. M

    A post related to the 'Report on Public Credit' I made a while back

    This is a post I made for another forum that I felt like cross-posting here. I was in a discussion with a guy who tags himself as an 'Unreconstructed Hamiltonian'. He complained a lot about how the Democrats had spent the last hundred years continually violating the Constitution, foisting on us...
  16. diddyriddick

    Report: Hitler ordered his Jewish World War I commander protected

    "Adolf Hitler personally intervened to protect a Jewish man who had been his commanding officer during World War I, according to a letter unearthed by the Jewish Voice from Germany newspaper." Report: Hitler ordered his Jewish World War I commander protected - World News
  17. diddyriddick

    Doctor's report on Lincoln assassination discovered by researcher

    If this has been posted already, my apologies...... "Researchers at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library are marveling over the historical equivalent of buried treasure: an up-to-now undiscovered account of the night Lincoln was assassinated, written by the first doctor to treat him."...
  18. T

    Report on Nazi Germany

    I have to write a report comparing and contrasting the lives of two different kinds of people within a group of Nazi Germany. I have to choose between Women (ie, I could compare/contrast between married and single women), Youth (ie, I could compare/contrast between male students and female...
  19. J

    A North Korean response to Amnesty's Gulag report

    From, among the usual jargon about yankee imperialists and propaganda, comes a few unintentionally revealing statements: Which is completely true! North Korea has a terrible time hiding its gulag system, which is why we know so much about it! ...and indeed...
  20. MagnaCarta

    U.S. now seeks removal of Yemeni president: report

    Is anyone surprised? (Reuters) - The United States has concluded Yemen's President Ali Abdullah Saleh will not likely enact reforms demanded by opposition protesters and must be eased out of office, The New York Times reported Sunday, citing U.S. and Yemeni officials. The United States has...