1. VHS

    China became an unified republic in 1850s.

    France, the United States and Italian republican states were precursors of the current republics. Let's assume China adopted one of these systems and became an unified republic in 1850s that succeeded all of Qing's territories. What might happen afterwards? Would this have major impacts in...
  2. I

    the Roman Republic and Greek democracy

    Why is not the Roman Republic a democracy? Why the Greek democracy was not the republic?
  3. frogsofwar

    Fall of the American Republic

    A short essay I penned the other day, intended more as an experiment in the prose of historical writing as opposed to being prophetic. It is written from the perspective of a historian about 300 years in the future living in a Robert Heinlein-like society: space travel is assumed, as well as an...
  4. I

    Murder rate in the last years of Weimar Republic

    Hi! I am writing a paper about mortality during the last years of Weimar Republic, namely 1928-1933. Presenting the data in Berlin, scholars were struck by the figures about people dead by murder and manslaughter (Mord und Totschlag in German) because they seem really high. During the period...
  5. irishcrusader95

    Was the Roman Republic "doomed" to fall?

    Having just finished, for the third time, 'Rubicon' by Tom Holland I am left with a bitter sense that maybe the fall of the republic was inevitable. So much of what happened in the last century of the republic, from the march of Sulla to the proclamation of Augustus as "First Citizen" could...
  6. Menshevik

    Was there ever a chance that Rome might revert back to a republic?

    IIRC, in one of his books, Adrian Goldsworthy claims that after the death of one of the early emperors (Nero? Claudius? Caligula?) there were plans to pass power back to the senate, does any of that ring a bell? Was there ever any other time that doing away with the system of emperors and...
  7. R

    Emergence of the Republic

    Hello, Can someone tell me what the different factions of the Federalist Party believed in? Or what the different movements calling themselves Federalists were?
  8. Labienus

    Cicero's Optimal Republic - Did it actually exist?

    Cicero's Socratic dialogue De Re Publica describes the earlier Roman republic (pre-133 BC) as a great republic which had a well balanced constitutional order. Cicero longs for the times when there was harmony between the social classes and a good balance between the three elements of the Roman...
  9. P

    Democracy V Republic

    I had a recent discussion with someone on-line. He is an American and states that the USA is not a Democracy, it is a Constitutional Republic. On YouTube there are a number of videos saying that Democracy is different (and usually inferior) to a Republic. Are there any US members who actually...
  10. I

    Is Pakistan The REAL India?

    Written by me here...I look forward to your comments. When we refer to India today, are we also referring to the historic concept of India that ancient...
  11. T

    Roman Empire or Republic?

    Just want an answer.
  12. xMathFanx

    Is a Meritocratic Oligarchy Superior to a Democratic Republic?

    IIs a Meritocratic Oligarchy Superior to a Democratic Republic? Consider the case of a Fictional Meritocratic Oligarchy found in Star Wars--The Jedi Council. The Jedi Order holds the Jedi Council at the top of a pyramid who dictate the rules, course of action, ect. ect. as the primary...
  13. J

    Good studies of last 100 years of Roman Republic?

    I just listened to Mike Duncan's The Storm Before the Storm; pretty good. Can anyone suggest additional scholarly studies of this period, the last 100 years of the Roman Republic?
  14. AlpinLuke

    The Republic under the Emperors

    There is a question regarding imperial Rome which could deserve some considerations. Why did the Republic survive under the emperors? It’s not so known or reminded around [usually general public doesn’t pay attention to this detail], but the Roman Republic [Res Pvblica] didn’t end...
  15. M

    Grantville (1632 series) in the Roman Republic (298 BC)

    Grantville is the Fictional town of the 1632 series (A town from West Virginia which goes back in time to 17th-Century Germany) Notes about this Scenario: (PLEASE read this) -They go back to 298 BC -The town is 15 Miles North of Rome Info about Grantville: -From the year 2000 AD -3.5k...
  16. M

    The Weimar Republic: 1919-1933

    Hi everyone. I have started making History videos and I have uploaded my first one. I hope it will prove useful to teachers, students and anyone interested in History. Here is the link to the video. Please feel free to share and to give feedback. Sorry if this has been posted in the wrong...
  17. Gasparov

    Late Republic roman army and Philip II macedonian phalanx

    First of all, this is my first thread on this forum and with this occasion i wish to salute all members :) . I first discovered this forum a year ago but this is the first time joining in... so HELLO :):) Good, let's start by saying that with this thread i'm not seeking to create another topic...
  18. 1991sudarshan

    Rise of Christianity in Republic of China

    If the nationalists had won over the communists and the ROC prevailed over the entire Mainland, were there any chances of Christianization of entire Mainland China? Popular Nationalists leaders were Christians - Dr. Sun Yat Sen, Chiang-Kai Sheik Would China have faced the same situation ...
  19. R

    A Republic of England in 1660?

    Let's imagine what would have happened if the Restoration of the Stuart dynasty had not taken place, either in 1660 or in subsequent years...Would the government of Richard Cromwell have continued? Would Richard, essentially a moderate man, have decided to transform the Commonwealth into a...
  20. S

    Question about Consuls/Army authority in Roman republic

    Hello. Lets say both Consuls of Roman republic are in expedition and there is a urgent need for a new army to deal a new threat. This new army is commanded by a proconsul? sorry for my english :P