1. M

    Request/Yom Kippur/Video of Egyptian television interview with Assaf Yaguri

    HI ALL! I'm new here, I am researching about Yom Kippur War and I heard from someone about an interview did it Egyptian Television with Israeli prisoner Assaf Yaguri، the Colonel and Commander of the 190th Armored Brigade. Is there someone have it? Or someone help me to find it. Thanks in...
  2. C

    Greetings and request for a help

    Hello, I am new here and also at the moment I am in need of a help with a question. What are the types of ziggurats that were built in Mesopotamia and what are their characteristics?:unsure:
  3. C

    Book recommendation request: the phenomena of war and conflict

    Does anyone know of any nice, broad works on the history of war and conflict? Covering the why, how, what.. etc?
  4. C

    Reference Request: Macroeconomics and Organizational Interaction

    Hi all, Strange request but am hoping some here can help me get a grasp on what this type of theory would be called. I got to thinking over the last few days how a major feature of modern, industrialised nations is the private organization that exists for profit and self sustainability...
  5. C

    Recommendation request: a survey of geographical/environmental impacts on human histo

    Does anyone know of a work out there that's done something of a world history , mainly historical, but possibly pre-historical as well, in the light of geography and environment and how it's impacted the development of human societies?
  6. JeanDukeofAlecon

    A request to greek speaking forum members: A rough translation of a Greek text

    This is an image from the Madrid skylitzes said to be a depiction of the varangian guard. I have searched for a translation, but I have yet to find anything. The text itself dates back to the late 11th century, but this illustration is from a 12th century copy. Bonus image for if the first...
  7. S

    Military college in US denies muslim cadet's hijab request:

    A South Carolina military academy has denied the request of an admitted Muslim female cadet to wear a hijab. The cadet's family is "considering legal action." If this woman is serious about serving in the military she has to learn that in the military you won't always get what you want. You...
  8. HackneyedScribe

    Battle of Talas Translation Request

    Do anyone have the Muslim account to the Battle of Talas (751)? I would like to read a translation on the battle. I am thinking about the account written in the Complete History by Ali ibn al-Athir. Thanks in advance.
  9. P

    Pacifist movements

    Hello I am a highschool student and I am currently working on a thesis about the impact of non-violent acts and pacifist leaders, I am requiered to interview at least four people who are knowledgeable on the topic, if you are interested in being interviewed please message me, any help will be...
  10. K

    [Request] Early Medieval Resources - Warfare, Culture, Society

    Dear forumnites, I'm currently creating a historical game set in early medieval West-Europe. Information on this period is rather scarce (e.g. compared to the Crusades), which is why I am turning to you for help. I'm currently gathering resources (pictures, or text descriptions) on warrior...
  11. C

    Information request: Life in London in 1881

    So I have a request for some historical information, and I'm afraid it's quite extensive. TL;DR: London 1881: What was life like? I write, mostly as a hobby. And I've always hated the study of history. Unfortunately for me, if you want to write about the past, history is pretty important. And...
  12. ucanefan

    [request] Dilorenzo's the real lincoln reactions

    Those who have read it, what were your impressions? The Real Lincoln: A New Look at Abraham Lincoln, His Agenda, and an Unnecessary War:Amazon:Books@@AMEPARAM@@
  13. H

    Viking request #1

    Hey guys, I´m pretty interested in Northern Europe (history, culture, religion, ect.) from the late Iron age to the late Viking age, and everything which might be interesting in that context. I wanna do a blog post about it, but I´m not really sure what the specific topic should be, so I´m...
  14. nicholas milne

    Request for help:Athens and Aegina after Marathon

    I am researching how the nature of the relationship between Athens and Aegina developed between Marathon and about 483 for the sequel to Luck Bringer. The nature of the evidence is incomplete and makes conjecture difficult. I know that many of you have well researched opinions on this period...
  15. E

    Request for material about economy weimar republic

    I'm doing assingment on the financial reasons lead to the rise of hitler in germany. I'm looking for films taken in this period (quality doesn't matter) about the economic pans which lead to the rise of hitler. Do you have any links? thanks:)
  16. ucanefan

    [request] General guide to writing a reaction paper?

    To a historical article or book? Thank you!
  17. ucanefan

    [request] books on presidential assassination attempts

    Or actual assasinations. Any suggestions?
  18. A

    Request for opinion on book

    Fyi: asking about a book in the book review section:
  19. M

    Request for help

    Hi everyone, I apologise if you have read this posting in the new member introduction section, but I thought it best to post in both. I recently moved to France and have joined the local Association de Patrimoine. They are very active in preserving and restoring their local heritage, and also in...
  20. M

    New member request

    Hi everyone, I recently moved to France and have joined the local Association de Patrimoine. They are very active in preserving and restoring their local heritage, and also in researching the history of the town. I live in Brulon, in the Sarthe (72350) which is near to Le Mans, and in the former...