1. Septimius Severus

    Good resources for Greco-Roman studies

    Hi all, I'd like to delve deeper into the Antiquity, i.e. the culture, history, society, religion etc. or basically the entire Greco-Roman world, as well as Carthage, the Etruscans and other related civilizations if possible. Do you know about any good bibliography and or internet resources...
  2. X

    Economics Explains Everything

    Horses make it less costly to move resources from point A to point B. The same is true of our ancestors walking upright. As the cost of allocation decreased the frequency increased. More frequent allocation meant more frequent allocation problems. When monkeys, lions, whales and birds...
  3. Kirialax

    Online resources for studying Byzantine history

    This short list is designed to give some pointers on where to find material for studying Byzantium on the internet. Most of what is available here is free, but a few things require some sort of subscription. By no means is this an attempt to be exhaustive: the online publications of Dumbarton...
  4. P

    Post Roman Gaul - Some resources

    The lively discussion on the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle has lapped over in a couple of posts to Merovingion Gaul, so here are a few titles that may be of use (or at least of interest) to the "early medievalists" among us :). 1) John Drinkwater & Hugh Elton, eds., Fifth Century Gaul: Crisis of...
  5. Jake10

    Whose lives should be saved if medical resources are rationed?

    So, let's say only some people can receive medical aid. Who should be saved...
  6. M

    Resources for Byzantine empire and Slavs

    Hello everyone :-) I haven't studied much history until recently. I'd like to first study history of my nation and those around it and then proceed to world history. I was wondering if you can recommend some good books or internet resources about Western Slavic nations, Hungary...
  7. V

    Good learning resources for WWI and WWII

    Hello everybody! I was wondering if you could suggest to me good learning sources for WWI and WWII. The format doesn't matter, books, lectures , documentaries etc. So far the B. H. Liddell Hart books "A History Of The First World War " and " History of the Second World War " were suggested...
  8. VHS

    Let's consider our greatest waste of resources

    Due to the fact that we are overshooting our home planet's resources (and we absolutely lack the mean to overcome confinement to the home planet), we need major waste reductions to make the various human civilizations sustainable. Although negligences on security and military generate crisis...
  9. L

    Resources and references on Japanese encroachments in Korea during WWII?

    Hello and good evening everyone. I'm an aspiring writer who's working on a modern-day story with roots in World War 2, and prior, taking place in Korea, and dealing with the medical experiments and cruelties carried out by the Japanese armed forces during this time. Do any of you know where I...
  10. G

    French Revolution Resources

    Hello I know there's a section in the forum for teachers but it doesn't appear as active as this one. I teach a French History unit at a sixth form (16-17 year olds) and currently looking for primary source material on life in the Third Estate under the Ancien Regime. I notice a piece...
  11. D

    Military Strategy Resources

    Can anyone recommend some good books, internet sites, etc., for military strategy and battle tactics? I'd specifically like information on pre-firearm warfare. So let's say a cutoff point is towards the end of the 17th century. So from Sparta/Rome/Greece/China in the early centuries up to...
  12. G

    Why has Russia not been able to tap natural resources like US did in Alaska

    I mean it ceded Alaska and since then US found lots of resources in that wasteland. Why cant Russia do the same in its own Siberian regions and tap it better? Cold climate and hostile environment cant be an issue since the US also faced the same in Alaska
  13. Pacific_Victory

    Worst Human Resources Disaster in History?

    I'm looking for instances where a country/state/king/government dismissed or refused someone who went on to do great things, or, alternatively, instances where a country/state/king/government put far too much faith in a servant who proved insufficient to his tasks. What are the worst human...
  14. IrritableOwlSyndrome

    Holocaust Resources Thread

    For a history project, I've decided to write a piece dispelling the major generalisations of the Holocaust. However, although I have some ideas as to where I would source my info (Mein Kampf, victim testimonies, etc.) I have no idea as to where else I would source my information. Who here has...
  15. I

    Women in medieval Japan- resources help

    Hi, I'd really appreciate it if someone could give me some book recommendations! I'm currently trying to research the role and portrayal of women in medieval Japan for an EPQ project but I'm finding it really difficult to search for non-fiction resources. So any recommendations to do with women...
  16. F

    Searching for resources analysing the history of slavery leading up to 1900 Americas

    Hi Everyone First off, if this post is better suited for section please let me know. I am looking for solid resources (textbooks, books, diaries, et cetera) that when stitched together can give me a good understanding of the history of slavery. Dating from its inception to 1900s America...
  17. K

    [Request] Early Medieval Resources - Warfare, Culture, Society

    Dear forumnites, I'm currently creating a historical game set in early medieval West-Europe. Information on this period is rather scarce (e.g. compared to the Crusades), which is why I am turning to you for help. I'm currently gathering resources (pictures, or text descriptions) on warrior...
  18. P

    finite or infinite & policy to manage resources

    It is logical to say that there is a finite amount of certain natural resources: oil; certain metals as copper, gold. But at a practical level with time creativity/innovation can produce an equivalent resource to replace or even improve upon the natural resource. I have read about the...
  19. Comet

    Outstanding Resource on How to Teach history

    Found this valuable resource on how to teach history to students. I found that I do a pretty good job of incorporating these methods into my own classroom, but feel I haven't yet scratched the surface of what I can be doing. I hope this helps :)
  20. Andros

    Resources for medieval britain.

    Goodmorning everyone! I would like to ask your advice about a topic that I would like to look into. I really like the history of the British Isles, my knowledge scores were based on texts in italian language. Anyone can recommend me some good reading (even ebook) in english? The periods that I...