1. sailorsam

    Respect for France Thread

    some grumbling about the 'How to Annoy the French' thread in re; disrespect towards things Gallic. So I humbly start a thread to praise Il Francaise. 1) early global empire. Much Is made of the 'sun never sets on what what' but remember much of the British Empire was in competition with...
  2. F

    Why do authoritarians deserve more respect than Western leaders?

    No matter how corrupt Western politicians and political parties are allegedly, there is one luxury they don't have: the Westerners can protest them outside their offices and headquarters or insult them on national TV and don't even get fired let alone the firing squad. People from authoritarian...
  3. notgivenaway

    Which countries do you respect and despise?

    I respect Germany a lot, mainly due to its economic prowess, and in a way it always would have risen in both world wars due to its desire to be strong and forward (unPC to say but true imho). Canada is a prosperous country, but it has no real distinct culture. South Africa has many issues, but...
  4. WhatAnArtist

    Do you feel that titles like 'president' and 'prime minister' command less respect...

    ...than titles like king and emperor? Personally I do. I know this probably isn't a majority opinion, but I feel that a monarch immediately has an air of respect and command about them, like even disregarding what the character of the monarch is, just by having the title of king or queen or...
  5. H

    London: How did children give proper respect? (17th century)

    We're used to the handshake, but I read a few books where children bowed. When was it proper to do so? Some yes/no's would suffice on each: Say, would a poor boy child, assuming he has 80% manners, bow to a/an... 1) Father 2) Apprentice master 3) Prior apprentice master 4) Guest 5) King /...
  6. Christopher The Great

    King Leonodas. Does he get the respect he deserves?

    No statues. No paintings. No artworks what so ever.... We really have no idea what he looks like. This man along with the 300 in a way helped save the ancient world from the barbarians and should have got the respect he deserves. Is there any images or Leonidas that I am not aware of?
  7. RobertAllenJohnson

    Respect for the Roman Alexander

    Hi folks, One of the new guys to the forums here (but not new to Roman History). Although I'm fully aware that the world we live in is dominated by a respect and admiration for Julius Caesar, I always found it to be a bit odd how Pompey the Great was given too little consideration from...
  8. M

    Value and Respect of today's soldier and military experience

    This is mainly regarding NATO nations particulary the USA. Soldiers, both regulars and officers have been respected throughout history as warriors defending their nation. Many politicians throughout history were once soldiers. But with the turn of 20th century in the 21st, this has changed...
  9. P

    Who do you respect more?The Ashleys(Patriots) or Rhetts(Traitors) of History?

    One of the most powerful story elements of Margaret Mitchell's Gone With the Wind is the striking differences (yet similarities) between 2 of the main characters, Rhett Butler and Ashley Wilkes. For those who never read the book, these characters are polar opposites that however share some...
  10. Lucius Vorenus

    Paying respect to the faith of this man

    Senad Hadžić is a Bosnian who went in Mecca on foot. His journey started on 10th December of last year, and it finished today at 3.a.m. This amazingly persistent 47 years old man from Banovići(B&H) travelled through Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey, managed to get through civil war in...
  11. The merchant of Venice

    Why religion deserves more respect?

    Everyone has some set of ideas and beliefs. We have our philosophical concepts, our political views, our vision of life etc ,and our religion (or lack thereof). However, there is a strong difference in religion and other important views of life: the first one cannot be ridiculized, or , even...
  12. Jake10

    Do you lose respect for men and/or women who have many partners?

    Please go on to explain why or why not. It seems that most college students tend to, but the reasons for that are not clear. Study: College students lose respect for peers who hook up too much
  13. viking

    Lost respect for England

    Born and educated in England I left it in 1962 for Australia. However it's always hard to shake off the country you was born in. But I'm close to it now. Just heard the police have surrounded the Ecudorian Embassy and are threatening to enter it and take Assange. I have no feelings for or...
  14. Afrasiyab

    Respect | Flag

    Why are we supposed to pay respect to flags? In Turkey, you can't use the flag on clothes on your lower body [in underwear, socks etc]. Once, a show woman in Turkey was sued by a patriot lawyer because she kicked the balloons which had Turkish flag emblem on them. How do you observe the respect...
  15. Jake10

    Does respect bring more happiness than money?

    This may explain why so many wealthy people are unhappy: '+windowtitle+' This would also mean that those of us who dream of winning the lottery would only be happy for a short while.
  16. olly

    Respect party

    I see George has taken Bradford west with more than 10,000 votes taken from labour in the byelection. with his anti-war stance he has a huge Muslim based force of voters, i agree with quite a few of his views however radical he may seem. George Galloway wins Bradford West byelection | Politics...
  17. K

    My respect

    simply to Ireland - the great land and the great people. Nothing special, just to mention how a nation could be great without having an empire; and, to collect for those, who don`t know, some of the pasterpieces of the culture of the Irish People:) Respects from the Balkans! The Dubliners -...
  18. Mohammed the Persian

    Why should we respect the dead?

    Why ? And if we do, then why often do we tend to insult certain ones by the likes of Hitler , Napoleon, Khan etc.. ?
  19. avon

    Lacking historicism - lacking respect.

    It can be safely asserted that the Second World War quite assuredly divided the twentieth-century in two very distinct parts. Certainly, looking back beyond this most bloody and catastrophic of events can be somewhat perplexing given the seemingly endless mutations that it wrought on consequent...