1. Naima

    Responsibility for Slave trade is African?

    The whole world is always blaming the west for the slave trade by major european powers like England , holland, France , Spain and Portugal, for creeating the slave trade. But nothing is told of the responsibility of the very same Africans and the role that they had in the slave trade Slave...
  2. P

    where is the responsibility for racist actions?

    Almost from birth a racist father teaches his son to hate blacks. Just as his son turns 16 years the father loses his job and is replaced by a black male. son shoots and kills this Black man "for his father." Do you think the father ought to be tried as an accessory to this crime
  3. Menshevik

    Personal Responsibility

    At what point are we not responsible for our own actions? If I go out and get drunk, and then sleep with someone that I wouldn't sleep with if I was sober, am I fault? Can I blame someone else? Perhaps I could blame the woman who took advantage of my drunkenness? Or, I could blame the...
  4. Ichon

    Where does individual freedom conflict with personal responsibility and require law?

    This seems pertinent question since it frames so many of the debates lately. Banning sugary soft drinks because of the evidence of correlation with diseases which increase health care burden and thus costs on other, healthier tax payers. Raising taxes on people without children to pay for...
  5. A

    Authority and responsibility of Katepanos/Doux?

    Did he have only military authority, or civilian too (such as taxes, judicial)?
  6. Brisieis

    Responsibility of the Religious?

    Do you think that the religious hold more responsibility to show the ways of peace and love, than others? Is it religion itself which can manifest negative elements, or is it the responsibility of the person that feels convicted to such a religion? Let me explain. :) Some religious texts have...
  7. R

    Responsibility of Historians: Political Semantics?

    Hi there, I joined a long time ago because I started my bachelor's degree in history last year but I have not posted yet so this is like my personal introduction. I don't know how things work around here and I know this is a very complicated issue, but I was always wondering about this topic...
  8. pinguin

    Responsibility to Nature

    I've noticed a lot of philosophical discussion in the news lately about Corporations being responsible for this or that environmental action. And I was wondering, what do you think is Mankind's responsibility to nature?