1. HistoryColored

    [VIDEO] Restoration and Colorization of a Photo of a Civil War General

    Hello everyone! Here is a video I thought I would share of a restoration and colorization of Major General Oglesby of the Union Army. The photograph was taken in 1862 and is restored by Mario Unger. I'd love to know your thoughts on colorization.
  2. Futurist

    A restoration of the French monarchy after a French defeat in WWI?

    If France lost World War I, would there have been a realistic chance of the French monarchy being restored? For the record, I am thinking of France losing World War I due to British neutrality in this war. Of course, this might require a somewhat later World War I--perhaps one which breaks out...
  3. R

    Adrian Helmet Restoration - More info please

    Hello I'm new to the forum. I love history and I've got a particular taste for WW1 at the moment. I was wondering if anyone could help me in my investigations into restoring this particular helmet. It's missing the badge - is there any way to tell which regiment it belonged to. I'm also...
  4. A

    Defoe and issues facing Restoration society

    Hey guys, I am reading Daniel Defoe's A Journal of The Plague Year for one of my classes and we have to discuss how his work addresses issues facing British Restoration society. I know that Defoe himself was a Dissenter and that he was concerned with class issues, but I am a little confused...
  5. K

    What was a gentleman-usher?

    Hi I found this definition in the play The Country Wife by William Wycherley: Horner: China-House, that’s my Cue, I must take it [Aside.] A Pox, can’t you keep your impertinent Wives at home? some men are troubled with the Husbands, but I with the Wives; but I’d have you to know, since I...
  6. Lord Harry

    History Channel Restoration Group

    Greetings, fellow history buffs. I am writing to inform you, that I plan to form a private discussion group here on Historum dedicated to restoring the History Channel to its original purpose. The airing of traditional historical documentaries. Or, if they refuse to return to their original...
  7. LatinoEuropa

    Portuguese Restoration War

    The Restoration War was a set of armed clashes between the kingdom of Portugal and Spain, with the exception of Catalonia, in the period between 1640 and 1668. They began in the coup d'etat of the Restoration of Independence of December 1, 1640 - which Put an end to the dualistic monarchy of the...
  8. Joe Freeman

    Meiji restoration or MacArthur? Which was most important to Japan's development

    Some historians argue that the Meiji restoration was a turning point for Japan, where it started industrializing, and from then on it can be considered a "developed country". Others argue that Japan only achieved developed status after WW2, when it enjoyed a rapid economic growth thanks to the...
  9. dagul

    Restoration of Democracy in the Philippines and Catholicism

    From February 22 to February 25, 1986, the Filipino people exerted efforts to eject the former dictator of the Philippines in the person Ferdinand E. Marcos. He declared Martial Law in the Philippines in September 21, 1972 and lifted it in January of 1981. His opponent in the person of Benigno...
  10. T

    Hana Moyu - A Japanese Taiga Drama about the Men who ushered in the Meiji Restoration

    A story about the Men gathered to learn under Yoshida Shoin who had earlier attempted to board the Black Ships. Those Men would go on to become Revolutionaries, Patriots, Administrators and Prime Ministers. Hana Moyu at Dramanice
  11. Balian

    Was The Restoration of the English monarchy a mistake ?

    Do you think that The Restoration of the English monarchy in 1660 was a mistake ?
  12. G

    Why did Peshwas not have a Meiji Restoration like period

    They were the pre-eminent power in India. They had numerous enemies. Why did they not have a Meiji Restoration like period. I mean Japan was a far more isolationist country in the middle ages than India. India had contact trade with almost all Western powers since times immemorial. There must...
  13. L

    Meiji Restoration?

    Does anyone know any good books on the modernization of Japan and in particular, their Armed Forces?
  14. J

    The extended period of restoration

    The extended period of restoration (overcompensation). People who practice bodybuilding and do not elongate, end up being rigid, contracted. It is what Americans know as "muscle-bound" or Biomuscle XR something like "prisoner muscle". That happens because weight training do with the muscles...
  15. H

    What if the Meiji Restoration never happened?

    What if Japan didnt stay isolationist, but they didnt go through the modernization revolution that they did under Emperor Meiji (where they abolished the samurai)? How would Japan be different? I think Japan would modernize at some point, but maybe they'd only be modernized fully, later on in...
  16. P

    Bourbon restoration but no emperor restoration?

    Okay so I know that Francis II was the last Holy Roman Emperor, and the titles dissolving had something to do with Napoleon I, but since the French Bourbon line was halted in 1795 (end of Louis XVII reign) or 1793 (death of Louis XVI), and restored following the downfall of Napoleon in 1815, why...
  17. instmiltech

    M578 Restoration

    At the Institute of Military Technology, we recently finished refurbishing an M578 and restoring an M24. We are going to be releasing the M24 soon. So we uploaded a teaser trailer for those interested. We are trying to help educate people, while giving them a bit of history. For those...
  18. Naomasa298

    Palaeologan restoration

    Michael VIII of Nicaea restored the Byzantine Empire after its dismemberment at the hands of the Crusaders of the Fourth Crusade. He did so by concentrating on the problems in Europe, and thus weakened the frontier in Asia Minor, from which direction Byzantine's fall would eventually come from...
  19. F

    My Photoshop statue restoration possibily revealing recently unseen details

    Hi, I am looking to get more information on the following statue, I am a graphic designer and was recently browsing the image archives of mourgefile and came across a statue that grabbed my attention, I felt that there was more to this weathered statue and was inspired to attempt to bring it...
  20. harry_puyi

    Phan Boi Chau and the Vietnamese Restoration society

    Does anyone know Phan Boi Chau? He was the leader of a movement in what was then French Indochina that aimed at restoring complete power to the Nguyen Dynasty. He was an intelligent and determined leader who knew martial arts. :cool: When he got kicked out of Indochina, he went to Japan and...