1. K

    WW2 tanks found in mud, pulled out and restored

    Hi, Im new here, my interests are mostly world wars and war machines that are used then. I have read some threads, and do not want to spam them, so I decided to open new one :) Here is some rare videos that I have fonud. These war machines are not forgoten, some people still care about them :)...
  2. gustavolapizza

    WW I restored and colored pictures collection

    these come from a facebook page i've subscribed called "WW1 Colourised Photos" if you're interested. There's a collection of world war 1 pictures that have been restored and colored and i find this kind of work outstanding and worth to share. i'll post just a selection, there you can find...
  3. Futurist

    Cases where a country's "ancient" borders were more-or-less restored

    Other than Poland, whose post-1945 borders closely resemble its borders in the year 1000, exactly which other cases, if any, have there been of a country's "ancient" borders being more-or-less restored centuries later (or more)? Any thoughts on this? Also, for reference:
  4. A

    Rightful Heir restored to the throne

    Hi, folks. My name is Aciel. I'm a Brazilian undergraduation earth science student. Though it has nothing to do with my field of inquiry, I'm trying to find out if there are any stories (preferably in ancient eastern or western history) of royal descendants of a dinasty restaured to power long...
  5. Valens

    Why The Roman Republic was never restored?

    There were times in Roman history when there was serious possibility of restoration of the Republic, first such was after the assassination of Caligula in AD 41. Do you think it was close to reality and was there ever a genuine chance for Republic to be restored? What were the reasons that...
  6. Futurist

    What if the French Monarchy is Restored in the Early 1870s?

    What if this guy: Henri, Count of Chambord - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia --chokes to death on a croissant or something like that sometime in the 1860s, thus allowing the French monarchy to be restored in the early 1870s (shortly after Napoleon III's overthrow and when monarchists had a...
  7. K

    Restored Ming

    What if during the Revolt of the Three Feudatories, the Triads or other Pro-Ming organizations seize the opportunity to restore the Ming...
  8. A

    Should the Mongolian monarchy be Restored?

    Hopefully this is the right place to post, but I was curious to see what people thought of the idea of a monarchy restoration taking place in Mongolia. Please note that this is not referring to a restoration of the "Empire" system that Chinggis Khaan started (and most people are familiar...
  9. Salah

    The Life of Galba

    Galba, who ruled the Roman Empire from June of 68 to January of 69 CE, was the first emperor without connections to the Julio-Claudian Dynasty. Though the Senate initially saw him as a welcome alternative to Nero, Galba would prove to be a short-lived emperor. His death would herald the...
  10. Zeno

    Why wasn't the republic restored after Caesar's death?

    You think?
  11. M

    What if the Praetorian Guard had restored the Republic after assassinating Caligula?

    Was the Republican system definitively obsolete or could it have made a comeback?
  12. WeisSaul

    Venice Restored 1815

    So let's suppose that in 1815 Venice is restored with all its pre 1797 territories: Venice, Dalmatia, Istria, and the Ionian Islands. Could Venice united Italy along with/in spite of Piedmont-Sardinia? With Venice reestablished, could Italy unite earlier? Could Italy's colonial holdings be...
  13. Brunel

    Back from the dead: The Queen reopens the restored Cutty Sark

    The Queen has reopened the historic Cutty Sark clipper, five years after the historic ship was ravaged by fire. The Cutty Sark was built in 1869 for the Jock Willis shipping line. She was one of the last and one of the fastest tea clippers. After a few years importing tea to Britain from...
  14. diddyriddick

    Restored Da Vinci painting reveals hidden details

    LONDON – A restoration project for Leonardo da Vinci's "Virgin of the Rocks" has revealed new details and suggest the Renaissance artist may have painted all the picture himself, instead of with his assistants as previously thought, a British gallery said Wednesday...
  15. pinguin

    Blind man has sight restored by having tooth implanted in his eye :eek::eek::eek::confused::confused: That expresses my surprise and confusion that humans are able to do this.
  16. fire_of_sekhmet

    Ancient brothel restored in Pompeii POMPEII, Italy - It was the jewel of Pompeii's libertines: a brothel decorated with frescoes of erotic figures believed to be the most popular in the ancient Roman city.The Lupanare — which derives its name from the Latin...