1. H

    Principles, methods, structures, tools, for collection, synthesizing and retention

    How to get the most out of your learning time? What are yours of the above mentioned things? inviting you to critique mine. Some of my: Principles: Wisdom trumps knowledge shallow knowledge can be dangerous if it is not known how shallow it is - ie not calibrated confidence levels...
  2. Menshevik

    Reagan's position on retention of the Panama Canal

    Ronald Reagan said, in reference to the Panama Canal: "We bought it, we paid for it, we built it, and we intend to keep it." Was he right? Should the U.S. have kept the Canal? Why? Why not?
  3. K

    Telugu retention of the consonant "Ai" or "ఐ".

    When did North India drop the AI sound. Also "Lu" "Luu": are also words retained in telugu quite possibly of sanskrit origin. When did they enter into telugu and why North lost it completely in its daughter languages. Also did classical sanskrit or Panini's sanskrit have "AI" sound in it. Edit...