1. J

    Eurocentric revisionism?

    I was talking to a friend about the modern phenomenon of Afrocentrism, and how a lot of people of African descent feel the need to steal the history of other people in order to feel-good about their racial identity. Which is why you see things like the Black Egyptian propaganda, the Hebrew...
  2. TotalAaron

    Is holocaust Revisionism holocaust Denialism?

    So far two members of this forum have attempted to prove a link between holocaust revisionism and ultimately holocaust denial, i find this rather absurd, consider the following= In the years after World War 2 there were many attempts at revising the official Holocaust narrative. The first were...
  3. Oliver Cromwell

    Most Annoying Examples of Historical Revisionism?

    I would name Hiroshima revisionism and "Lost Cause" revisionism as among the most annoying. Holocaust revisionism is perhaps the most frightening and dangerous.
  4. OccamsRazor

    Revisionism and denial of the past

    It appears that there are a number of growing voices in Japan that deny that the atrocities carried out by the Japanese army ever happened. This article explains in more depth - Japan revisionists deny WW2 sex slave atrocities - BBC News Is this a direct result of not teaching post-war...
  5. Zorba

    Anyone in favour of Revisionism ?

    Historical revisionism of course. Anything from standard historical topics like vietnam war, world war 2 to contentions topics like israel/gaza, holocaust etc. I am. History is written by the winners, so there's no guarantee that is actually completely accurate account of how it happened.
  6. spellbanisher

    The Frontier Thesis and American History: Revisionism and Beyond

    To start at the beginning of this historiographical essay on the frontier thesis and American culture, click here: Trails: Toward a New Western History is a collection of essays from revisionist scholars...
  7. Gile na Gile

    The Eternal Headache of the North

    I've seen people I once respected traipse off into forests in the dead of night to keep themselves limber for a war that would never happen or carrying semtex to blow the bejaysus out of people they've never met for a cause they seldom understood. Tutored in the paths of righteous 'genuine'...
  8. Salah

    Domitian - his legacy and historical revisionism

    T. Flavius Domitianus ruled the Roman Empire from 81 to 96 CE, eventually falling prey to a plot involving his chamberlains and officials. Traditionally, Domitian has been listed as one of the 'bad' emperors, joining the ranks of Caligula, Nero, Commodus, Caracalla, and Elagabalus. Efforts...
  9. Toltec

    Historical Revisionism

    Not the modern political kind but how history has been changed over the years into nonsense. I blame the university system, it's designed to produce nonsense. Each year every PHD students must produce a thesis and established lecturers work on research and books. With almost every sane idea...
  10. P

    Freedom Betrayed: Revisionism at its best.

    The following appeared in the November issue of The American Spectator: Freedom Betrayed: Herbert Hoover's Secret History of the Second World War and Its Aftermath Edited by George H. Nash (Hoover Institution Press, 920 pages, $49.95) Within the past two weeks, an astonishing new book has...
  11. Veritas

    Holocaust Revisionism?

    Not sure if this type of thread is allowed on this site but anyway... I am trying to make my own mind up on the holocaust (I have heard enough about holocaust revisionism to impel me to look into for myself rather than taking the mainstream opinion as gospel). I just watched 'Holocaust...