1. Niobe

    Revolutionary War: Who's Your Military Favorite (To Love or Hate)

    I'm just interested to hear who everyone favors when it comes to Revolutionary War combatants - whether American or British. I find I am often more captivated by the ones that were rotten, prideful, cruel, contradictory or useless than the ones that were exemplary... they just tend to be very...
  2. Tammuz

    The Hellenization of Judea until the Maccabean Revolt

    After 323 BCE, the Alexander Empire is divided into three separate empires, the Kingdoms of the Diadochi. The Antigonids rule Macedonia and Greece, the Ptolemies over Egypt and the Levant coast and the Seleucids over Syria, Mesopotamia and Iran. Judea, initially part of the Ptolemaic Empire...
  3. J

    Charlemagne and the Saxon Revolt

    Could anyone recommend some good, critical studies of Charlemagne, the Saxon Revolt, and that period generally? Not looking for hagiographies of Charlemagne.
  4. JohnnyH

    IInd Augusta Legion after Boudica's revolt?

    Apart from the [forced, political?] suicide of 'shamed' acting II Augusta legion commander Poenius Posthumus- (his two superiors may have been with Paulinus's campaign staff), were the IInd legion's commanders executed or forced onto shame duties? After Boudica's revolt was finally crushed in...
  5. D

    revolt of Wat Tyler (1381)

    Hello.I am searching informations about the number of victims of the revolt of Wat Tyler,in the south east of England in 1381.Thank you very much.
  6. JoanOfArc007

    The Jews and Muslims of the Granada uprising

    Anyone here ever hear of the Treaty of Granada of 1491 signed after the Catholics took back Granada in 1491....a treaty which guaranteed religious freedom to the inhabitants of Granada even allowing for Christians who converted to Islam to remain Muslim. Whenever we hear the expulsion of Jews...
  7. W

    Primary sources on Vendée Revolt

    I was wondering if anyone knew of any place where one could find primary sources on the Vendée uprising during the French Revolution. I have found various secondary sources but I am trying to find out more primary sources. Or at least good secondary sources that adequately quote and attribute...
  8. P

    The American Revolution and the Dutch Revolt: A Comparison

    I've been thinking about this recently and came to the conclusion that the Dutch Revolt between 1566-1648 and the American Revolution between 1765-1783 are sometimes awfully similar. Comparisons: - Both were a struggle against distant monarchial power and a lack of representation at home -...
  9. Futurist

    Was the Arab Revolt of 1916-1918 Caused by the Hashemites?

    My question here is this--was the Arab Revolt of 1916-1918 exclusively caused by the Hashemites? In other words, if Hussein bin Ali, Sharif of Mecca and his sons would not have been willing to start this Arab revolt, would someone else have been willing and able to start this Arab revolt in...
  10. P

    The Dutch Revolt: An International Context

    It has been some time since the thread on the decline of the Dutch Empire has died out so I believe it is time for another Dutch topic on historum ;). I was hoping we could discuss the Nederlandse Opstand/Eighty Years war/Guerra de Flandes. It is a conflict that has often been overshadowed by...
  11. Futurist

    Who would you have supported in the 1862-1877 Dungan Revolt?

    As for me, the Muslims, I suppose, due to the fact that they were fighting in favor of self-determination. Both of the sides appear to have had their flaws, though. Also, for reference:
  12. Gile na Gile

    The Tupac Amaru Revolt

    Tupac Amaru was the leader of native Indian and mestizo peasants who rose up in revolt against the Bourbon Reforms of the Spanish Viceroyalty of Peru in 1780. Did the rebellion at any point seriously threaten Spanish rule in South America? To what extent was it an Incan revival movement? Were...
  13. EmperorTigerstar

    Most Influential Peasant Revolt in History?

    Peasant revolts are very common throughout history. Like their cousin, the slave revolt, they are often repressed because despite the advantage in numbers, they are outmatched by a superior army. However sometimes they can win or their effects can be so influential that they can cause several...
  14. Publius

    Best Books on the Great Jewish Revolt

    Do any of you have any recs for books dealing with the Great Jewish Revolt (AD66-70)?
  15. unity

    Tibetan anti Christian anti foreign rebellion in 1905

    In 1904 the British launched an expedition against Lhasa out of fear of Russian influence in Tibet. The Qing also began a land reform program in the area which the Tibetan Lamas didn't like, and allowed French Catholic missionaries in after pressure from France. The next year, a massive...
  16. koseku

    Did Ottoman Empire helped a revolt in other countries?

    Hello, I know that many nations in Ottoman Empire was revolted by other countries but did Ottoman Empire helped a nation to revolt in other countries? Thanks
  17. G

    Did desecration of temples not provoke revolt among the Hindu populace

    Did the Hindu population or Hindu feudal chiefs not revolt strongly to temple desecration. I mean considering how religious India was as a nation. Did temple desecration not invite tremendous spite and revolt among the masses and especially among the warrior classes. What I mean is when...
  18. G

    What would have happened if the 1857 revolt was won by India

    What if the Indian rebels won the 1857 revolt? What would have been the future of India and how would history have panned out? Would the liberated states up north have tried to annex the relatively dormant south? Would India have reverted to kingdomhood or been a democracy? Would the...
  19. G

    Why did the rebels declare Mughal emperor Bahadur Shah as leader of 1857 revolt

    If the Mughals were so deeply unpopular (especially since Aurangzeb era was closer than the Akbar one), why did Indian rebels declare Bahadur Shah as a symbolic head of the revolt and not say some Peshwa or other strong Hindu royals. I mean if the Mughals of the recent times were dangerous for...
  20. SSDD

    Why Mexico failed to put down Texas's revolt?

    Why? 6500 Mexican soldiers failed to defeat 2000 Texan rebels?