1. SSDD

    Texas Revolution or Revolt of Texas?

    By what term what we should call it? Americans call it Texas Revolution, but I think it was not a revolution a revolution is intended to bring change in socio-economic order massively such French Revolution or Russian Revolution, but in case of Texas it was just purely political. Texas's English...
  2. JohnnyH

    Greatest Welsh heroes?

    In the history of Wales, or the land defined by the border (Offa's Dyke) with Western England now known as Wales, who are the greatest heroes? Gruffydd ap Llewelyn (k.1063) In 1039 he became king of both Gwynedd and Powys His next ambitious priority was to deal with the ever present threat...
  3. P

    1835 slave revolt lead by Muslims, brazil

    From the book, Empire of Necessity by Greg Grandin, I read how a good per cent of slaves that came from the Bight of Benin, (modern-day Benin, Togo, and Nigeria). Slaves from the tribes of The Yoruba, Nupe, Wolof and Mandinke although speaking different languages being a large proportion being...
  4. koseku

    The Armenian Revolt: 1894-1920

    A documentary on the so-called Armenian Genocide: The Armenian Revolt: 1894-1920 - YouTube It's published by Turkish Historical Society, and the resources are foreign historians. So i think it's an objective documentary. It says; the amount of death was so close at each etnicity: kurds, turks...

    The boudicca revolt, ad 60

    The revolt of the Iceni in AD 60 in Britain, could have ended the Roman colonisation and occupation of the country. Does anyone agree that this could have been the case?
  6. J

    Feudal Revolt

    Can anyone suggest good studies on the Feudal Revolt of ca. 1000 CE? Thanks.
  7. A

    Toplica revolt 1917 , Serbia.

    Hello, anyone know where i might find some information and photos of the Toplica Revolt 1917 carried out by the Serbians against the occupying Bulgarian and Austrian armies. The only info i've found is the bries Wikipedia link. John.
  8. M

    If there is no Illyrian Revolt and Rome wins Teutbourg?

    What if the the Great Illyrian Revolt never happened? The Illyrians thwarted Rome's plan of a 12 legion occupation Germania. 8 Legions had to withdrawn from Germania to Illyria, leaving Varus with only 4 Legions and a the job to tax provincials.(making the Germans mad) What if Varus(or...
  9. N

    South Korea to face a large anti-tax revolt

    This is funny. President Park Geun-hye got elected mostly because of her promise against raising taxes. Now she personally calls for a very big tax burden during a terrible economic downturn. This sounds like a whipped vote in Canadian terminology. There will be gigantic anti-tax protests in Seoul.
  10. Salah

    The 1882 Arabi Revolt

    Ahmed Arabi was an Arab-Egyptian, serving as a military officer under the khedive of Egypt. Early in 1882 Arabi had virtually achieved control of Egypt, despite the nominal rule of the current khedive, Muhammad Tewfik Pasha. Arabi was, by all accounts, an honorable and charismatic figure, and...
  11. Aleeacerix the Gaul

    Was the Nika riots the Samaritian revolt?

    A facebook page which calls itself Byzantine Nation said that the Nika riots were actually the Samaritan revolt in Palestina in the mid 6th century. He also said that the Venetians and the Khazars were actually run away Samaritans after Justinian supressed the revolt. Here's the link to the...
  12. Farinal

    2013 Turkey Protests

    2013 Taksim Gezi Park protests - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia This needs it's own thread, now. Read from page 128 and onward for the posts about it until now: The protests still continues in all the...
  13. cymru12

    Spartacus revolt

    I know that 6,000 slaves where crucified does that include the female followers of spartacus
  14. Y

    The Worcester revolt of 1774

    The Worcester revolt of 1774 AS I SEE IT By Melvin H. Bernstein 3 comments | Add a comment Considering the memorable events of Sept. 6, 1774, it remains a mystery why the city of Worcester has yet to honor or commemorate such an extraordinary day, unique to America’s heritage. This is a...
  15. E

    Question about great revolt

    I read some material about the great revolt and I found out that the government of the jewish population in israel was not radical but its memebers were from the mild layer of the jewish society who generally didn't want to rebel against rome. Can anyone tell me why ? Thanks and best regards:)
  16. Mohammed the Persian

    The Great Syrian Revolt

    ...of 1925-1927. As you might already know, after the First World War, the Ottoman Empire was divided between France and the United Kingdom. UK got Iraq, Jordan and the Palestine region while France got the Levantine region, consisting of Lebanon and Syria. So why the revolt? Now, the problem...
  17. B

    Peasents Revolt 1381

    Did the Peasents Revolt 1381 make any difference?
  18. Barbarossa

    Taiping Revolt

    How come it was so bloody? Is it really possible that 25-50 million people died in 1850-1864? How could so much death and destruction arise from a rebellion of a small sect, starting on a small scale. And all that without the advent of even semi-automatic gunfire and TNT based explosives.
  19. Salah

    Nat Turner's Slave Revolt

    In the 18th and 19th Centuries, the white planters of the Carribbean as well as the American Deep South shared a common, recurring nightmare - the possibility of a slave revolt. Contrary to the racist propaganda of the day, acts of sabotage and even violence, as well as escape attempts, were...
  20. Salah

    International Cooperation in the Boxer Revolt

    The militaries of the following nations closely cooperated to put down the I Ho Ch'uan: Great Britain, the United States, Germany, Japan, Russia, France, Italy, and Austria-Hungary (though the contributions of the last of these were minimal). It is remarkable to see so many of the world's...