1. Imperia

    The ages of history

    The old age began with the inversion of writing, the Middle Ages began with the fall of Rome, the modern age with the fall of Constantinople and the contemporary age with the fall of the Bastille. I wonder how these events are so important to usher in new ages? What events besides these could...
  2. G

    The end of the Industrial revolution

    For school, I have to do a project about the industrial revolution and I have to mention 2 possible endings of the Industrial Revolution. My book says it's around 1850, but I wanna know what you guys think.. and what happened which ended the industrial revolution Hope you guys can help me out...
  3. Ascendant

    Rebel Scout: Liam Mellows and His Revolutionary Rise, 1911-6 (Part I)

    Article on Liam Mellows and the build-up to the Easter Rising in Co. Galway. Rebel Scout: Liam Mellows and His Revolutionary Rise, 1911-6 (Part I) When Mellows stepped off the train at Athenry in April 1915, the Irish Volunteers who had assembled to greet him were disappointed at the...
  4. R

    Were the fruits of the sexual revolution good or bad?

    Were the fruits of the sexual revolution of the 60s good or bad on Western society as a whole, has the loosening of sexual mores compared to the 50s resulted in negative consequences in terms of single parent hood and higher divorce rates? Is shift to a hookup culture Vs. long term monogamous...
  5. ElFlaca

    Why do some reject the French Revolution?

    Nowadays, it's easy to find people, specially on the Internet, who brag about being ''traditionalists'' and ''revolutionaries against the revolution'', believing in the archaic model of Monarchism and ''natural hierarchy''. They think of the French Revolution as one of the most vile historical...
  6. frogsofwar

    Benedict Arnold: The Greatest Hero of the American Revolution

    I was re-watching Turn: Washington's Spies the other day, which is noted for its fairly unbiased portrayal of Benedict Arnold, the best American General to fight in the 1775 War of American Treason. Arnold served with distinction, leading several successful expeditions where others had failed...
  7. M

    Revolution: Nicaragua! Why the Same Struggle?

    In light of recent events in Nicaragua, I was wondering why Nicaragua has always had a problem with oppressive dictators turning on the people. How did Daniel Ortega suddenly become as oppressive as Somoza when he was originally for the people? My friend says there is a belief that he and Tomas...
  8. civfanatic

    Scientific Revolution is NOT based on Empiricism

    The Scientific Revolution had almost nothing to do with Aristotelian empiricism or the ancient Greeks, and hence had almost nothing to do with the Western "rediscovery" of Aristotle and other Classical texts after the High Middle Ages. In fact, the Scientific Revolution entailed the dethroning...
  9. HistoryColored

    The Industrial Revolution (Article)

    Hello, I'm new to the forum and would like to introduce myself. I look forward to being a part of the community! I thought that I would share an article from my site that was written regarding the Industrial Revolution. It is quite an interesting read; feel free to take a look Here If you...
  10. Hanslune

    Major Noirmont de La Neuville, American revolution

    Question on this French officer: does anyone know what his history was once the American Revolutionary war was over? Did he go to India? His name is also styled as: Major René-Hippolyte Penot Lombard de Noirmont (de la Neuville) Thanks in advance
  11. B

    The USA Terror; did it happen?

    Following the French, Russian, Chinese, Cambodian and (as far as I can recall) any significant revolution, a political and social ‘terror’ took place. This often involved harsh repercussions against anyone seen to be ‘anti-revolution’ as well as a general purge of...
  12. M

    Industrial Revolution in USA, social questions and comparison wie Europe

    I am interested in the question about the industrial revolution in the USA, especially from the social point of view and differences in the development in comparison to Europe, especially with GB, F and and Germany. Would you agree that there were stronger union and workers movements in Europe...
  13. Futurist

    Which countries are likely to break up in the event of a revolution or war loss?

    Which countries are likely to break up in the event of a revolution or war loss? Basically, what I am thinking of here is having countries endure the same fate that Austria-Hungary endured in 1918 and that the Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia, and Yugoslavia endured after the collapse of Communism...
  14. G

    Nationalism and the french revolution

    What impact did the ideas of the enlightenment have on the emergence of nationalism, and what is the link between nationalism and The French Revolution? Thank you!
  15. C

    What happened to Louis XVI's Swiss after Revolution?

    I have been researching my family tree on and off again for over a decade. On my fathers side of the family, everybody has basically been Dutch except for my great great great great grandfather. He was born in Switzerland in a village in the Canton of Zurich in 1767. In 1794 he is living...
  16. Johnny J

    What would have Marx and Engels have thought of the Russian Revolution?

    Karl Marx died in 1883 and Friedrich Engels died in 1895. Would they have sided with the Bolsheviks in 1917? Was the Soviet Union Marxist?
  17. C

    French Revolution The Terror Citation

    Hello fellow historians, I am in the process of writing a paper which requires a specific piece of information. Specifically, I recall that certain members of the French public were killed or imprisoned during The Terror for uttering the words Madame or Monsieur, instead of the revolutionary...
  18. Y

    Sources on Hungarian revolution

    I'm looking for some good sources and information on the Hungarian revolution of 1956. Both good information on the build up to the revolution and how good information how the course of the fighting. It would also be nice if it isn't going to cost me too much :laugh:
  19. bugulgad

    Was the Bolshevik Revolution the purest change of all?

    I am asking from a standpoint of real change. Many revolutionary leaders once in charge respected the concept of not trying to change everything at once. Few like Lenin threw caution to the wind and completely broke down the existing structure. If not the Bolsheviks, which revolution...
  20. D

    Standard of living from Mesopotamia until Industrial Revolution

    I have read that the worldwide standard of living was no higher in the early 1800s-just before the Industrial Revolution- than it had been in ancient Mesopotamia. Is this true?