1. H

    If Africa was never colonized, would it be rich today?

    People keep saying that colonization is the reason why many parts of Africa are poor today, so if it never happened, would that make Africa rich today?
  2. R

    Japan stops the insanity in China and goes for the jogular of the rich and weak Ameri

    Japan realizes that it is absurd to waste the mighty IJN and Chinese army over useless territory, when the Americas are extremely weak. In Dec 1940 Japan offers Chiang to abandon half the conquered territory and assit him to eliminated Communists and rebellious landlonrds, if China joins a...
  3. El Cid

    North or South part of Roman Empire: what most rich?

    When the Roman Empire was de facto divided in 395 for the last time under Theodosius, the two parts were not equally “good”. The most urbanized cities, most prosperous and most safe was actually the eastern part. This, combined with a well defended capital, made that the eastern part...
  4. F

    If the Rich Had Done What Jesus Said?

    Jesus said "Sell all that you have, give the money to the poor, and follow me". My broad-brush view of history is that it is as story of the vast majority being too poor, with a very small number having too much. If the rich had given their wealth to the poor, the poor would then have been...
  5. Interceptor

    Rich man in the Roman Empire

    How did rich people manage their assets in the old Roman Empire? What did they do with their valuables when they left the house? Obviously they couldn't have all their money safely in the bank. Surely not everyone had loyal servants they could trust with their money.
  6. W

    How rich were medieval English kings ?

    Reading a book published in 1852 describing days in feudal England I ran across this fact about William l. The Conqueror of England in 1066. When he died in 1087 -- this was his reported annual income: "Historical sketches of feudalism" 1852 page 183 -- "..... before his death, probably...
  7. DanielMisier

    Was the Maratha Empire as rich as the Mughals?

    We all know about the legendary wealth of the Mughals, but what about the Marathas?
  8. notgivenaway

    Did the slave trade really cause the Industrial Revolution or make Britain rich?

    This is an oft-made statement in the UK, though I don't fully concur with it: - It must have been a factor at the least. As slavery was very lucrative, then the profits from slavery must have gone into factories or mills. If a slave ship owner in Liverpool had a relative or friend who owned a...
  9. Valens

    Most culturally rich country in Europe?

    Speaking in terms of historical cultural heritage, from the arts to customs, traditions, cuisine, etc. which country do you consider to have a richest culture in Europe?
  10. Annoying Twit

    Rich countries and poor countries?

    What has led to the current situation of first world versus third world countries? In some cases, such as Saudi Arabia, what was a poor country was made rich by a single type of resource. But take Africa. Why is Africa comparatively poor when many countries have rich resources? Is it just...
  11. SNascimento

    When did European nobles become as rich as they were in Ancient Rome?

    Considering the economic breakdown that happened with the Fall of the Roman Empire, I feel it's reasonable to assume that even the nobles were not as wealth as they once were. And I always wondered if there is a simple way to see this possible difference. How was Charlemagne compared to a...
  12. Romanianboy2013

    Did daughters of rich americans still marry english lords like they did once?

    At the end of XIX century american wealthy ladies prefered to go to UK and marry english lords. For example ,the mother of Winston Churchill was american, the wife of Lord Curzon (Viceroy of India) was american too and many others. I want to know if this is still happening today?
  13. R

    18th Century Homes of the Rich and Famous

    In 18th century England, if a nobleman were to fall on hard times, were there any laws prohibiting him from selling off his castles/mansions/estates to a rich merchant (or foreigner)? Or did the property go to the crown?
  14. R

    How was the relationship between servants and rich people in 1920?

    How was the relationship between servants and rich people in 1920? Was it possible for a female servant to get married to a rich man? Or would that put the rich man in a bad light? Thank you :)
  15. Crystal Rainbow

    The Rich take from the poor

    Is this fair, the people that have power and influence have a say over people that are just the working classes, or more to the point they can not find a job these days, well especially in Britain. You have the people at the top, that have all the privileges and have the say how our lives are...
  16. Brisieis

    How did Marcus Licinius Crassus become so rich?

    Marcus Licinius Crassus is renown for being one of the richest men in history. How did he get this title?
  17. DravidianIndia

    How rich was India before colonialism?

    I have found little to none reliable sources, which provide data about India's GDP before Europeans arrived.:sad2:
  18. Naomasa298

    Dealing with the poor conduct of the rich

    This thread is to discuss how to deal with those rich people who neglect their children, spend their money on drugs, alcohol, tobacco, exploit the workers and all the rest of the sins that you want to ascribe to them. Knock yourselves out.
  19. Earl_of_Rochester

    The richest man in history amassed a $400 billion fortune mining gold and salt in Afr

    The richest man in history amassed a $400 billion fortune mining gold and salt in Africa | Interesting list
  20. Jake10

    Are rich people less ethical than others? Why/why not?

    This research suggests that they are, but is it true? B-School Research Briefs - Businessweek