1. dlnewhouse

    Empire of the Rising Sun

    Shinzo Abe, please climb Mount Niikata.
  2. I

    The Easter Rising (1916) - Battle of Mount Street Bridge

    I thought you guys might enjoy this video I made. This video covers 'the Irish Thermopylae' the battle for mount street bridge in which a few scattered Irish rebels stood vastly outnumbered by British soldiers, yet managed to inflict huge losses upon the attacking British. Easter Rising - The...
  3. P

    The Easter Rising & Its Aftermath - Planning the Easter Rising

    vPRBwyS3Oh4 Hi there, This is the 3rd episode in my series about the Easter Rising. Let me know what you think, cheers.
  4. P

    The Easter Rising & Its Aftermath - Padraig Pearse & James Connolly

    Kp9JHvvCL6Y Padraig Pearse, the romantic nationalist, and James Connolly, the revolutionary socialist. The second part in a series of videos I'm making about the Easter Rising. If you like it, please like and subscribe! Thanks.
  5. P

    Easter Rising 1916 (Youtube Video)

    Hi there, So, I used to frequent this place (5 years ago lol) Anyway, I've created a youtube video exporing the origins of the Easter Rising. I hope it'll be the first in a series. I'd love it if you guys had a look at it, and maybe we could discuss it here. Video: g9kOfIdGZ6Q Remember this...
  6. Jake10

    Why is violent crime still rising in American cities?

    Are gangs to blame for these rises? Or, are there other reasons? Violent Crime Is On the Rise in U.S. Cities | Time
  7. C

    Who will be the next rising superpower

    We all know China (If it doesn't have a Revolution) is the next big thing. Trump could return the US to top place for even longer or he could doom it. But lets assume none of that happens and China rises to America's Status. Who will be the new superpower to rise after China? Brazil? Could one...
  8. F

    Easter Rising: Primary Sources

    Hi, I'm an A-Level student writing coursework, I've been reading through historians' books and I want to confirm some of what they say with sources written at the time of the event, in this case there is a claim that "In fact, as was obvious enough to intelligent people even at the time." (After...
  9. Excalibur

    Barbarians Rising

    Barbarians Rising is a new documentary series by History Channel. Fall of the Roman Empire from a barbarian point of view. 8 episodes.
  10. J

    3 rare photos of hitler rising his fist

    3 rare photos of hitler rising his fist
  11. Baltis

    Texas Rising

    I watched the first episode of the History Channel's latest miniseries. This one begins with the Alamo and chronicles the rest of the Texas Revolution. My first impressions are that Sam Houston is poorly developed, being basically portrayed as a zealot for the cause with a vision of how he is...
  12. Boudicca

    Texas Rising

    Did anyone catch the show Texas Rising on History channel last night? I'm not really into movies about wars and fighting so I skipped it. However, I just read a few of the reviews. The ones I read were pretty bad. Claiming it wasn't historically inaccurate, was racist, made mexicans and native...
  13. RoyalHill1987

    Winter freeze: millions can't afford heating. Are we facing a disaster?

    More than 15 million UK households plan to ration their energy use this winter to cope with "sky-high" energy costs, according to uSwitch. The price comparison website, which surveyed 5,300 people, found that almost six in ten (57%) people have already cut back or plan to ration their energy...
  14. Relical

    Red Moon Rising

    So I recently started reading the book Red Moon Rising: Sputnik and the Hidden Rivalries That Ignited the Space Age. It's an interesting look at the Cold War era after WW2 when both the US and Russia were trying to power-play each other for world supremacy by becoming the first to reach space...
  15. M

    Is China rising to World Power? If so....when will it surpass USA?

    Is the Chinese Political, Military, and Economy truly rising to Superpower level? It is currently the fastest growing economy, but will it be on par with US in couple of years? Also how is the rich/poor gap and the living conditions there?
  16. M

    Easter Rising 1916 - British Perspective

    I'm studying 20th century British and Irish Literature. It's a subject I knew nothing about, but I wanted to know more about Britain as an empire. I'm writing a short magazine about the fall of the British Empire (from a colonial standpoint), and the Easter Rising event feels like a key case...
  17. X

    What if Easter Rising 1916 didn't happen?

    From what I've been learning in my Irish History class, while it is true that nationalists in Ireland were already supportive of noncooperation with the British and wouldn't hesitate to demonize or belittle the British in the press, their strategy up until around 1916 had been using Irish MPs to...
  18. generalfeldmarschall wood

    The Jacobite Rebellion

    Can someone give me some information on Edinburgh during the Jacobite Rebellion, like where it's place was in the Rebellion.
  19. Belloc

    1944 Warsaw Rising Poland's 'most important insurgency'

    Today marks the 69th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising: 1944 Warsaw Rising Poland's 'most important insurgency' - National
  20. pnoozi

    Valhalla Rising (2009)

    This is on IFC right now. It's really good.