1. H

    Goguryeo's westernmost border was the Luan river?

    Most maps show this as furthest extend of Koguryeo. https://www.ancient.eu/uploads/images/5790.jpg?v=1509309436 But timemaps has Goguryeo having border at Luan river at one point https://www.timemaps.com/history/korea-500ad/ Anyone knowledgeable about Korean history want to discuss?
  2. Visigoth Panzer

    River Warships in Western Europe between 1300-1500

    What kind of ships were used in river warfare in western Europe between 1300-1500? Specifically if a raider crossing the north sea sailed down the Rhine to raid coastal cities, what kind of ship would they use? Would Cogs work for this, would longships still be used or something else?
  3. G


    I am here to discuss ancient civilizations and to encourage finds of pre- mesopotamian civilizations. If we followed ancient river patterns on a map of the current world, overlayed with continental movements we'd locate information in the ocean. This happened through the movement of the plates...
  4. B

    Kamikaze river boats

    I saw a show on the history channel or something saying that the reason the divine wind or kamikaze destroyed the Mongol invasion fleet aimed at Japan was that most of it was river boats. The leaders were on good boats and survived. It implied that the Mongols asked for a huge number of boats...
  5. M

    Blue-Would blocking the Volga River be more practical than caputring the oilfields?

    I have a question on Case Blue where the Germans attempted to take the Caucasus and secure the Volga river. It seems like the Caucasus campaign was too far fetched logistically and the flanks were too weak(Army Group B manned by weak units on the flanks of 6th Army). Would it be practical for...
  6. J

    every river mentioned in Mahabaharata is similar to Russian Oka rivers,

  7. grey fox

    Did Confederate batteries on Lookout Mountain shoot Union ships on TN River?

    Yesterday I toured the Civil War Battlefield on Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga, TN for the first time since I was 11 years old over a quarter of a century ago. The National Park Service calls the Civil War Battlefield on Lookout Mountain "Point Park." At Point Park, there is a plaque that...
  8. C

    Dry bad that divides Indus and Ganga River Systems.

    Namaskar, i have noticed that there is a Dry Bad/ Land that divides both Indua and Ganga river system and works as a wall between two different geographical Entities. claimate is also different from Indus and ganga land also thinly populated compared to Both Indua and Ganga plains. can...
  9. H

    The name of river Penna/ Penneru/ Pennar in inscriptions of various languages

    This topic does not lend itself much to discussion- my intention is to mainly obtain some facts (which are currently not personally accessible to me) that you learned folk here might have access to. Please help me out. Thank you. Lately, I have been thinking about the possible pre-Indo-Aryan...
  10. P

    Situation on Rappahannock river after Gettysburg

    Hi, I wonder if anyone can expand on this section of the quote further down? Were the two armies encamped right up to each bank of the river or was there a kind of no mans land between each army and each bank? If so, how wide was it? Did either side patrol the other side of the river? Is...
  11. H

    South America / Video on Uruguay and River Plate region

    I tried another video this time with the History of Uruguay, a country we do not speak enough of! It is in Spanish but hopefully graphic enough that even non native speakers will understand: En7FCAHTyuE Please let me know if you have comments and /or spot any mistakes or omissions. Thank you!
  12. Publius

    Battle of the Ebro River (206 BC)

    I've always been fascinated by this lesser-known battle from the Second Punic War, in which Scipio Africanus lured a larger Celtiberian army, led by the chieftains Indibilis and Mandonius, into fighting him in a narrow chokepoint, which allowed the Romans to use their superior discipline to...
  13. TotalAaron

    How does one cross a river in contact?

    In the late victorian era. American civil war. Prussian wars that sort of thing how did a company cross a river while being shot at? Was there any special method or was it a race across?
  14. T

    At The River's End - A New Novel

    Hi all! I've been researching and writing an historical novel for several years now about French explorers in the late 1600's and have finally got it where I think I want it. It's available free online and if any of you are interested in checking it out I have the synopsis and link below. I'd...
  15. T

    Stones River

    In 1862 the Battle of Stones River marked one of the first great turning pointing points of the war. I recently visited the battlefield. The Park Ranger pointed out that the two opposing commanders had essentially the same battle plan. Attack the enemies left flank. The Southern attack...
  16. johnincornwall

    The Battle of the River Salado 1340

    Or Batalla del Salado It's fairly well known publicly that muslim Spain was reduced for the last two and a half centuries before 1492 to the Kingdom of Granada. It's also fairly well known - though slightly less so - that the battle of Las Navas de Tolosa in 1212 was a fairly watershed event...
  17. I

    200 cities with marble bridges and columns along a river in Ming Dynasty China

    So, I was reading these two wikipedia articles: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paolo_dal_Pozzo_Toscanelli https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Niccol%C3%B2_de%27_Conti At the bottom of the article on Toscanelli, it quotes a letter from Toscanelli in which he mentions that he learned that along the...
  18. VHS

    Miracle on the Han River (South Korea): an Exception?

    With the number of countries that are deep in the Middle Income Trap (Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines are good examples), South Korea is really a spotlight here. What made South Korea exceptional in the development?
  19. PaKeeza

    Soan River, Pakistan - 500,000BP

    Just on the suburbs of modern day Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan flows a rather insignificant river going by the name of Soan. It trickles down the Murree hills where there is dam that supplies water to the city then passing near the ever expanding suburbs of Islamabad. It then moves in a...