1. sparky

    the inevitable road to war

    . Wars happen , Clausewitz held war to be a continuum of politics using other means as the relations between the US and Russia grow from bad to worst ,the internal politics of both become fevered , various factions plunging into a self inflating hysteria in a feedback loop It seems...
  2. tomar

    Back to Eden or Road to Hell ?

    A "progressive, inclusive" bakery in Oregon Customer arrives a few minutes after the "closed" sign is put on and asks to be served... Employees decline to serve customer as it is after hours... Said customer happens to be black and an activist ... She screams racism all over the social...
  3. H

    Taking History on the Road

    Greetings All, I have a passion for U.S. history and road trips and have a tradition of going on trips with my family. We enjoy being at locations that have historical significance, for there is no substitute for being there. I am fascinated with how my perceptions of places change when I...
  4. Dentatus

    One road or two?

    In World War 2 the Pacific war was carried out by two separate Theater Commands; Nimitz Pacific Ocean Area and MacArthur's Southwest Pacific Area. This divided command system resulted in two separate campaigns, MacArthur moving via New Guinea to liberate the Phillippenes, and Nimitz via the...
  5. E

    Dead By Dawn: The Road to Revolution: An ATL

    The Rise of National Socialism[/SIZE] Arguably, the first step on the road to the German Revolution, was the failure of the Beer Hall Putsch. Although it often believed to have begun in September of 1919, when a young Corporal in the Reichswehr by the name of Adolph Hitler, was ordered by his...
  6. Rodger

    When did the Amber Road Trade Route Cease to Exist?

    Many of you are familiar with the Amber Road Trade Route, utilized since antiquity. When did the route cease to be used? What were the factors that led to its demise? Is amber still extracted from the shores of the Baltic, as a legitimate trade?
  7. J

    The Great Wagon Road

    Hello everyone. I have a question concerning the Great Wagon Road (GWR). Question: What rivers crossed the GWR? I am particularly keen to learn if either or both of the James and/or New River crossed the road. If so, at what point? I am presuming that travellers would have had...
  8. Ichon

    Amazonian towns and road networks

    Ancient Amazon Cities Found; Were Vast Urban Network Anyone know what further has come of this?
  9. C

    Books on the first Transcontinental Rail road

    Wondering if any people on here know of any good books, regarding how the first transcontinental rail road influenced America. Books focusing on the influence on the western frontier would be a most welcome recommendation.
  10. A

    Road to peace and advancement of humanity - Competition vs cooperation

    How competition and cooperation can be combined to lead towards human progress and not regress? DO you agree that the ultimate form of competition is war? While the end of the war can only be achieved through cooperation?
  11. holoow

    Kurapaty - the road of death

  12. Belloc

    Napoleon Bonaparte - 1812 Road To Moscow

    From the time when the Learning Channel was cool: Napoleon Bonaparte - 1812 Road To Moscow - YouTube
  13. Brisieis

    The Silk Road

    The Silk Road is a term for a traders route that went from Europe, through to Asia. It was mainly silk which was exported from China on the road but surely there were other items too? When did rice start being exported out of China? If I recall correctly only Africa has is the other place...
  14. G

    Academic Guidance Road to Archaeology

    Hey guys, I'm currently trying to go back to school after taking some time off. I have always had passion for history and archaeology and I am ready to pursue the education required to live out this profession. So my question is what is the best way to get into the archaeology field? I live in...
  15. Shaheen

    Islam and science - The road to renewal

    After centuries of stagnation science is making a comeback in the Islamic world Jan 26th 2013 |From the print edition THE sleep has been long and deep. In 2005 Harvard University produced more scientific papers than 17 Arabic-speaking countries combined. The world’s 1.6 billion Muslims have...
  16. Toltec

    The Road of Excess: A Pleasurable History of Hedonism

    1 - The Philosophy The Road of Excess Leads to the Palace of Wisdom Hedonism Unclothed UnEnlightened Atheists Empiricism 2 - The History Calma Sutras Cavaka Mohism Yangism Cyrenaics Epicurus Dangerous Liaisons Ranters Libertines Rakehells Hellfire Uber Men and Mice Utilitarianism Abolitionists...
  17. Brisieis

    Road safety through out the ages

    How did people protect themselves when travelling by road in history? Was it safer in one time period than another? Trade has been going on for thousands of years, but surely traders would be hijacked on a regular basis? Or how safe would people be who were not traders but simply travelling...
  18. Jake10

    How did the road systems of England develop?

    What was the process with which the country went from unmarked trails to mapped and maintained roads? How was this funded? What were the building materials? How did the width develop? Thanks in advance.
  19. S

    Map Quest: Great Yeongnam Road

    Hello, Does anyone know where I can find a map of The Great Yeongnam Road (Yeongnamdaero)? I know it ran between Hanseong (modern-day Seoul) and Dongnae (in modern-day Busan), but that could be as crooked as a mile. An overlay on a modern map would be even cooler.
  20. Clemmie

    Pirates of the Marine Silk Road

    Interesting article in an older edition of Archaeology, September/October 2011 about underwater Chinese archaeology. In this article, they are investigating a ship that dates from between 1573 and 1620 "a period when China had turned inward, banned maritime commerce, and begun to dismantle its...