1. C

    Origin of Robin Hood's merry men

    Robin Hood was said to have had 143 merry men with him, and they were all dressed in Lincoln green. Even if Robin himself was based on a real person, what about the small army of outlaws at his command? Here's an idea. Though it's not 100% certain, there's good evidence that earliest stories...
  2. P

    Texas Robin Hood Sherwood Forest &wartime oil

    Texas, Robin Hood, Sherwood Forest and the high octane petrol (gas in American speak) which inter alia fulled the R.A.F.'s Hurricane & Spitfire fighters might seem a strange gallimaufray of ideas in the context of W.W. 2 but it actually happened . Between 1941-44 imported American oil drillers...
  3. K

    Robin Hood strikes

    Ishikawa Goemon (1558 –1594) was a semi-legendary Japanese outlaw hero who stole gold and valuables and gave them to the poor. He made an attempt on the life of the warlord Toyotomi Hideyoshi. What if he assassination was a success? What would Japan's history be like without Hideyoshi?
  4. RealGilgamesh

    Robin Hood

    Hello everyone! So I know that the story of Robin Hood is a folktale, but was he real? I mean the legend had to have been inspired by a real outlaw, right? Just a random thought I had. Wanted to get input from some people. Scholars haven't been able to find any record or anything in general on...
  5. Salah

    12th-13th Century England - Robin Hood, King John, and all that

    So the other night, I watched Russell Crowe's Robin Hood movie (which I enjoy very much, even though it's obviously not historically kosher). That inspired me to start reading 1215, by Danny Danziger and John Gillingham, which has been sitting neglected on my shelf for the better part of a...
  6. RonPrice

    ROBIN HOOD: Some reflections

    ROBIN HOOD and......The Way We Really Were Part 1: Last night I watched some, but not all, of the story of Robin Hood, the heroic outlaw found in English folklore. According to legend he was also a highly skilled archer and swordsman. Traditionally depicted as being dressed in Lincoln green...
  7. Phoenix Rising

    Robin Hood - Fact or Fiction?

    One of the most famous legends of the Medieval Era is that of the infamous and dashing outlaw, Robin Hood. Whilst many theories exist as to his identity etc, the answer is always elusive. So, the question is, is it the opinion of the forum that 'Robin Hood' was ever a real flesh and blood...
  8. PreColonialAfricaFTW

    Thoughts on Robin Walker's When we ruled?

    Bought it a week ago and I've read through almost one third of it, it's been called an encyclopedic text on african history because robin doesn't leave anything out. It was recommended to me by some folks on egyptsearch, and there are far more posters interested there in african history than...
  9. George Washington

    The Real Robin Hood

  10. Salah

    Ned Kelly - Australia's Robin Hood

    Ned Kelly (c. 1855-1880) was the son of an Irishman from Tipperary who was deported to Australia for stealing pigs. Ned himself graduated from stealing animals to shooting policemen after he and his family had some ugly encounters with the law, and it was the murders he and his gang committed...
  11. T

    Was Robin Hood real?

    Can anyone, especially those from the U.K, shed some light on the "historical" Robin Hood?
  12. H

    Robin of Sherwood (80's UK tv) to return?

    It could come to fruition? As has been posted elsewhere, the writer behind the popular 80's TV show is hoping to get a new script ok'd, set 20yrs after that series! And the original cast members (Ray Winstone, Clive Mantle, Mark Ryan, Nikolas Grace et al) are said to be keen...
  13. Clodius

    The Roman Robin Hood?

    In the course of my research, I recently came across the story of Bulla Felix, an extremely wily and likeable Italian bandit from the reign of Septimius Severus. His story is told in Cassius Dio 77.10. Bulla was so cool I thought I should share his story with you all! Here's the relevant chapter...
  14. Naomasa298

    Historical Fiction Round Robin Game

    I had an idea for a round robin story game. For those who aren't familiar with it, basically, each participant takes turns writing a chapter of the story. They have to continue the story from where the last writer left off, but they can take it in any direction - introduce new characters, add...
  15. Nick

    Best Robin Hood film?

    Which film or TV adaptation was your favorite? And who was the best actor to play Robin?
  16. Edratman

    New Robin Hood Movie

    I plan on going to see the new Robin Hood movie, starring Russell Crowe, tomorrow. My wife is taking a trip to New York tomorrow, so I don't have to listen to her carp and complain about the movie, Russell Crowe and my movie preferences (not necessarily in that order). Whoo-Hoo! I hope it...
  17. Salah

    Robin Hood - men that inspired the legend

    So, is there any evidence for a historical "Robin Hood"? Is he purely legend, or is he inspired by a real inhabitant of 12th Century England? In Kevin Costner's Robin Hood Prince of Theives, Costner's character is identified as Robin of Locksley. Was there a real Robert/Robin (of) Locksley...
  18. NewModelSoldier

    Robin Hood--Ridley Scott and Russell Crowe Reunited I like both of them, but I don't really know how I feel about this, so...I guess I'll see how it is when it comes out!
  19. JohnnyH

    Robin of Sherwood(1984-6)- A bit camp?

    Firstly, I watched this series the first time around in the mid-eighties and enjoyed it. Yes, I'm an old bag !:p But having re-watched and largely enjoyed the entire four series recently (xmas on UK History), despite this I've thought that;- 1. There's too much airy-fairy prancing and...
  20. H

    Robin Hood?

    What are the odds that someone like Robin Hood was a real person? Was the story written about real events?