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  1. NBSHistory

    Nero Claudius, the worst and craziest Emperor of Rome, but was he all that bad?

    One of the worst and craziest Roman Emperor’s, Nero Claudius, but was he really all that bad? The insane emperor who “fiddled while Rome burnt”, was throwing Christians to the lions and arguably the worst Roman Emperor in history, may not have been as horrible as people think. More recent...
  2. NBSHistory

    Is there anything good to say about Nero Claudius?

    An honest question to those more educated in the empirical period. I've come across quite a few un-scholarly work lately suggesting the propagandists of his time are to blame for exaggerating him out of per portion?
  3. Constantine I AV Solidus. Thessalonica, AD 324..jpg

    Constantine I AV Solidus. Thessalonica, AD 324..jpg

    A gold coin minted in Thessalonica under the reign of Constantine the Great.
  4. Kirialax

    Trajan's conquest of Parthia

    My second-century AD Roman history is pretty poor, but do we know what Trajan's intention was when he set on his Parthian campaign? Did he make a coherent effort to occupy Parthian territory and install Roman or friendly administration? I ask this because from a rather "zoomed-out" perspective...
  5. DiocletianIsBetterThanYou

    Favourite Roman Emperor - All-Stars (27 BC - AD 641)

    The time has come to pick a favourite emperor from the All-Stars list. Over the past six weeks I have run 'Favourite Emperor' polls that are period-specific. Here are the links: Favourite Emperor of the Julio-Claudian and Flavian Periods Favourite Emperor of the Antonine and Severan Periods...
  6. gordopolis

    The Gothic War 376-382

    A short outline of events after the Goths' entry into the ERE in 376 AD: Timeline of the Gothic War - Gordon Doherty - Writer Some say this struggle was the catalyst for the Western Empire's fall. There is a plausible chain reaction theory to back that up (autonomous Goths living in empire...
  7. JaddHaidar

    Roman defeat at the Battle of Emesa

    As the title implies, how would Roman history change in the case of Palmyrene victory in the Battle of Emesa? Since I understand this is not a particularly often talked about period in Roman history I'll give a bit background; In 272, Palmyra, under Zenobia, queen of Palmyra and the widow of...
  8. slapnut1207

    When did the Romans abandon Hegra?

    I know the Romans occupied Hegra at one point but I wonder when they did abandoned it. Because my guess would be the crisis of the third century. But since I don't exactly know, I am asking.
  9. Valens

    The Most Important Events in European History, I - V century

    The purpose of this chronology is to list some of the most important events which had great influence on the course of European history. My initial plan was to start with the first century after Christ and finish with the twentieth, but soon realized that the scope of that task was enormous...
  10. S

    How long would the Roman Empire have lasted if there were no internal conflicts

    Most people know that when Rome became an empire there were many bad emperors that brought down the empire like Nero who used his power for himself and not the people or Caligula who had hundreds of people killed for his amusement, but what is there were no horrible rulers of they just stayed a...
  11. JaddHaidar

    Crisis of the Third Century

    The Roman Empire, although the superpower of the ancient world and a mighty force which conquered enormous swathes of land from the Arabian peninsula to the Scottish lowlands, was periodically plagued with civil wars, crises, and instability which affected not only the government in Rome, but...
  12. Valens

    Christianity and the Roman Empire, Part Two

    The Crisis of the Third Century and Roman Religion The third century had, in many ways, been a tumultuous time for the Roman state. The deep political crisis of Augustus' Principate had many subtle consequences on the overall Roman society and the Classical civilization as a whole. The...
  13. gordopolis

    The XI Claudia Legion

    Here's a look at a famous old legion - Legio Undecima Claudia Pia Fidelis, or the XI Claudia - exploring their past and highlighting just how much they went through: The XI Claudia - a brief history If anyone has any theories or thoughts re. the eventual fate of the XI Claudia (phased into the...
  14. Valens

    Christianity and the Roman Empire - Part One

    Introduction There has rarely been a question so popular and controversial among historians, researchers, philosophers and theologians, as the relationship between the Roman state and Christianity. Without doubt, the very importance of the matter for the world history makes it a heated, and...
  15. C

    Mongol Empire vs Achaemenid Empire, Roman Empire and Gupta Empire

    The Mongol Empire is in 1235 A.D. under Ogedei Khan. The Achaemenid Empire is in 490 B.C. under Darius I. The Roman Empire is in 120 A.D. under Hadrian. The Gupta Empire is in 330 A.D. under Chandraupta I. Assuming they all somehow exist at the same time, if the Romans, Achaemenids, and...
  16. C

    Ilkhanate and Ptolemaic Kingdom vs The Roman Empire

    The Roman Empire is in 10 A.D. under Augustus (Octavian) The Ptolemaic Kingdom is in 230 B.C. Under Ptolemy III Euergetes. The Ilkhanate is in 1300 A.D. under Ghazan the Great. Assuming they all somehow exist in he same time, and the Ptolemies and Ilkhans make an alliance and invade the Roman...
  17. C

    The Roman Empire Vs. Neo-Assyrian Empire and Grand Duchy of Moscow

    The Roman Empire is in the year 112 A.D. under Trajan. The Neo-Assyrian Empire is in 680 B.C. under Sennacharib. The Grand Duchy of Moscow is in 1480 A.D. under Ivan III the Great. Assuming these all somehow come to exist at the same time, who would win if the Neo-Assyrians formed an...
  18. B

    Some questions about my alternate history..

    I am currently in the process of writing a series of short stories based after the Western Roman Empire didn't fall. Now I'm new to this forum but I'm 100% sure something similar has been asked before but instead of surfing through unspecific Q & A that doesn't answer my questions I thought I'd...
  19. B

    Sayings from the Roman World The sayings of Pyrrhus of Epirus, Gaius Marius, Julius Caesar, Brutus, Augustus, and more! By order of appearance: Apuleius 0:00 Antoninus Pius 00:41 Brutus 2:11 Ausonius 4:40 Augustus 5:47 Carinus 12:07...
  20. Henrique Aguiar

    The Christianity in Armenia

    The Kingdom of Armenia was a client state (according to many historians, it could have even been a puppet state) of the Roman Empire. The Christians were being strongly persecuted throughout the Roman Empire. So, based on these facts, which led Armenia to become the first Christian state in the...