1. DrStrangelove987

    How did the HRE, with such a confusing, intricate and complicated system of governance last for 1000 years? [No, Voltaire quotes are not necessary]

    Exactly what the title is asking. The History of The Holy Roman Empire is an extremely confusing and intricate system of politics, how in the hell did it last for as long as it did. Reminder; I better not see any Voltaire quotes in your responses.
  2. Q

    1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th Rome......

    If we were to trace the legacy of Rome, from ancient times to the modern, what paths could it take? Zeroeth Rome: Athens? 1st Rome: Rome. The original one 2nd Rome: Byzantium/Constantinople 3rd Rome: For me, instead of one linear path, the paths diverge here into two separate directions...
  3. C

    Have they found the remains of the fortification from the siege of Alesia?

    Have Archaeologists found or attempted to find the remnants of the fortifications built by the Romans around Alesia during the siege in 52 BC ? If so can someone give me the links and the photographs showing this, or maybe a documentary? Even if the fortified walls surrounding Alesia were built...
  4. DiocletianIsBetterThanYou

    Favourite Roman Empress (Up to two choices)

    You can choose up to two empresses and you can choose an empress because you admire them, because you find them interesting or for entertainment value. If your selection is someone not listed in the poll, please specify who you'd pick in the thread.
  5. Caerleon Amphitheatre - Isca Augusta

    Caerleon Amphitheatre - Isca Augusta

    The Amphitheatre of the Second Legion Augusta in South Wales
  6. Vulkov

    What was destroyed under the Roman Empire ?

    Hello everybody. I don't know how historians see the Roman Empire or people who invested time studying it. However people generally see it, as one which tried to preserve culture and appreciate it. I was wondering about the opposite aspect , what things of cultural importance they destroyed ...
  7. T

    seeking a compilation of roman senatorial decrees (senata consulta) in english

    I was wondering if anyone knows where to find all extant roman senatorial decrees translated to english. can someone please advise me on this? thanks!
  8. C

    Mixture of Roman and Celtic names

    I gather that there's a distinct difference between Roman names and, say, Gothic or Celtic names. But let's suppose that a Roman man married and had a child with a Celt. Would it ever be the case that the child would have mixture of Roman and Celtic names? For example, would a name such as...
  9. Spike117

    When Did the Roman Ethnicity Die Out in Italy?

    Though Western Rome fell in 476 technically, the Western Romans themselves didn't just evaporate a-la Mr. Stark style. However, today, Italians are... well... Italians. The Roman ethnicity, as far as I am aware, no longer exists. So... when did it die out or become so diluted it no longer was...
  10. T

    seeking sources for all roman letters of correspondence (besides cicero and pliny)

    Hello, I am hoping to get some direction as to where I can find publications of extant roman correspondence. cicero and pliny are the most famous, and are easy to find, but I know much more exists from many more people. I just found out augustus himself has some existing letters. Does anyone...
  11. sparky

    Roman legions manpower replacement

    . I've been wondering for a while how the Roman legions refilled their ranks when depleted often it is mentionned that they would be raised in a geographical location but where did their new recruits came from , their original area ?, their present location ? from a central or provincial...
  12. A

    How valuable/expensive were iron and bronze during the Roman empire

    I can't find much information about this please help
  13. Z

    Did the Roman Empire ever explore, or how far did they know?

    In the time of the height of the Roman Empire, let’s say from 1AD to 300 AD but we can keep it to the First Century, how much and how far has a Roman travelled to or could? Has any ever went to what is now Scandinavia? Any went to what is now Sweden or Denmark or people from there ever go to...
  14. RidiculousName

    Roman Legionaries and Makiwaras

    A makiwara is a training implement used in karate. It's just a post stuck in the ground which you strike repeatedly to practice form while toughening your hands and knuckles. I just realized it sounds very similar to the post used by Roman Legionaries to train. I couldn't find its name. The...
  15. dlnewhouse

    Roman ranks (higher up)

    Guesstimate from reading and movie watching: dictator patrician pontiff pope princeps prefect prelate praetor (5 star) ponfar prelude This would mean that imperator and Augustus were fraudulent ranks and that the pair of them were usurpers (Julias Ceasar, Octavian).
  16. Kirialax

    The later Roman Empire's greatest weapon

    Someone, somewhere, at a time in which I cannot remember, remarked that the greatest weapon of the later Roman state was its ability to siphon off the military manpower of its enemies. So, Historum, what do we think of this idea? Does it stand up to scrutiny?
  17. Simba

    How diverse was Constantinople?

    I have heard that the capital of Eastern Roman Empire was ethnically very diverse. What do you guys think/know about this?
  18. Maoistic

    No, the Germanics and Arabs didn't conquer a "decayed" Roman Empire

    Western historians have constantly tried to explain the Germanic and Arab conquests as the result of a "decayed" Roman Empire beset by internal problems that made it weak to these invasions, rather than to the quality and strength of the Germanic and Arab invaders. One wonders why this...
  19. I

    Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire

    Here's the series that first got me into Opencourseware. Yale professor Freedman begins by talking about the greatness of the Roman Empire. The free college course ends at 1000 A.D with the Vikings. This course was offered for college credit. However, watching the lectures on Youtube saves...
  20. F

    Western Roman Army during Alaric’s Sack of Rome

    Reading about Alaric’s sack of Rome I couldn’t help but notice the conspicuous absence of the Western Roman army. During Radaguisus’ invasion of Italy Stilicho was able to muster a force of roughly 30,000 men to repel him, yet five years later the only resistance offered against Alaric was a...