1. P

    Different images of warrior peoples in Greco-Roman litterature

    In surveying the corpus of Greco-roman litterature dealing with politics and warfare, there is a consistency between them as far as rating the fighting qualities of different peoples, usually opponents of greeks and romans. For instance, european peoples like thracians, celts, germans...
  2. P

    Ethnicity as a factor in military success

    Greetings fellow avid history readers. As a new member on this forum this is my very first thread. One of my main interests is military history with a special focus on textual description of engagements between armies, spanning the whole ancient and medieval periods. One of my conclusions is...
  3. V

    Did Romans use paper?

    Geographic and road maps, architectural plans, etc.
  4. T

    Does one need to study Greek culture and history to fully understand the Romans?

    Simple question! I want to do an in depth study of the Romans and I know they have alot of influence from the Greeks. I am unsure of what starting point or how deep I need to dig into the Greeks to understand. Vitam Impendere Vero
  5. F

    Romans, roads, riches?

    Why this thread? The last days I have read about an economic research project, that tried to find out what made prospering regions prosper. One conclusion was that roman roads have made it up until present times. The research project ( danish or partly so) is mentioned in the international...
  6. C

    Romans, Chinese and supply depots

    In late 2nd millennium AD Western Europe, in 16th and early 17th century, it was found that the largest armies that could logistically operate together and feed off the land were about 20 000...30 000 men, and that in summer. Trying to collect bigger forces would run out of locally available...
  7. D

    Carthageneses troops against the Romans

    Hello.What do we know about the real forces of Carthage who fought against the Romans during the Punic wars ? Thank you.
  8. J

    Why were the ancient Romans so brutal intolerant towards many religions?
  9. M

    Ancient romans had fallen in love with greeks

    Ancient romans had fallen in love with green.
  10. Visigoth Panzer

    Did the Romans Consider Italy Boot-Shaped?

    In modern times most people describe the shape of Italy as similar to a boot, but did boots like this exist in roman times? Or did they simply view it as an androgynous shape?
  11. slapnut1207

    When did the Romans abandon Hegra?

    I know the Romans occupied Hegra at one point but I wonder when they did abandoned it. Because my guess would be the crisis of the third century. But since I don't exactly know, I am asking.
  12. AlpinLuke

    Romans never conquered Gaul

    History is odd. An event can change all ... and for a lot of people. Let's imagine that Vercingetorix defeated Caesar, that he was able to organize a stable Celtic army and the defense of his domain forcing the Romans to stay South of the Alps. The Romans would have never reached Britain, the...
  13. V

    Did the Romans make their chariot races more dangerous?

    I've learned that, during Roman chariot races, there were these dangerous spiky 'spinae' placed on the track, for the charioteers to crash into :deadhorse:. The Greeks didn't have these deadly elements on their track. Can we conclude from this that the Romans made their chariot races...
  14. K

    Romans in Ireland

    The Roman historian Tacitus mentions that Agricola, while governor of Roman Britain (AD 78–84), entertained an exiled Irish prince, thinking to use him as a pretext for a possible conquest of Ireland Irish legend tells of Tuathal Techmar who was exiled and with a foreign army was restored to...
  15. Spike117

    Zulus, Romans, and British

    It is well known that the Zulus were heavily outmatched in the Anglo-Zulu war. Even in their victory at Isalwanda (no idea how to spell it:eek:), they took heavy casualties. However, the amount of which they were able to compete with the British firearms is surprising. The fact they could cinch...
  16. Caollaidhe

    Are the celts really just one race of people?

    We know from archeological findings that the Celts were spread out from Ireland to Turkey; however, should these tribes really be categorized as the same race of people? What evidence do we have that links these people's culture together? Or perhaps, are "Celts" just a catch-all term for the...
  17. R

    The Romans in the Netherlands: a quiz

    Here's a brief quiz for lovers of both Roman and Dutch history. 1. In what year did the southern territory of the Netherlands come under Roman rule? 2. Who was the Roman general responsible for this annexation? 3. What was the Roman name for Utrecht? 4. What are the towns once known as...
  18. cachibatches

    Noric Steel- the Romans got their steel from Austrian Celts

    I had always heard that they imported their steel from India, the famous Wootz steel, but apparently, they got some of it from within the empire. There are two mountains in Austria, one at Eisenertz, Styria and one in Huttenberg, Carinthia, where the locals quarried iron ore and converted it...
  19. JohnnyH

    IInd Augusta Legion after Boudica's revolt?

    Apart from the [forced, political?] suicide of 'shamed' acting II Augusta legion commander Poenius Posthumus- (his two superiors may have been with Paulinus's campaign staff), were the IInd legion's commanders executed or forced onto shame duties? After Boudica's revolt was finally crushed in...
  20. AncientA

    Romans: A race of giants, How accurate?

    I remember reading a long time ago that the native Britons believed that the ruins and remnants of the Romans to be built by a vanished race of giants. Another interesting bypassing information I wasn't, let's say, curious at that time to conduct further investigation on the matter. However...